Branula for CNY

We didn’t go anywhere during CNY weekend, as we just came back from Penang. Thought of just relaxing at home, do some spring cleaning perhaps.  True enough the phrase ‘Kita hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan. ‘

On Saturday morning, AE vomitted 3 times in 3 hours. He was not his usual self – jumping and running. Instead he just laying down with tired looking eyes. His body temperature went up thus we gave him paracetomol. But I think the medicine came out as well when he vomitted.

After the 3rd throw up, we went to Emergency. We actually did not prefer to go there as they are what they called – ‘Emergency‘. Basically if you are not dying yet, you are still okay. But we didn’t have much choice as all peadiatrician clinics are closed for CNY. 

We were no.5 in line but the que moved very slow it really tested our patience. From the blood test, the doc said he got bacteria infection. The doc gave AE ‘ubat bontot’ and we went home.

At home, AE dozzed off for 4 hours. I thought he had recovered, but when he woke up he vomitted again. He looked very tired and I believe hungry, too coz he did eat the porridge (usually memang dia tak layan porridge). We also kept asking him to drink water to avoid deyhdration.

But later he vomitted again, another 3 times. He cried after each vomit, not the ‘so loud’ cry, more like ‘I’m tired’ kind of cry. He’ll asked hubby to wipe out the mess on our clothes. [dia memang tak suka kalau ada kotor2 nie]. I’ve realised at that time his diaper was dry, one sign of dehydration.  

That night I cuddled him to sleep. Tried to breastfed him, my atempt for him not to get dehydrated. But due to his tiredness, he didn’t breastfeed too long as usual. He quickly dozed off to sleep.

At 6.ooam, he woke up and vomitted again. This time it was no longer milk, just water. When I asked him to drink, he drank eagerly (you know, like when we came back from a futsal game – with that gulp gulp gulp sound). This was actually the first time it happened to AE. He must be very thirsty.  

I urged hubby to bring him to emergency again, the medicine didn’t work. Perhaps coz he has vomitted all of it. AE looks super-tired. His lips were dry – another sign of dehydration. I am full of worries. If only Abang Arif was here….

At the APSH, the doctor admitted AE to drip water. AE cried out loud when the nurse wanted to put the branula on. “Mummy Mummy balik….akittt akitttt”. It really tore me apart.

Angah kata memang sakit, Abe De yg dah ‘dewasa’ tu pun sakit. Masa I dulu admitted tak sakit pulak maybe sebab time tu anaesthetist yg perform.

I was thinking it was my fault to brought him there at the first place. But I, too wanted the water dripped into him. That’s the only way. (kalau boley drip kat rumah kan senang…). Nurse tu plak 2nd attempt baru berjaya… adoi sabar2….

right after admitted. so tired.

 On the first admitted day, we were all so tired. We kind of sleep throughout the day (at least finally I can sleep coz kalau apa2 jadik pun we were already at the hospital – lega sikit). His paed, Dr. Kumari said not to give him powder milk. Just breastmilk and porridge. Seb baik ada lagik breastmilk even tho dah tak banyak coz AE memang langsung taknak makan porridge. The vomitted had stopped, though. Alhamdulilah.

2nd day...dah bermaya sikit...

On the 2nd day onwards, he started to get diarrhoea. The paed said that will happen. They continue to monitor his temperature, gave him medicine, and most importantly WATER. In total, 4 bottles of water was dripped ( I think 2 litres).

watching Upin Ipin. Lucky the room had dvd player; we watched 12 dvds in 3 days

Hugging teddy bear from Aunties Pandan. Usually AE don't like soft-toy but this time he liked it. I think because the fact that he was sick and somebody brought present make him happy

The fact that the water dripped follow him everywhere (toilet, playroom) made him a bit uncomfortable and a bit shy to the other kids. Angah was so thoughtful, she asked the nurse to take out the thingy for a while so AE can go on slides. I didn’t know we can do that. AE also loved to walk around the ward as they are a lot of ‘under the sea’ creatures – whales, dolphin, etc.

3rd day - happier:)

On the 3rd day, AE was getting much better. Jumping and singing. Although he still got a bit temperature (37.5), we asked the doctor to discharge us as AE was getting bored & restless already.

Day by day, alhamdulilah he’s getting better. He no longer vomit (that’s the most important) and the fever was gone. He still has a bit of diarrhoea and loss of appetite. I kind of struggle to make him eat. Yerlah kalau dulu pantang tengok ice-cream, ini tengok ice-cream pun makan satu sudu jer! Sedeylah kan ….But the paed said it was normal as it takes time for AE to recover completely. In the mean time, we are giving him multivitamin to encourage him to eat.  

Thank you to the wonderful doctor & nurses of APSH paedtrician ward for their care.
Thank you Prudential for the fast service.
Thank you everyone for the prayers.

AE sayang,
I always pray for your health & happiness.

***On a happier note, AE now can recite ABC till Z & 123:)


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