Ramadhan Memories

As people grow older, they tend to forget the wonderful memories of childhood. Example – the 1st book they read, the first toy, the first fasting day…I’m just going to jot down some of my wonderful ramadhan memories before I myself become old and forget this things…

First Fasting Day…
I first fast when I was 6 years old. Only 1 day:). But when I was 7 years old, I start to fast more – 29 days to be exact. Coz daddy promised me RM1 for each day I fast. Motivated by money, I fast for the full month when I was 8 years old. hehe…

Memorable Sahur Moments…
1. Since I was a kid, I hate sahur coz it was so hard to wake up. I usually gobble the food in 5 minutes and quickly go back to sleep. There was one time when I was 5-6 years old, I had finished eating and trying to get back to sleep (others are still downstairs) when I saw a white figure at my bedroom door. I was very sure it was not a dream as my eyes were wide open. But was it a ghost? How can it be coz it was ramadhan month. That made me a bit calm. I wanted to go back downstairs.  But how? Coz the ‘subject’ was at the door. I just try to recite whatever surah I can remember and close my eyes until I finally fell asleep. Surprisingly I was kinda brave at that time. Kids are like that I suppose.  

2. Towards the end of ramadhan month, I will help mum bake hari raya cookies after sahur. We will make corn flakes, jam tart, and there’s this cookies where you have to press the top with a fork, and another one where you put cherry on the top. Mom said I was very helpful (not anymore!).

3. Once when I sahur with my friend at MRSM, there was no electricity. Only a generator at the dining hall. When we arrived right in front of the line only we realised that my friend wear her baju kurung inside out! The staff even realised it. hehe…

Favourite Sahur Food
As I hate to wake up and eat, nothing really entice me to eat. But mom works really hard to make sure I eat. Thus she sometimes cook nasi goreng or nasik lemak. It really works! I will eat a lot if she did that…(sekarang dah besar baru sedar betapa mak aku kena bangun awal untuk buat nasik lemak…). She will also makes hot tea. I remember sometimes we had sup daging. Mom said because daddy has diabetes so he needs meat for his diet. I hate it coz the you can feel the ‘lemak’ inside your mouth later…hehe… 

Memorable Breaking – Fast Moments…
1. When I was young, mom make sure I drink milk for buka puasa. But I also want the cold drinks. So there will usually be cincau or soya as well. We never go to pasar ramadhan coz mom said the food ain’t good. (now I realised what she meant – seriously home cook is the best!)

2. Sometimes coz I was such a good girl (buwekk buweekk), daddy will buy me the A&W root beer pitcher for breaking-fast. Every hour I keep on checking the pitcher in fridge hehe… My sister and I will try make float by adding our own ice cream but it didn’t taste the same.

3. While I was in States, fasting month fall during winter so we will break fast around 4.30pm. Usually I was still in class or at work at that time. So we had to break fast with chocolate bar or whatever. But surprisingly there’s no pang of hunger of wanting to eat-all-you-can.  

Favorite Break-fast food
Oh..this list can go endlessly especially time tengah puasa nie kan hehe…
1. air tebu/air kelapa – I know if you break-fast with warm water is the best but seriously can’t resist these cooling drinks!
2. bubur lambuk – my favorite is from kg. baru! Dulu ofismate lama selalu kasik coz his hubby was the AJK there. Sekarang dah takde sape nak tolong pergi que for me…
3. Popia basah – I hardly eat kuih, but this one I like! hehe…
4. My mom’s nasik lemak…hehe…
5. My MIL’s beef rendang. Memang sedap…

Fire-crackers Moments
We hardly play any fire crackers coz mom said it was expensive/dangerous. But sometimes she did buy for us the cat’s eyes bunga api… Tapi bila dah lewat malam, selalunya boley dengar dentum-dentam outside the house. Tapi takde pulak berita pasal orang cedera teruk mcm zaman sekarang nie…

Tarawih Moments…
When I was in high school, we (me, along, angah) went to tarawih at nearby mosque – jalan kaki je. Tapi selalu nak balik cepat2 coz nak tengok Spanar Jaya at 9.30pm. Boley? hahaha…

