Salam Lebaran

Oh wow my last entry was 3 weeks ago! There were actually a lot of things I want to write about, but it might be the lemang & rendang that makes me a bit lazy:)

Hope everyone had a wonderful raya celebration and enjoy the long holiday. Alhamdulilah, we arrived at hubby’s kampung safely and the 5 days holiday were well spent. (too short!) AE was a happy kid, playing with his cousins, cat, chasing chickens, and firecrackers (honestly, I am afraid of mercun).

Here are some snap of our raya pictures. Of coz AE jadik pelakon utama! (tapi boring along takde susah giler nak snap gambar cantik…huhu)

panjat panjat di pagi raya

main dengan kucing opah

with his cousins & atuk

On this happy Syawal, we would like to ask for your forgiveness from the bottom of our heart. Maaf atas segala silap tutur kata, keterlanjuran tatabahasa, serta tingkah laku. As a friend, do know that I will never hurt your feelings intentionally. But as human, we cannot run from making mistakes thus we are very sorry for any wrongdoings.

Especially kalau korang dah kenal aku nie..kekadang main spontaneous je tak berapa nak sedar emosi orang lain…maaf yek….Halalkan segala makan, minum, budi, dan masa yg telah diberikan. May Allah repay your kindness.

Sesiapa yg free, jemput lah datang ke rumah. Tahun nie takde open house, but just let me know 1 day earlier, insyaAllah we’ll be ready at home waiting for you:).

Selamat Hari Raya!


p/s – Our 1st raya without Abg Arif…
p/s- no more Yasmin Ahmad’s raya ads…


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