junior masterchef

Lately, AE loves to follow me to the kitchen. Sometimes, I let him in and he will help pour things in the pot. But sometimes I won’t allow him in the kitchen, especially when there are things like onion, chillies, or hot pan (to fry hubby’s favorite fried chicken). Of coz we have that safety gate that keeps him away, but he will stand there and bangs the gate. Then he will start to cry. This will make me stress as well.

Then one day I read my baby guide’s book (the one by Miriam Stoppard) and under the topic Playing for age 2-3 years old, it says as follows:

During this third year your child will want to imitate the way you behave and the way you look. Your child will have enough co-ordination to help with tasks in the house, and he’ll see this as a form of play because he’s so keen to copy what you do. He’ll be able to handle an electric mixer, as long as you keep an eye on him; he’ll be able to snap the tops off beans and tear lettuce leaves.

Hmm…no wonder AE will be sad when he is not allowed inside. It is like I’m playing and won’t let him join me, something like that I suppose?

So now I try to improvise my way. I’ll try to do all the knife-onion-related thingy fast and upfront. Then I’ll let him in to ‘play’ junior masterchef. Now, he knows how to spread butter to the bread, to tear lettuce, to sprinkle salt, and to wash dishes (warning: this will lead to wet clothes). When I need some of my own time, I give him pots and cutleries and ask him to arrange it for me. Alhamdulilah, so far it works. He enjoys it and really work hard to help me:) 

junior masterchef in action

Happy Cooking! =)

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