Science time!

Hello! Happy New Year! Looks like I’ve been away again. This time due to the viral fever. I was sicked for 5 days! Dah lama giler tak sakit lama macam tu, risau gak beb… Alhamdulilah now everything is okay:).

I was still a bit hangover thus not really in the mood to write about my NY resolution or 2010 memories. Thus I thought I’m just going to upload some pictures of us when we went to National Science Centre recently.

If you people out there have problem where to bring your kid during the weekend in KL (other than shopping mall), this National Science Centre is perfect solution for you. Although AE is only 1.5 year at this time, he really loves it.

The entrance is free (at that time we were there). And now I heard they got new Dinosaur Exhibition with all kind of Dinosaur species which will last until May this year.

You can start the morning there with picnic at Dinosaur Park. Then the journey starts with big aquarium with tunnel which have all kind of fish. Then there’s a few science section you can explore, depends on the kid’s age. 

There’s a great Playland which AE spend hours playing inside (limited to kids age 4 and below only if I’m not mistaken). Discovery Section with blocks & puzzles, 3D theatre where you sort of ride on a submarine and discover sea life (AE wanted to watch this show 3 times!!!), and other kind of Science sections which I don’t really remember their names. (talk about bernoulli, graviti, chemistry, etc, etc). Here’s some pictures of AE enjoying the science:)

AE with my friend's son, Mirza during our morning picnic:)

building bridge with daddy:)

the animal sound comes out when you press the button

AE with my friend's daughter A'a in the pool of ball:)

Inside the mushroom tree

running underneath the mushroom tree:)

running some more!



Seems fun? So for those who need a place for their kids to release their energy or for those who need some science refresh course, don’t forget to pay a visit there!


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