post partum blues

Two of my BFF gave birth last Ramadan to wonderful adorable boys. (banyak baby boys tahun nie). Congratulations friends!!!  

While talking to them, I’ve realised this one common thing. 1st time parents (including myself) are usually not aware of the post partum blues. We are so excited to get the baby out, and never really give a long thought on what to happen after that.

The topic is seldom discussed between friends. You talk about labor. You even talk about episiotomy, but seldom about the post partum period of tirednes and frustration. I don’t know why exactly. Is it a taboo subject?

Maybe it makes you feel incompetent to talk about it. Maybe coz nobody ever asked? Hence when it happens, people think it only happen to you thus makes you feel sad and lost.

Some common problems that I heard and experience myself: nipple crack, insufficient milk, confused on the food intake (what you can eat and what you can’t eat), and of course the crying baby.

In jungling all these new experiences, you did not realise your body is actually lacking of energy (just how many bloodpint you have lost in giving birth). You require a lot of rest. In fact the book said you should sleep whenever the baby sleep and ignore any household chores.

Next, you are alone. (of course your husband is there but only at night). Even if your mom is there, you are without friends or colleagues for at least 60 days. It is different with your old life. Thus, it can make you feel lonely.

Summing up all these tiredness + sleepless night + pressure to be a supermom + lonely = STRESS. Of course you will feel stress. It is normal to do so.

I’m glad now some women start to talk about it. Like Brooke Shields and Wardina Safiyah. When information is shared, you can share your experiences and help each other to find solution. Thus now I’m doing the same thing.

So mummies, don’t be too stress during the blues. It is common, it happen to everyone. It will go away. Just take one step at a time. 

Try to talk to those positive-minded persons that can help you.  For example during my confinement, when we complained about the sleepless night, one of my friends Noris said, “takpe..sekejap je. pasnie okay and it will be more fun”. We were like…*btol ke sekejap, rasa mcm dah lama giler*. But she was right after all:). After 2-3 months, we have manage to adapt. Remember, the crying might not go away, but somehow you adapt 🙂

To the fathers-to-be, please be extra considerate. New mommies can get so emotional to the extend you will not understand them. So just try to tolerate, at least for this period.

Okie dokie for now, enjoy the last bit of Syawal. Sesape yg free, do drop by to our home sweet home;).


Salam Lebaran

Oh wow my last entry was 3 weeks ago! There were actually a lot of things I want to write about, but it might be the lemang & rendang that makes me a bit lazy:)

Hope everyone had a wonderful raya celebration and enjoy the long holiday. Alhamdulilah, we arrived at hubby’s kampung safely and the 5 days holiday were well spent. (too short!) AE was a happy kid, playing with his cousins, cat, chasing chickens, and firecrackers (honestly, I am afraid of mercun).

Here are some snap of our raya pictures. Of coz AE jadik pelakon utama! (tapi boring along takde susah giler nak snap gambar cantik…huhu)

panjat panjat di pagi raya

main dengan kucing opah

with his cousins & atuk

On this happy Syawal, we would like to ask for your forgiveness from the bottom of our heart. Maaf atas segala silap tutur kata, keterlanjuran tatabahasa, serta tingkah laku. As a friend, do know that I will never hurt your feelings intentionally. But as human, we cannot run from making mistakes thus we are very sorry for any wrongdoings.

Especially kalau korang dah kenal aku nie..kekadang main spontaneous je tak berapa nak sedar emosi orang lain…maaf yek….Halalkan segala makan, minum, budi, dan masa yg telah diberikan. May Allah repay your kindness.

Sesiapa yg free, jemput lah datang ke rumah. Tahun nie takde open house, but just let me know 1 day earlier, insyaAllah we’ll be ready at home waiting for you:).

Selamat Hari Raya!


p/s – Our 1st raya without Abg Arif…
p/s- no more Yasmin Ahmad’s raya ads…

AE 20 months

Our son Muhammad Ashman Ehsan reached 20 months last week. Alhamdulilah, everyday I am thankful to Allah for such a priceless gift. My heart is over spilled with love to him. I missed every moments spent with him. At night, I feel like hugging him tight but of course I can’t (karang terjaga pulak) so I settle with holding part of his body. Hubby said I’m lucky that AE cuddle next to me to BF. I just realised he is right. I am lucky.

At 20 months, AE has developed so much, each day is a new discovery to him. What really astounded me is his memory capability. He remembers a lot of things at 1 year old. For instance, everytime we pass by his nursery he will point it out loud (even in the dark night).  I don’t think I can remember the way to my school until I’m much bigger?

He will also show the TumbleTots centre and look inside excitedly everytime we pass by there. I feel bad coz we had terminate his membership months ago. Reason being he seems to already wears out with all the games there and another main reason is the fee when up, by double! I have to tell him that we will go to the Toys R Us first and will come back later. Sedih rasanya tipu budak kecik…

He knows more animals now. (Although fish & whale remains his favorite still). Whenever ask, he can point at the animals pictures without hesitation. Huserk kata ashman pass dah boley pergi Sabah yeayy!

this is when we visited Turtle Sanctuary @ Cherating

Physically, he is running here and there now. I really have to run to catch up. And jumping, too! Naik atas couch and lompat!!! Nasib baik rumah aku takde tangga okeh… In front of us, he will dance excitedly. He has this special move – jengket2 kaki macam tarian kadazan. I don’t know where he learn such moves. He will also follow movements of nursery rhymes. His favorites now amongst others are Open & Shut Them, Hokey Pokey, and Head, Shoulder, Knees & Toes ( I think this one is very good to teach body parts). Tapi depan kitorang and very close relatives je die dancing…kalau tetiba suruh die menari depan orang lain confirm tunduk malu. Shy boy!

mummy kejar laa saya!!!

Previously, he didn’t like to watch the Baby Einstein series categorized for Year 1+, like Baby Einstein On the Go, Baby Einstein My Favorite Places, & Baby Einstein My First Sign. I thought it’s the dvd’s quality that are not at par. But lately he is really into those dvds. Tengok ulang ulang okay. Maksudnya peringkat umur yang tampal kat muka dvd tu memang tepat aa…

His personal development – he started to help us when we get him to dress / undress. He is also aware of his genital now. Oh yeah…he is curious on ours, too. Cuba jenguk jenguk whenever we wear towel. Sabor jer…

Emotionally, he started throwing tantrum. Oh yeah…the T has started. Whenever we have to leave from some place that he really enjoys (example: water fountain, playground), he will really mengamuk….But I think he has not reach the worst. We can still distract him by enticing whatever interesting thing we have at home (fish, dvds, etc). But I dreaded this part coz dalam keadaan die menggelepar tu aku risau takut terhantuk pintu kereta ke ape…

I’m not sure why but lately his not fond of bathing time like before. Hubby said dah jadik mcm mummy malas mandi. That is seriously not true okay! :). He is currently into balloons and bubbles. We also bought him his first pair of badminton racquets. After a few practices with mummy, Angah said his coordination skill is good:).

Food wise, AE is into Mac & Cheese now. Amat suka. But on normal day he does eat porridge and sometimes nestum. He also added another favorite food in his list:- ICE CREAM! Yg nie memang macam mummy okay:). Pantang sebut ice cream je dah stat keluar2 lidah hehe….

That’s about AE for now. The love of our life at 20 months, weighing 10kg and 88cm height.

My two darlings

Tata for now. Enjoy the last few days of Ramadhan…..