Favorite Param
As mentioned, we hardly go to param coz mom said it was membazir and the food was not fresh. Tapi bila dah besar we usually go during weekend. Usually to buy air tebu. Hubby sometimes buy murtabak.
1. We love param at AU Keramat (popia dia sedap – kena letak nama 1 day before okay!).
2. The one at hubby’s kampung has a delicious murtabak where it is filled with minced meat and no onion. RM1 je pulak tu! :).
3. While studying at PPP Shah Alam, the Sect 18 param was heaven. Besar nak mampus penat keliling and rambang mata tak tau nak beli ape..hehe…

Okie..I’m gonna tag a few friends to share their Ramadhan memories, too…
1. Suria,
2. Suharti,
3. Noris,
4. Atique,
5. Faz,
6. everyone else who feels like it!

Happy Fasting!


from my bookshelf

Remember my entry here about the movies I missed / books I read? It has been 5 months ago and I’ve made some progress. I’d manage to watch one movie from the list – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Yeay!!! *Tak kisahlah walaupun dah lama release, finally I got to watch it.* Walaupun satu jer dapat gak dapat cross out dari my wish list🙂.

I also watched Avatar, but after 15 minutes decided I’m not into that kind of movie so hubby watched it alone. Hubby pulak suka sangat sampai tengok ulang2! We managed to watch Up but only halfway and still no opportunity to finish the whole movie. Also halfway of Princess & Frog, and hmmm….10% of X Men Wolverine. hahaha…kesian. Anyway, thanks to Along who downloaded the movies.

On the other hand, I manage to finish a few good books while accompanying AE watching his baby einstein video. Yup, that’s how his night time pattern is now. For bedtime, he wanted to watch baby einstein in the bedroom while breastfeeding – sampai tertido. Which left reading an only option to me (other than watching that video!). Well, hubby and I now have literally mastered all baby einstein’s dvds. We know what scene coming next, even what sound coming..either the duck wacking, or that monkey winggling, or that dragon blah…OMG, we are seriously comitted parents now🙂

Okay, here I’ll share my reviews of the books I’ve read since the last entry:

1. Twenties Girl – Kinsella

As always, Kinsella has never fail to entertain me. This time she ventured into the other side of the world ~ ghost. But a funny one it is! (I will not read serious ghost story..no no no…). Yes, I’m a coward:). Recommended this book to those who love chick lit and humor. Will not fail you. 4/5

2. The Last Song – Nicholas Spark

I’ve expected something like A Walk to Remember, and yes…it is something like that. Teenager’s 1st love, plus some teen rebellious act. I can imagine Miley Cyrus while reading it. 3.5/5

3. The Choice – Susan Lewis

 Lately I was attracted to stories involving motherhood and this is one of it. Although, I don’t aspect the Tay-Sachs disease part. Okay, this is a spoiler so please don’t read this part if you want to read this book.  Basically, the baby in this book inherited Tay-Sachs , a disease where the baby appear healthy for the first 6 months in his life, but later both mental and pyhsical abilities  starts to deteriorate. He will become blind, deaf, and unable to swallow. No treatment. Death usually at age of 4. Can you imagine, how the mom feels? Where the mummy and baby has developed such a lovely bonding for 6 months only to have a sad ending. I never know about this disease until I read this book.  3/5

4. A Walk to Remember – Nicholas Spark

I’ve watched the movie many times but never read the book. But after reading The Last Song, I thought I should give the book a try. Unlike other film adapted from novel, I think this one gives the book justice. The storyline does not stray from original book. This time I imagine Mandy Moore while reading. Btw, isn’t she such a sweetie!  3.5/5

5. The Last Empress – Anchee Min

This is the continuation from Empress Orchid. How China starts to crumble. The monarch was distracted with bribery, woman and drugs. Good for those who loves history and something for a change. But you have to read Empress Orchid first. 3.5/5

6. Love in Present Tense – Catherine Ryan Hyde

About the little boy above who was really strong, in spite losing his mother at a young age. I admire the boy’s faith. He believes his mother loves him forever – to him it meant whatever happens, the mother will always love him. To realise that at the age of 6 was amazing. 3/5

7. The Book of Tomorrow – Cecilia Ahern

I love this book! It just suites me. It is about Tamara who lose her father at suicide and from being a rich city girl has to settle down at a her uncle’s house at countryside. Some mystery things happened there. She found a book that now what is going to happen tomorrow. I really like the idea. How you would like to change your future, something like that. I think this is one of her best after P.S I Luv You. 4.5/5

8. One Season of Sunshine – Julia London

The story is a bit like The Sound of Music , only modernized. About an adopted teacher who looking for her birth mom. She became a nanny and later develop romance with the father of 2 children. So-so to me. Maybe coz I’m not adopted? I can guess who her mother was at very early of the story.  3/5.

