Perhentian Escapade

Okay dear…my long-overdue entry on Perhentian! Finally:)

It was actually a last minute decision to go there. We went to Kelantan for Angah wedding reception. Then Angah talked about how near Kuala Besut jetty was with Pasir Puteh (groom’s house). One thing led to another and end up I began calling all kind of lodging places at Perhentian.

It was last minute and some more it was school holiday at that time, so most places are fully booked. Plus since we have AE,  we need to get the one with 24 hours electricity.  Some places did not accept booking (only walk-in), like Maya Guesthouse.

But at last alhamdulilah we got a place at Bubble Dive Resort located at Perhentian Besar.  Came the day, I was very excited coz it was AE’s first time to go to an island. What a big step! :). I was worried of coz but since hubby was there and Angah and the gang were coming as well, I’m pretty confident things will go well. If it were only me and my son, taubat laa takkan pergi hehe….

When we arrived Kuala Besut area, dah macam ‘jakun’ sket coz the air was so different – fresh! And langit biru… another thing I realised since pergi Sabah dulu…whereby kat tempat2 yg takde pencemaran nie langit nyer lebih biru dari tempat lain. *statement orang jakun*.

From Kuala Besut Jetty, we took a boat arranged by the resort. Journey took approsimately 1/2 hour.

AE first time ever on a speed boat!

AE was very excited looking at the water, looking here and there. I’m glad he didn’t feel seasick, coz I didn’t know how to handle that…

When we approached Bubble area, we saw a turtle swimming. Oh wow I was impressed. But it was a small size one, unlike the Sipadan’s one. (Sipadan nyer besar mcm citer Nemo tau!!! hehe — jakun lagik!).  

Apparently the turtle was not well. He couldn’t go under the sea for some reason, so the Bubble staff save him and brought him to shore. It was one of the resort’s unique feature ~ to be involved in the turtle and marine conversation projects. There are dedicated staff specially for this project. For those who are interested, the staff there will give wake up call when there are turtle landing on the shore. Unfortunately it was ‘false nest’ that night. (meaning the turtle came, dig a bit, but left. Decided not to lay their eggs due to whatever reason).  

Bubble's staff assisting the turtle

the turtle's temporary home

We were so lucky the turtle got to stay with us for the whole day before rescuer came the next day. Pepagi bangun tidur AE dah dapat tengok turtle=). Now AE is into animals in the ocean, so memang lah tersangat excited. To me, turtle’s face look like a wise old man…don’t you think so?

We booked two rooms. The rooms were decent, the shower was open air. Yang penting air cond nyer power. Almaklum kat pulau kan panas. And outside the room ada pili air, so takdelah berpasir dlm bilik…

view from Bubble

In my opinion, the only downside of the place is the food. It’s neither tasty nor tasteless. Tapi sebab lapar makanlah jugak. The price were pricey, and you can’t buy from other place coz Bubble was located at secluded area.

We spent our days snorkerling, playing with the sand, canoeing (makde over-excited canoeing sorang2), beach soccer (nak main bola pun nak soh pakcu tolong tanya), diving (angah sorang je – nate diver), & swimming.

nie waktu hubby suruh angah rendam AE dlm air. Mengamuk laa budak tu

nie waktu angah pujuk AE. Dah seronok balik dah ha:)

At last, I got my wish to relax by the beach on the hammock:). I just love the feeling at the island where time seems to stand still. You just relax, relax, and relax. It’s like you are at a different side of the world, away from noise and worries. Btw, breastfeeding by the beach was so relaxing, AE fall asleep almost  immediately=).

back at the main land. Semua sunburn okeh!

Honestly, I never like sea/beach before coz of the hot weather and the fact that I don’t know how to swim. But after Angah & Huserk manage to convince me to visit Sipadan 2 years ago, I totally love island now!!! (thank you gals).

So lepas nie nak pergi pulau mana pulak? 🙂


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