Fish in the middle of Giraffe

Following my last entry, this is another excerption from Miriam Stoppard’s book to share with you guys:

Television is at its least useful when a child is left to watch it alone. Even if she’s watching a highly educational programme she’ll get less out of itif she watches it in an entirely passive way. But if she watches it with other children who comment on it, or with an aduly who asks questions and makes observations, the programme can act as springboard for ideas and discussion.

But of course in the world today, it is impossible to avoid tv & youtube. As such, the next best solution is to have someone watch the tv with our little guy. As a result, we have to bear all the Baby Einstein series and Upin Ipin series in our schedule. Lucky Upin & Ipin is one of the funniest cartoon I’ve known. So boleyla layan. We know by heart who is Mail, Mei Mei, Ehsan, Fizi and Jarjit:).

For youtube, AE loves amongs others Supersimplesongs (mainly nursery rhymes), kidstv123 (mainly ABC and phonetic songs), and Discovery channel (for whales & shark). I myself am not sure how beneficial such videos, until one day while I was showing AE flash card the following happened…

I was showing the card with word ONE…so I said…“ONE”

He then pointed at the letter E in the at the end of the word ONE and said…”Elephant“…Oh wow…he must connect it with the video he watched, coz I never teach him that.

Then I show the card with GIRAFFE and said “G for Giraffe”

But he pointed to the letter F in the middle of the word GIRAFFE and said “F Fish”

Oh I’m proud to hear that. He knows and connect with what he learns . At least now I know those Youtube does has some benefit:).

Isn’t it amazing how a child connects the world with what he watch & learn. Like last night, he showed at my t-shirt and says “Sea Horse”. (It was actually a map of Tanjung Balai -it is a souvenir shirt) but on a 2nd glance, it does have a sea horse shape. You know, like how they said East Malaysia looks like a dog face. Good job darling!

I love you Ashman Ehsan. I love all the moments we spend together. It is really priceless!

one of our fun painting session


AE's launch pad to jump & run:)

I pray to Allah that we will continue to be bless with such happiness…Amin….


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