The Pink Starfish with ‘eyes’

playdough session

This was yesterday afternoon, where we played play dough in his room. It was one way to entice him away from the tv. Since he’s 2 years old, he started to enjoy more and more tv (not the cartoon tv channel yet, only his dvds collection). As per a lot of articles I read, long hours of tv is not that beneficial to kids. To adults, too perhaps? =)

Anyway, I asked him to join me playing play dough. We were doing some rolling and shaping. Such moments really reminds me of my olden days working at the UW Preschool. *miss those days*. This reminds me, I need to buy play dough accesories toys like roller, cookie cutter, etc. Anyone has any idea where to buy such things?

So we did car, fish, and snowman. Then he gave me the pink playdough and asked me to do starfish and I did. Then he gave me the white color and said “Eyes”.

Spontaneously I said Starfish don’t have eyes”. My son looked at me with wonder.

Suddenly I think how stupid and unimaginative I am. This is what I always hate about being adult. Somehow over the years, adults become dull and less creative. I wonder why that is…. Quickly I said, ” Oh yeah…Eyes….” and took the white color.

I thought of putting the eyes in the middle, but to be sure I asked him where to put it…and he showed ” here…and here”.

Tadaaa…..and that is our lovely starfish=)

pink starfish with 'eyes' 🙂

I really have to agree it looks more lovely with the white eyes:). Kids are so original!

Thank you my darling Ashman Ehsan for reminding me that ideas and imagination are limitless. Looking forward for more playtime together=)


Ashman Ehsan is 2

Yeayy our son is 2 years old!!!

Alhamdulilah we got a chance to gave him a birthday party. From the morning, hubby was busy hanging up the decorations. As AE is into all things involving sea animals, we decided to go for ‘under the sea’ theme. When AE woke up that morning, he was super-excited to see all the shark and whale pictures around his house. We were very happy to see him happy:)

the decoration done by hubby

As Ila (the one who did the beautiful giraffe cake last year) hurt her hand in an acccident and can’t do the cake, I have to search for someone else. It was a tough task, coz although I know they are many bakers around with online business nowadays, I also want it to taste delicious as well. I’ve always adored Anna’s neat and creative work and decided to try booking her. Lucky she’s available on that day and she did a superb delicious whale cake!!! Memang sangat lazat we ate until the last bite=)

super delicious choc cake by bake-freshly. Thanks Anna!

It was definitely a job well done by Anna. The fondant sangat kemas & teliti. I remembered my niece, Emy asked me whether she can have the coral to go with the cake and when I scooped her the sea shell, she sreamed “Makcu!!! I want the coral!!!” and I’m like…oh…she was really serious about it haha…

cake-cutting with the cousins

the happy cousins

kids enjoying the pool:)

birthday boy at the end of the day all tired

Alhamdulilah the party went well. Cuma kesian jugak dekat AE tak sempat mandi pool coz he felt tired & sleep since he didn’t take the normal noon nap due to over-excitement.

Thank you everyone for the love, wishes & gifts. Thanks to our relatives for being a huge assistants in babysitting, cake-collecting, photography, and helping here and there.

Now that Ashman Ehsan is 2 years old, he is again at a different stage of development. He can sing ABC song & DoReMi song, recite 1,2,3, and learning to recite Al-Fatihah. I also just realised he has start to play pretend-play such as cooking and washing dishes (with his normal toys).  Oh I just love this stage!!! Let’s play together sweetie pie!!! 

Yes, I am 2 years old:)

Happy Birthday Ashman Ehsan. Mummy loves you so much.

Oh yeah…and Daddy loves you so much, too. And Angah, too…Abe De, too…Fine fine…everyone loves you:)

Branula for CNY

We didn’t go anywhere during CNY weekend, as we just came back from Penang. Thought of just relaxing at home, do some spring cleaning perhaps.  True enough the phrase ‘Kita hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan. ‘

On Saturday morning, AE vomitted 3 times in 3 hours. He was not his usual self – jumping and running. Instead he just laying down with tired looking eyes. His body temperature went up thus we gave him paracetomol. But I think the medicine came out as well when he vomitted.

After the 3rd throw up, we went to Emergency. We actually did not prefer to go there as they are what they called – ‘Emergency‘. Basically if you are not dying yet, you are still okay. But we didn’t have much choice as all peadiatrician clinics are closed for CNY. 

We were no.5 in line but the que moved very slow it really tested our patience. From the blood test, the doc said he got bacteria infection. The doc gave AE ‘ubat bontot’ and we went home.

