It’s BLOCKS time!!!

Back in Preschool in U.S where I worked (I worked there for 4 years as an Assistant Teacher), every classes has wooden blocks. Usually we will stack it at the corner of the room and the kids can play with it during free time. It is indeed their favorite toys. Everyday without fail they will play with it, only to come out with different structure each day. There were farm, bridge, railway, and towers. I remember it clearly as I helped them clean it up, everyday too🙂.

Thus I was eager to get one similar set for my son. Before, he was still unbalance hence I’m afraid he will knock the blocks accidentally and hurt himself OR purposely throw the blocks to the TV and daddy will get hurt:).

But recently I saw AE playing with similar blocks at Pusat Sains Negara. He played for half an hour and no one get hurts. Yeayy!!! We are ready for wooden blocks!!!

I wanted to buy online but somehow the shop I frequented no longer sells such wooden blocks. Lazy to surf for another online shop and compare price, we just bought the wooden blocks at The Curve.

 These are pictures from the first time we played. Bangun2 tidur terus main..hehe….

belum mandi dah sibuk nak main;)


We have been playing with it everyday since the day we bought it. Everyday it will be a different structure. Kids are very creative. For example, adult like me would arrange it in an aligned straight manner. It’s boring – but I couldn’t help myself. But AE will arrange it randomly. Thus the outcome, simply perfect!

his creation on 3rd day. I'm impressed!

These are some benefits of wooden blocks I googled from the net:
1. Stable. Much better than plastic as plastic is light and uneven, children will become frustrated when their towers slip and fall. [this is true with AE as we also have plastic mega blocks and it always fall down]

 2. Variety Play. Stacking, bang against each other, bowling, railway, etc.

 3. Hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity. As they stack the blocks, balancing one on top of the other, they develop fine motor skills.

 4. Imagination and creativity.

Parents shouldn’t be discouraged if their children randomly stack the blocks instead of building something or even seems happy to knock their blocks down. There is no right or wrong way to play with blocks. Follow their lead.



5 responses

  1. At which store exactly at the curve you beli? kedai yg depan mothercare tu ke? all these while i bought lego (the small and big ones) for imran.. but what AE is playing look really fun.. let me know 🙂

  2. Anne, we bought it from kedai yg kat corner, paling tepi sekalik, if I’m not mistaken ELC kot? But it’s going to close shop, I heard mothercare nak take over. We bought AE’s sand for his sandbox pun from there.

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