ParenThots time

This was an overdue entry. Should be posted a long time ago, even before the Ramadhan month. It just took me a long time to upload the pictures to the PC. *Sungguh pemalas plus handphone tak canggih untuk diupload terus. *

Okay, the story. We attended the ParenThots family day last August. It was held at Padang Astaka. I came across ParenThots 2 years ago, it is simply a column in my favorite newspaper, The Star on parenting.  You know, how the middle section of newspaper got extra pull out reading. Sometimes about tech gadget, sometimes about education, so there’s also a section on parenting which if I’m not mistaken is every Wednesday.

I love reading the column coz it is simple and precise, and it answers to my parenting curiousity and doubts. Then later I found out that ParenThots has its own website at Parenthots and it is full of resources and interesting articles, especially to parents. 

Thus when they announced about the Family Day, I was excited to go (last year I couldn’t go coz I found out too late). It was held at Padang Astaka and admission was free. They promised that they will be a lot of fun games and activities for kids, and true enough it was really fun!

Hubby couldn’t make it coz he has ping pong commonwealth office match to attend to, so we went there with my sis in law. At first I was a bit worried whether my 1 year old son will enjoy it coz perhaps it was more suitable to the bigger kids. But oh yeah he enjoyed it so much I had to dragged him from there. He was crying out loud didn’t want to leave. Oh anakku sayang….the event was over and it was 12 noon. Panas okay… 

He played all the games provided. The staff allowed younger kids like my son to play ta-ya-pa-wau, meaning he did not really have to follow the rules.  He got some goodies as tokens, but bigger kids who really win will get real prizes. 

Here are some snapshots of AE. Sorry the pictures aren’t that sharp coz it was not that easy to snap + hold bag + ice cream at the same time! 🙂

xtvt bola saya memang terer:)

Ring in the elephant trunk. Main tipu siap boley dukung lagik:)

die geram je tengok golf nie. I have to let him play w/pun kayu tu lagik tinggi dari dia...with me holding him of coz

wah bestnya!

Both of us really liked this velcrow-board. Kalau ada kat rumah mesti best!

smile for mummy:)

The only thing is that parking amatlah susah kat situ…Other than that, it was definitely an enjoyable day. Hope they will have it every year!

p/s – writing this entry makes me really miss ashman. Sayanngg bucukkkk:)


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