At home, AE dozzed off for 4 hours. I thought he had recovered, but when he woke up he vomitted again. He looked very tired and I believe hungry, too coz he did eat the porridge (usually memang dia tak layan porridge). We also kept asking him to drink water to avoid deyhdration.

But later he vomitted again, another 3 times. He cried after each vomit, not the ‘so loud’ cry, more like ‘I’m tired’ kind of cry. He’ll asked hubby to wipe out the mess on our clothes. [dia memang tak suka kalau ada kotor2 nie]. I’ve realised at that time his diaper was dry, one sign of dehydration.  

That night I cuddled him to sleep. Tried to breastfed him, my atempt for him not to get dehydrated. But due to his tiredness, he didn’t breastfeed too long as usual. He quickly dozed off to sleep.

At 6.ooam, he woke up and vomitted again. This time it was no longer milk, just water. When I asked him to drink, he drank eagerly (you know, like when we came back from a futsal game – with that gulp gulp gulp sound). This was actually the first time it happened to AE. He must be very thirsty.  

I urged hubby to bring him to emergency again, the medicine didn’t work. Perhaps coz he has vomitted all of it. AE looks super-tired. His lips were dry – another sign of dehydration. I am full of worries. If only Abang Arif was here….

At the APSH, the doctor admitted AE to drip water. AE cried out loud when the nurse wanted to put the branula on. “Mummy Mummy balik….akittt akitttt”. It really tore me apart.

Angah kata memang sakit, Abe De yg dah ‘dewasa’ tu pun sakit. Masa I dulu admitted tak sakit pulak maybe sebab time tu anaesthetist yg perform.

I was thinking it was my fault to brought him there at the first place. But I, too wanted the water dripped into him. That’s the only way. (kalau boley drip kat rumah kan senang…). Nurse tu plak 2nd attempt baru berjaya… adoi sabar2….

right after admitted. so tired.

 On the first admitted day, we were all so tired. We kind of sleep throughout the day (at least finally I can sleep coz kalau apa2 jadik pun we were already at the hospital – lega sikit). His paed, Dr. Kumari said not to give him powder milk. Just breastmilk and porridge. Seb baik ada lagik breastmilk even tho dah tak banyak coz AE memang langsung taknak makan porridge. The vomitted had stopped, though. Alhamdulilah.

2nd day...dah bermaya sikit...

On the 2nd day onwards, he started to get diarrhoea. The paed said that will happen. They continue to monitor his temperature, gave him medicine, and most importantly WATER. In total, 4 bottles of water was dripped ( I think 2 litres).

watching Upin Ipin. Lucky the room had dvd player; we watched 12 dvds in 3 days

Hugging teddy bear from Aunties Pandan. Usually AE don't like soft-toy but this time he liked it. I think because the fact that he was sick and somebody brought present make him happy

The fact that the water dripped follow him everywhere (toilet, playroom) made him a bit uncomfortable and a bit shy to the other kids. Angah was so thoughtful, she asked the nurse to take out the thingy for a while so AE can go on slides. I didn’t know we can do that. AE also loved to walk around the ward as they are a lot of ‘under the sea’ creatures – whales, dolphin, etc.

3rd day - happier:)

On the 3rd day, AE was getting much better. Jumping and singing. Although he still got a bit temperature (37.5), we asked the doctor to discharge us as AE was getting bored & restless already.

Day by day, alhamdulilah he’s getting better. He no longer vomit (that’s the most important) and the fever was gone. He still has a bit of diarrhoea and loss of appetite. I kind of struggle to make him eat. Yerlah kalau dulu pantang tengok ice-cream, ini tengok ice-cream pun makan satu sudu jer! Sedeylah kan ….But the paed said it was normal as it takes time for AE to recover completely. In the mean time, we are giving him multivitamin to encourage him to eat.  

Thank you to the wonderful doctor & nurses of APSH paedtrician ward for their care.
Thank you Prudential for the fast service.
Thank you everyone for the prayers.

AE sayang,
I always pray for your health & happiness.

***On a happier note, AE now can recite ABC till Z & 123:)

At the Land of Hornbill

Last year, hubby managed to grab free Air Asia ticket for 3 of us to Kuching (the 1,000,000 free ticket campaign).  So after about 9 months later, off we go to the Land of Hornbill. Yeayy!!!

