11 for Year 2011

I dig the January 2010 entry to see whether I have achieved my resolution but can’t find it. Oh..didn’t I have one? Then I tried to look from 2009, again to no avail. Huh? Seriously? I found the one from Year 2008 though. Did I stop making resolutions since I become a mummy? *sabar jer*

This year 2011 is a big year for me (and for us) for several reasons. Amongst others; we have reached the BIG 3-0 *grin*. Our marriage have crossed the 5th year line *another grin*. We both going to start a new career progress.  AE is leaving the baby’s phase and becoming a toddler. What an interesting adventure ahead:).

My resolution for this year 2011 is simply to have a life filled with love and happiness. In achieving that, I want to have a well balance life in these five important areas ie. spiritual, family, health, career, and finances.

Below is my plan in achieving the above objective (kat ofis wat strategic planning, kat diri sendiri pun wat jugak aa…)

1. Frequent the mosque. 
Honestly, AE has never step his foot to the mosque and I feel bad about that. It is our responsibility that he familiarize with the place. 

2.  To recite Quran every day (this was actually my 2008 resolution). Teruknya dah 2 thn still not achievable. Kalau kat ofis memang tak dpt bonus!

3. To donate to charity every month (Again, my 2008 resolution).
This year, I want to connect with charity home and give whatever I can. InsyaAllah.

4. To be a more loving wife.
I love hubby with all my heart and he knows that, but these last 2 years with AE around I guess I didn’t really show much of that. So expects more XOXO this year allrite:)

5. Not to scold AE due to circumstances.
Have you been in a situation where you are tense with other people / situation and at the same time your child is nagging you, so you shouted at him unneccessarily. I did that. TWICE so far. It subsequently broke my heart and AE is such an adorable loving boy which did not deserve that.  I want him to live in a loving happy atmosphere. Play more, paint more, read more, cuddle more. Muahss muahsss…

6. To reduce my cholestrol level
As now I’m a mummy and responsible of my son, I realise I have to stay healthy for him. I want to have a healthier lifestyle. As a start, I want to reduce my cholestrol level. Last year was 5.5 (should be less than 5.2). In my case the culprits are egg yolk and prawn. I really can’t resist it. But for the sake of my family, I’ll have to change.

7. Finish my Project Paper.
Alhamdulilah I passed my last exam paper. So now I target to complete my project paper this 1Q. Well, paper nya belum start lagik….esok start hehe… *sabo je* [after submitting the project paper only can you graduate] 

8. Focus & Sincere At Work
I want to be a productive & efficient employee that contribute positively to the company’s development. No office gossip, no politics.

9. Increase my savings
Since my caesarean 2 years ago, I had used up a lot of my savings and has never really replenish it back. Now that I’m not that ‘young’ (should think about future a whole lot more), I target to discipline myself to allocate at least 10% of my salary to saving plan, then only hitting the shopping mall:).

10. Stop using plastic bags
Why can I do this on Saturday but not any other day?

11. Be nice
This year, I was made to realise that I am sometimes rude. (aik..dah umur 30 tahun baru ko perasan hehe.. sabor jer la). Well, better late than never. I guess I am a kind of person who speaks whatever in my mind. So sometimes it comes out without consideration or sensitivity. The dictionary defines it as blunt or tactless. Although I didn’t mean to hurt feelings, I guess some people got hurt along the way. So sorry if you are one of those people. Thus this year I will try to polish my manners. They said it’s hard to change how you are, but if I think before I say than perhaps that helps?  

There it goes. 11 strategies for this Year 2011 resolution. I shall print and paste it at my mirror so that I remember it! Wish me luck:) 


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