the day I put away my pump

Since last week I have a lot of thoughts to write in this blog…but somehow when I’m in front of the PC something will come up and tra da da it’s another week already! How time flies!  

In 33 days, our son will be 2 years old. Today, I officially put away the AVENT breast pump. I keep on postponing it since a few months ago and at last decided. I think I better do it at least a month earlier so that the milk supply will decrease slowly rather than abruptly.

Of course I feel sad. That’s why I keep on postponing it. But I have to accept the fact that everything must come to an end.  *oh so drama queen*. Well, I still breastfeed AE at night time so it’s not really over yet. But soon yeah, it will be totally OVER. *another dramatic tone*. hehe… 

So at 23 months now, our son Ashman Ehsan…  

 1. Says new words everyday I hardly catch up. Once, he showed me a picture of Winnie the Pooh so I said “bear”. But then he said “POOH”. Oh okay…where did you learn that munchkin? :). Perhaps at his daycare.

 2. Start learning to pronounce 2 syllabus word. I believe his first 2-syllabus is ‘abang’. Okay, you might think he imitates me on this but he certainly not. It’s his favorite COUSIN he imitates!!!

 3. Know how to express his feelings and needs. Says “kut” for takut (afraid) and “ayi” for lagi (more). 

4. Increase the animal-sound vocabs with buffalo’s sound “hurrggghhhh”

 5. He just learned how to dip food in ketchup and enjoying it. Lick the whole ketchup!

 6. Adding new new nursery rhymes in his collection belt. This includes “twinkle twinkle traffic light” and “5 little monkeys swinging on a tree”. I think he likes it coz these kind of songs have hand movements. He also loves the HOTDOG mickey mouse song, which I never heard in my life before!!! *Oh I feel so old!*

Here’s AE with his dad at 23 months…

vroom vroom on scooter at his cousin's birthday party

Salam Aidiladha to all readers. If you happen to be in KL, do drop by our house=)

 p/s- I felt so sad over the news of the teen autism Brian Goh Kah Heng who was believed to have been physically and sexually abused at a welfare home…I can’t imagine how they could do it to someone who was powerless and handicapped. Extremely tragic.


One response

  1. new song for ashman,” elmo and kate perry”..
    elmo, do u want to play dressup???
    Cause you’re hot then you’re cold…You’re yes then you’re no..lalalala

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