I’m back peeps!

Hi peeps!

Oh wow looks like I’m away for almost 1 month. I was away coz I was busy doing my assignment (1 week), exam (1 week), & jalan jalan (1 week). Those who knew me surely know how I procrastinate to the last minute for the assignment – that’s why I really need to be MIA from doing any other thing.

The exam I thought was okay, until about 1 hour before the exam ended…I’m doing this calculation essay worth 15 points. Where half through calculating some probability Qs the calculator gave me answer like 3.45678^-3 whereby the answer I need should be in the point form. It’s okay if that’s the final answer but I need the answer to calculate something else, thus it makes me so nervous. I tried to change the format but to no avail (I borrowed the scietific calculator from my nephew 1 day earlier). After 15 minutes trying and tangan dah menggeletar, I borrowed someone else calculator. So in those panic moments, I’m not sure my answer is right or wrong. I can either get 15 points or zero. I’ll let you know next month when the result is out. Moral of the story:  make sure you know the calculator’s function!!!

We went jalan jalan to our high school reunion in Perak, with strolling down the memory lane theme. It was great to flashback all the wonderful bittersweet memories. Then last week we went to Yan, Kedah for my nephew’s wedding. Alhamdulilah everything went well. Now husna is officially our family member:).

Other than that, last month I said goodbye to my loyal SGH D500C as dearest hubby got me Iphone 4. I’m not a tech addict, but I really truly love this new gadget for so many reasons, though I have not explored all of its functions worrying it might distract my study.

my faithful servant for 5 years

It was actually only my 2nd handphone (seriously I’m so not tech savvy) so please don’t ask me to compare with android, htc whatsoever. My SGH D500C above hold so many loving memories of love notes and joyful pictures (plus it was ‘hantaran’ gift from hubby), and I hope this Iphone 4 will continue to capture our journey:)

See ya!


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