Elmer at PJ Live Arts!

Hi peeps!

I’m actually super busy! I’ve started working at new place starting March. So after being complacent for 2 years, I’m back at learning new things at work [+]: added value to self; [-]: less time to be leisure. From day 1, I’ve been learning new things, alhamdulilah things are going well so far.

Thus I don’t really have time to blog. In fact, the 3 ealier entries were done when I was on leave but I scheduled it staggeredly so takde lah nampak macam aku nie boring sgt buat 3 entries satu hari hehe…(boley plak gitu?) hahaha…

Anyway, with this limited time, I wanted to share with readers about the Elmer the Elephant show we went last Saturday. It was held at PJ Live Arts at JayaOne, PJ (landmark: near UM back gate). It was a wonderful show for kids who love storytelling and music.  You can check out the preview here:  ELMER

It is a family show, thus there are a lot of kids. That was good coz then you won’t be shy to sing & dance together. I found the kids that have read the books might enjoy it more, but AE has not read it and still enjoys it=). We bought RM50 premium seat (AE lap seat costs RM33). and it was at 4th row. Although there were only 3 people in the show, it was superb and entertaining. They communicated with audience and even came down and dance around us which was fun!

Overall, AE enjoys the show except when it’s dark he began to cry a bit. Other than elephant, there were also other animals like giraffe, crocodile, and baby lion, but didn’t manage to snap the crocodile’s picture coz was too excited with water gun at that time=). These are some of our pictures. [We took a picture with Elmer at the end, but somehow it’s not in my camera].

the committed & entertaining team

Elmer & his friends

baby giraffe (there was also mummy giraffe)

us after the show, AE as usual give his 'shy guy' pose

 Okay that’s my 15 minutes I forced myself to blog, coz if I share this story next month, the show will no longer be there huhu…So if need to find something to do this school holiday and your kids are into musical, check out their website. We bought our tickets online; it was hassle free.

Thanks Gardner & Wife!


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