AE at 2YRS and 3M

Alhamdulilah hubby and I both got new jobs this year. So far I love the place and it is much nearer to hubby’s and to house. The only setback is my working hours is 1/2hr earlier than normal and hubby’s working hour is another 1/2 hour later. Thus AE was robbed extra 1 hour everyday. I am a firm believer that TIME is more important than money. But in this case looks like we need to sacrifice a bit more of time.

I feel pity that we have to send him before the day is bright and pick him up when the day is almost over. It’s not like he cries when we leave/pick him, rather he is usually sleeping (am) and happily playing with his girlfriend (pm). It’s just me being emotional. huhu.

But the good thing is we both get to go off early on Friday so every Friday we will pick him up earlier (usually after 530pm as that time the daycare friends watching Upin Ipin). Plus AE still don’t go to school so he gets to stay up late. His normal sleep time is 12midnite! Huhu..ngantuk  beb melayan die especially kalau time die hyperactive terlajak sampai kul 2am but I thankful for the few hours that we get to spend together.

Ashman Ehsan,
I want you to know it is very hard for me to leave you everyday. There’s one moment I almost quit my job but then reasoned and opted to change job to something less oustation/late hours. Maybe later I could opt for something more flexible like 1/2 day job or work from home, if Allah permits. In the meantime, I hope you are healthy and happy at the daycare.

my favorite picture of you in my handphone:)

our happy friday - this is towards the end dah tak main dah mencangkung...terus duduk hihi

night hang out at KLCC:)

your weekend playing with cousin (dpt jugak kak huserk main playdough) 🙂

AE put a lot of eyes on that black scary spider;)

Now that you are 2 years and 3M, you talk a lot more and repeat our conversation. You learn from dunno who language expression, such as “ooohhh sedapnya…” or “waahhhh cantiknya…” . Your favorite food now is bread with butter+jam, sometimes you love the jam so much you wiped it all over your face. Thanks to Angah, you also start drinking syrup.  

You dance every night to kids video clips of your choice. You has mastered ABC Song and now singing Baa Baa Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  You also start watching Finding Nemo (I think this is was the first official movie you like). You recognize a lot more animals; some are quite hard even for adult such as manatee, artic fox (ape kebenda tu hehe), porcupine, orangutan, and owl.

I love you Ashman Ehsan, so much so much so much.


My own headlines

Quite ‘boring’ news became newspaper headlines last few days. I guess it’s just not my choice of genre. Nevertheless, the two news below manage to grab my attention. There were not headlines, though. You could find it in the middle of the newspaper, at some small corner thus I paste it here for those who might have missed it  [the purple notes are my thoughts while reading it].

KUALA LUMPUR: The family of missing contractor Wong Fook Onn, who was found murdered on Sunday, is upset with police investigations into the case. Wong had been missing since March 14 and his family began a search for him after lodging a police report in Subang Jaya the following day. “We did not hear anything from the police for a few days, so I decided to do my own investigation last Friday,” Wong’s father Kim Sai told a press conference at Wisma MCA here yesterday. “I used a spare remote control we had for my son’s blue Proton Saga that he drove to locate the missing car,” he said. “I was driving around Taman Medan, off Old Klang Road, and by pressing the remote control found the car after its alarm went off.” [What? So easy?] The car was found just before midnight, but he did not touch the vehicle as it was a police case. “However, when I called the police officer assigned to my son’s case, he told me to drive the car home,” he said. [OMG OMG OMG]. MCA Public Services and Com¬plaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong, who held the press conference, said that Kim Sai refused, and spent the night by the car to ensure the evidence was untouched. “How could he drive his son’s car home when this was a case under investigation? The police should have done a better job,” Chong said. A police unit came at noon the next day to inspect the car and tow it away. On Sunday, the family was alerted by a Sin Chew Daily reporter that a body was found in an abandoned house near the car. [by reporter?] The description of the body matched that of Wong. Kim Sai said the last person who was with Wong is believed to be a foreign worker hired for some construction work. The family could not trace the worker. Yesterday, the family collected Wong’s remains from the Uni¬versiti Hospital mortuary. Meanwhile, Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed said a forensic team had checked the car for evidence and returned it to the family.


