Ashman Ehsan is 2

Yeayy our son is 2 years old!!!

Alhamdulilah we got a chance to gave him a birthday party. From the morning, hubby was busy hanging up the decorations. As AE is into all things involving sea animals, we decided to go for ‘under the sea’ theme. When AE woke up that morning, he was super-excited to see all the shark and whale pictures around his house. We were very happy to see him happy:)

the decoration done by hubby

As Ila (the one who did the beautiful giraffe cake last year) hurt her hand in an acccident and can’t do the cake, I have to search for someone else. It was a tough task, coz although I know they are many bakers around with online business nowadays, I also want it to taste delicious as well. I’ve always adored Anna’s neat and creative work and decided to try booking her. Lucky she’s available on that day and she did a superb delicious whale cake!!! Memang sangat lazat we ate until the last bite=)

super delicious choc cake by bake-freshly. Thanks Anna!

It was definitely a job well done by Anna. The fondant sangat kemas & teliti. I remembered my niece, Emy asked me whether she can have the coral to go with the cake and when I scooped her the sea shell, she sreamed “Makcu!!! I want the coral!!!” and I’m like…oh…she was really serious about it haha…

cake-cutting with the cousins

the happy cousins

kids enjoying the pool:)

birthday boy at the end of the day all tired

Alhamdulilah the party went well. Cuma kesian jugak dekat AE tak sempat mandi pool coz he felt tired & sleep since he didn’t take the normal noon nap due to over-excitement.

Thank you everyone for the love, wishes & gifts. Thanks to our relatives for being a huge assistants in babysitting, cake-collecting, photography, and helping here and there.

Now that Ashman Ehsan is 2 years old, he is again at a different stage of development. He can sing ABC song & DoReMi song, recite 1,2,3, and learning to recite Al-Fatihah. I also just realised he has start to play pretend-play such as cooking and washing dishes (with his normal toys).  Oh I just love this stage!!! Let’s play together sweetie pie!!! 

Yes, I am 2 years old:)

Happy Birthday Ashman Ehsan. Mummy loves you so much.

Oh yeah…and Daddy loves you so much, too. And Angah, too…Abe De, too…Fine fine…everyone loves you:)


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