The Pink Starfish with ‘eyes’

playdough session

This was yesterday afternoon, where we played play dough in his room. It was one way to entice him away from the tv. Since he’s 2 years old, he started to enjoy more and more tv (not the cartoon tv channel yet, only his dvds collection). As per a lot of articles I read, long hours of tv is not that beneficial to kids. To adults, too perhaps? =)

Anyway, I asked him to join me playing play dough. We were doing some rolling and shaping. Such moments really reminds me of my olden days working at the UW Preschool. *miss those days*. This reminds me, I need to buy play dough accesories toys like roller, cookie cutter, etc. Anyone has any idea where to buy such things?

So we did car, fish, and snowman. Then he gave me the pink playdough and asked me to do starfish and I did. Then he gave me the white color and said “Eyes”.

Spontaneously I said Starfish don’t have eyes”. My son looked at me with wonder.

Suddenly I think how stupid and unimaginative I am. This is what I always hate about being adult. Somehow over the years, adults become dull and less creative. I wonder why that is…. Quickly I said, ” Oh yeah…Eyes….” and took the white color.

I thought of putting the eyes in the middle, but to be sure I asked him where to put it…and he showed ” here…and here”.

Tadaaa…..and that is our lovely starfish=)

pink starfish with 'eyes' 🙂

I really have to agree it looks more lovely with the white eyes:). Kids are so original!

Thank you my darling Ashman Ehsan for reminding me that ideas and imagination are limitless. Looking forward for more playtime together=)

2 responses

  1. How i wish imran wants to play playdough as AE.. anak i tak heran ok..
    And yes, when playing with children, kena break the rules.. yg takde mata pun ada.. yg zebra with colorful stripes.. mcm2 lah.. hehhe

  2. comeinya starfish tu hehehe.
    dulu2 masa kecik2 impian huserk ialah nak hadiah play doh tp sampai la ni belum dapat hahaa. lepas ni ble la g main ngan ashman. heee

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