SHAH ALAM- A 10-year-old boy was electrocuted when he accidentally fell and touched an exposed high-voltage wire on a lamp post at a playground near his house.[playground??? and I’m here trying not to follow my son everywhere he goes while we are in the playground to avoid being over-protective?] Mohd Naqiuddin Marzuki was on his way home from the playground on Saturday after a football game with his friends when the incident occurred at about 6pm. The victim’s father, Mohd Marzuki Muda, 44, who was at home at the time of the incident, said he rushed to the scene after being informed about the accident. He said his son was motionless with his leg still in contact with the lamp post. Mohd Marzuki, however, managed to pull his son away from the lamp post using a wooden stick, before rushing him off to the KPJ Selangor hospital where Mohd Naqiuddin was pronounced dead. “I managed to pull him away from the lamp post but after an hour at KPJ (Selangor hospital), the doctors told me that my son was dead,” he told reporters yesterday. Yesterday, Mohd Naqiuddin’s body was taken to the University Malaya Medical Centre for a post-mortem before burial in Jerteh, Terengganu. Meanwhile, resident Razali Ab¬¬dullah, 52, claimed that it was the second such incident in the area, adding that a child was almost electrocuted about two years ago. Despite the numerous complaint letters sent to the Subang Jaya Municipal Council, he claimed no action had been taken. “We are all saddened by the incident and we hope that MBSJ will take appropriate measures after this,” he said. Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Zainal Rashid Abu Bakar confirmed the case. Police have classified the case as sudden death. [somehow it sounds like  negligence?]

Source: NST & The Star

Well…maybe I watch too much CSI. But isn’t human life meant so much more than anything else that it should be treated in a much better way….Condolences to their families. It must be very hard, I can’t hardly imagine.

The Power of One

During the interval period between my old job and new job, I have a pleasure of one-week off. No study, just off – which actually rarely happened these days. I don’t want to waste my 1 week (u know, like after a week past by you were wondering what actually you have accomplished); so I made my own schedule on 1) things to clean, 2) to read, and 3) to watch.

My to watch list list comprises of amongst others Marley & Me (lovely story), Inglorious Basterd (dissapointed), The Last Song (s0-s0), Changeling (sad), Slumdog Millionaire (sad in the beginning but interesting!), My Name Is Khan (I just love Kajol & SRK partnership!), and The Blind Side.

Amazingly, The Blind Side touched my heart more than I have expected. I bought that movie just because of Sandra Bullock and don’t really have too-high expectation.

For the benefit of those who have not watch it, the story is about Leigh Ann Tuohy (portrayed by Sandra Bullock) and her family that adopted Michael Oher from the street. Subsequently Oher got to Ole university and is currently a successful football player. Prior to adoption, Oher moves from one adoption family to another (in the movie portrated as ghetto-like area) and he never own a bed and only has 2 shirts (this part is in movie, not sure whether it’s true or not).

In my opinion, it was actually an extraordinary movie and since it was a true story, it was  actually an extraordinary story. I think it was truly amazing that someone from rich lifestyle can open up their home to someone so big (seriously literally big) and from difference race. I mean, it might be norm nowadays to adopt babies from different race. You know, babies are cute regardless of colors. But a teenage one? Oh Wow…..I really respect Leigh Ann Tuohy.  She shows me that kindness is limitless and colorless.

the real Leigh Ann with Michael

There was one part where Oher was walking under the rain and Leigh Ann said “stop, this is not right” – I actually quite taken aback with that. World nowadays as I see it is a selfish place where people are always in hurry to reach to their goals, they don’t stop for other people.  I know I won’t. Rather if I were Leigh Ann, I must be thinking about what’s on the table for thanksgiving dinner.

Halfway through the movie, I expected the husband, Sean (btw plays by Tim McGraw which was so cool!)  or her teenage daughter to protest. Somehow they didn’t. There’s no drama. The movie is just plain throughout…Well, coz it is the true story, and I’m glad it is like that. It shows that such stories still exist in real world and it really motivates me.

the Tuohy family

You know whenever I watch such story, I will remember Yasmin Ahmad. When she passed away, the tv interviewed her workers, and this one bangladeshi who worked with her said that unlike other people, Yasmin looked/treated him normally and super-nicely. Like there’s no difference at all and the Bangladeshi could feel the difference. I felt shallow coz I knew sometimes I did that -look at them with different ‘look’.

People like Leigh Ann Tuohy and Yasmin Ahmad shows humanity through their action, not through slogan or songs. I hope I can be more like them, and hopefully our generation and future generation will be filled with more people like them. Tuohy’s family said it’s actually the power of one. One person can’t necessarily change the world, but you can definitely change the world for one person. Okay peeps, show me the power of ONE!

Elmer at PJ Live Arts!

Hi peeps!

I’m actually super busy! I’ve started working at new place starting March. So after being complacent for 2 years, I’m back at learning new things at work [+]: added value to self; [-]: less time to be leisure. From day 1, I’ve been learning new things, alhamdulilah things are going well so far.

