of SiO2 & H2O (sand & water)

On weekday, our son only have in average of 3 hours (of awake time) to spend with his parents.  That include dinner and dishes and laundry, which leaves quality play time about what? 1 hour?

Alhamdulilah on days where we can leave home on time, thanks to PET5143 and AKLEH, we usually manage to arrive home around 6.15pm. That give us around 45 minutes ‘day’ time (before maghrib comes) with AE.

This ‘day’ time is very precious. I think kids nowadays are too expose to tv/computer/video game thus outside play is no longer favoured. Hence I try to engage AE to to play outside as often as possible.

What we usually do during that precious 45 minutes…? SAND PLAY.   

AE got the sandbox during his last birthday. Last year he did not show much interest in it. But lately he loves it. There are a lot of benefit of sand play to a child. Cognitively, kids can experience how sand feels – how it flows through their fingers and how it takes the shape of the container that it is poured into.

Physically, it trained their motor activities with scooping and pouring. Sandplay also trained mind to be focus and creative. You can create hills, lake and hidden treasure.

he prefers to sit outside to avoid the sand get into his crocs

Focus sampai drooling;)


The downside of sand play is that it can get very messy. Coz the sand is so fine, it still stick on your kid’s cloth although you have rubbed it away. He will bring it back into the house and oh so hard to clean it up! Our solution? WATER PLAY!!! 

When AE is done with his sand box, I’ll let him have the water hose.


he will first clean the bucket... and water the plant...

 Then he will show to the sky asking me to spray the water highest as possible so that it will becomes like water fountain…


"tinggi tinggi...."


Of course he will stand under the ‘fountain’ and 5 minutes later…VOILA…

he's all wet!

I will then undress him, making sure no more sand on his body, dry him up and that’s the end of out SiO2 & H2O play:)


4 responses

  1. Ashman tak curah air ek into the sandpit? my son, main 1 kali terus habis jadi air pasir as he insisted to pour the water into it.. hehhe..
    Love seeing AE’s experession masa main air tuh.. heheh

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