The last time we were on airplane, AE was not yet 2 years old. So this time at the airport, we can see AE was very excited looking at all the planes:). We arrived around 10am and went straight to the hotel. After reading reviews, I decided to book Hilton (coz we fly on free tickets so never mind to spend a bit for accomodation).

at comfy Hilton lobby. AE loves this place so much he was running here and there.

We register, put our luggage and started sightseeing around Kuching.

strolling along the waterfront, located just opposite Hilton.

The weather was a bit drizzling so we bought an umbrella at nearby 7-E. After lunch, we headed on foot towards Sarawak Museum, which consists of 2 buildings (old & new wing). I’ve been to other state-owned museum, and this one is really nice especially the new building. It is very informative.  Do you know that James Brooke just some rich boy, where his father gave him thousands of pounds where he bought a ship, then landed on Kuching and suddenly become the King there? I thought he is part of the British Government Colony. Maybe I didn’t pay attention in history class huh…

with a real whale 'bones' at Sarawak Museum.

Around 4.00pm, we went back to hotel, ready to rest. AE loved our room so much he excitedly jumped on the bed. I remember when I was younger I like to do that, too and I didn’t understand why my mom won’t let me. Thus this time I just let AE jump. Well, actually I jumped with him:), until he fell down and hubby scold me *sigh*.

I guess AE was tired from the traveling, sightseeing and jumping, he dozed off at 6.00pm that night. So we just order room service that night. Delicious triple decker sandwich!!! yummy!

The next morning, we head to Semenggoh Orang Utan Centre. We actually have been to Sepilok Centre in Sabah but since AE has not, we thought we should bring him there. Plus he’s been to too many malls in KL so it’s good we do a back to nature thingy here. 


AE with his daddy at Semenggoh entrance

The journey from Kuching to Semenggoh is around 40 minutes; the road is in good condition. There were a lot of tourists, especially foreigners.  But it was drizzling so with umbrella in my hand the Orang Utan pictures are not that nice so I’m not going to upload here hehe…

From Semenggoh, we went to Jong’s Crocodile Farm. If you already in Semenggoh, try to go to Jong’s Farm as well as it was nearby – around 20 minutes. It will save your cab fare.

I’ve been to Malacca and Sabah Crocodile Farm and this one is definetely the best. It has a lot of crocodiles (I think thousands of them!). The highlight is definitely the crocodile feeding show. If in Sea World we have dolphin show, this one is like that but with crocodile:).

us watching the show


and SNAP! that chicken out of string:)

 The worker will play with the string so there will be a few tries before the crocs able to eat the yummy chickens.

Later in the evening, we take a boat ride across to Kg. Melayu. On the boat, AE pointed outside and said “KLCC…KLCC…”. I told him there’s no KLCC here, but then hubby said he actually pointing at a big biliboard of Celcom ad with KLCC picture:) haha…datang jauh2 negeri orang tengok KLCC jugak ek….

We ate laksa sarawak and mee kolok at Kg. Melayu (konon kalau dah sampai Kuching kena try makanan orang Kuching laa kan). The taxi driver also recommended us to buy kek lapis sarawak there, at a shop called Dayang Salhah. There were a few kek lapis booth, but certainly the Dayang Salhah was the famous one. Ramai giler orang!!! Diorang siap buat delivery lagik to the hotels kalau kite request hehe…The taxi driver said Dayang Salhah was one of the first who started to commercialize the kek lapis sarawak to the tourists. Skang dah kaya raya beb.

AE loves the mee kolok:)


at Dayang Salhah's shop. See the arrays of layer cakes!!! pening beb taktau dah nak angkat yg mana satu. Sumer sedap!

The next day we went to Sarawak Cultural Village at Santubong. It is like a ‘living museum’ where you can see real people (they are actually museum workers) work, dance, cook & play at real traditional houses. There are a lot of houses based on different ethnicity, such as Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Penan, etc. Each of them has different culture and ways of life. Very interesting.

We’ve been to Sabah Cultural Village, but the Sarawak one is much bigger.  Towards the end I was tired walking sampai kan Rumah Melayu and Rumah Cina taknak tengok eksyen beb hehe…The show was longer and more formal. AE loves the show, I think he’s really into musical:)

AE grinding rice at Bidayuh house

at the Melanau's house. Melanau people play this game when someone just past away or when someone is sick (to cheer them up)

AE at Rumah Orang Ulu

Hubby was eager to go back there during Rainforest Music Festival but I’m not sure about that..Hmm…see how it goes.

Later that afternoon we went to the airport back to KL. I really love this holiday, especially because I was there with the loved ones and we got to spend our time together. More pictures is in my FB. See ya later alligator:)