Thus I don’t really have time to blog. In fact, the 3 ealier entries were done when I was on leave but I scheduled it staggeredly so takde lah nampak macam aku nie boring sgt buat 3 entries satu hari hehe…(boley plak gitu?) hahaha…

Anyway, with this limited time, I wanted to share with readers about the Elmer the Elephant show we went last Saturday. It was held at PJ Live Arts at JayaOne, PJ (landmark: near UM back gate). It was a wonderful show for kids who love storytelling and music.  You can check out the preview here:  ELMER

It is a family show, thus there are a lot of kids. That was good coz then you won’t be shy to sing & dance together. I found the kids that have read the books might enjoy it more, but AE has not read it and still enjoys it=). We bought RM50 premium seat (AE lap seat costs RM33). and it was at 4th row. Although there were only 3 people in the show, it was superb and entertaining. They communicated with audience and even came down and dance around us which was fun!

Overall, AE enjoys the show except when it’s dark he began to cry a bit. Other than elephant, there were also other animals like giraffe, crocodile, and baby lion, but didn’t manage to snap the crocodile’s picture coz was too excited with water gun at that time=). These are some of our pictures. [We took a picture with Elmer at the end, but somehow it’s not in my camera].

the committed & entertaining team

Elmer & his friends

baby giraffe (there was also mummy giraffe)

us after the show, AE as usual give his 'shy guy' pose

 Okay that’s my 15 minutes I forced myself to blog, coz if I share this story next month, the show will no longer be there huhu…So if need to find something to do this school holiday and your kids are into musical, check out their website. We bought our tickets online; it was hassle free.

Thanks Gardner & Wife!

Fish in the middle of Giraffe

Following my last entry, this is another excerption from Miriam Stoppard’s book to share with you guys:

Television is at its least useful when a child is left to watch it alone. Even if she’s watching a highly educational programme she’ll get less out of itif she watches it in an entirely passive way. But if she watches it with other children who comment on it, or with an aduly who asks questions and makes observations, the programme can act as springboard for ideas and discussion.

But of course in the world today, it is impossible to avoid tv & youtube. As such, the next best solution is to have someone watch the tv with our little guy. As a result, we have to bear all the Baby Einstein series and Upin Ipin series in our schedule. Lucky Upin & Ipin is one of the funniest cartoon I’ve known. So boleyla layan. We know by heart who is Mail, Mei Mei, Ehsan, Fizi and Jarjit:).

For youtube, AE loves amongs others Supersimplesongs (mainly nursery rhymes), kidstv123 (mainly ABC and phonetic songs), and Discovery channel (for whales & shark). I myself am not sure how beneficial such videos, until one day while I was showing AE flash card the following happened…

I was showing the card with word ONE…so I said…“ONE”

He then pointed at the letter E in the at the end of the word ONE and said…”Elephant“…Oh wow…he must connect it with the video he watched, coz I never teach him that.

Then I show the card with GIRAFFE and said “G for Giraffe”

But he pointed to the letter F in the middle of the word GIRAFFE and said “F Fish”

Oh I’m proud to hear that. He knows and connect with what he learns . At least now I know those Youtube does has some benefit:).

Isn’t it amazing how a child connects the world with what he watch & learn. Like last night, he showed at my t-shirt and says “Sea Horse”. (It was actually a map of Tanjung Balai -it is a souvenir shirt) but on a 2nd glance, it does have a sea horse shape. You know, like how they said East Malaysia looks like a dog face. Good job darling!

I love you Ashman Ehsan. I love all the moments we spend together. It is really priceless!

one of our fun painting session


AE's launch pad to jump & run:)

I pray to Allah that we will continue to be bless with such happiness…Amin….

junior masterchef

Lately, AE loves to follow me to the kitchen. Sometimes, I let him in and he will help pour things in the pot. But sometimes I won’t allow him in the kitchen, especially when there are things like onion, chillies, or hot pan (to fry hubby’s favorite fried chicken). Of coz we have that safety gate that keeps him away, but he will stand there and bangs the gate. Then he will start to cry. This will make me stress as well.

Then one day I read my baby guide’s book (the one by Miriam Stoppard) and under the topic Playing for age 2-3 years old, it says as follows:

During this third year your child will want to imitate the way you behave and the way you look. Your child will have enough co-ordination to help with tasks in the house, and he’ll see this as a form of play because he’s so keen to copy what you do. He’ll be able to handle an electric mixer, as long as you keep an eye on him; he’ll be able to snap the tops off beans and tear lettuce leaves.

Hmm…no wonder AE will be sad when he is not allowed inside. It is like I’m playing and won’t let him join me, something like that I suppose?

So now I try to improvise my way. I’ll try to do all the knife-onion-related thingy fast and upfront. Then I’ll let him in to ‘play’ junior masterchef. Now, he knows how to spread butter to the bread, to tear lettuce, to sprinkle salt, and to wash dishes (warning: this will lead to wet clothes). When I need some of my own time, I give him pots and cutleries and ask him to arrange it for me. Alhamdulilah, so far it works. He enjoys it and really work hard to help me:) 

junior masterchef in action

Happy Cooking! =)