Rite now I’m reading Lagenda Budak Setan…hahahahaha…talk about changes! *Sajer nak imbas kenangan lama:)

Happy Fasting!

Oh my gosh!

Another long-overdue entry from me:).

Last month, on 7 July 2010, I got to see Usher live in K.L. Yeayy!!!

Honestly I was contemplating on whether I should go…or should not. At first I don’t feel like I can leave AE behind at night time. But at the same time I really wanted to go. I don’t want to be those mothers who blame their children of their loss time. Seriously, I’ve heard more than one woman uttered things like *I sacrifice my time for you* or *It’s because of you I didn’t go here and there*Thus when I become a mother myself, I really hope I won’t say such things.

I’m glad I did. Usher was absolutely amazing! He is sexy at his own way, his voice….soulful. And it feels like he was singing to you. Seriously. Although you were up on the upper tiers:).

Although he didn’t talk much, he was simply a natural entertainer simply by being him ~ charismatic and smooth.

Usher live in Bukit Jalil

He ended the night with OMG and we were all screaming like crazy! I was really glad I decided to come to the concert.

It was actually the first time I feel I was 100% outside enjoying myself after pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not I never went out before. But it was the first time I didn’t feel worry of AE being out of my sight. Maybe because he is bigger now.

Thanks BFF who accompanied me. The most important thanks to darling hubby who was willing to give me few hours to enjoy myself. I’m really grateful. Thanks USHER for coming!!! hahaha

Happy Monday!

Perhentian Escapade

Okay dear…my long-overdue entry on Perhentian! Finally:)

It was actually a last minute decision to go there. We went to Kelantan for Angah wedding reception. Then Angah talked about how near Kuala Besut jetty was with Pasir Puteh (groom’s house). One thing led to another and end up I began calling all kind of lodging places at Perhentian.

It was last minute and some more it was school holiday at that time, so most places are fully booked. Plus since we have AE,  we need to get the one with 24 hours electricity.  Some places did not accept booking (only walk-in), like Maya Guesthouse.

But at last alhamdulilah we got a place at Bubble Dive Resort located at Perhentian Besar.  Came the day, I was very excited coz it was AE’s first time to go to an island. What a big step! :). I was worried of coz but since hubby was there and Angah and the gang were coming as well, I’m pretty confident things will go well. If it were only me and my son, taubat laa takkan pergi hehe….

When we arrived Kuala Besut area, dah macam ‘jakun’ sket coz the air was so different – fresh! And langit biru… another thing I realised since pergi Sabah dulu…whereby kat tempat2 yg takde pencemaran nie langit nyer lebih biru dari tempat lain. *statement orang jakun*.

From Kuala Besut Jetty, we took a boat arranged by the resort. Journey took approsimately 1/2 hour.

AE first time ever on a speed boat!

AE was very excited looking at the water, looking here and there. I’m glad he didn’t feel seasick, coz I didn’t know how to handle that…

When we approached Bubble area, we saw a turtle swimming. Oh wow I was impressed. But it was a small size one, unlike the Sipadan’s one. (Sipadan nyer besar mcm citer Nemo tau!!! hehe — jakun lagik!).  

Apparently the turtle was not well. He couldn’t go under the sea for some reason, so the Bubble staff save him and brought him to shore. It was one of the resort’s unique feature ~ to be involved in the turtle and marine conversation projects. There are dedicated staff specially for this project. For those who are interested, the staff there will give wake up call when there are turtle landing on the shore. Unfortunately it was ‘false nest’ that night. (meaning the turtle came, dig a bit, but left. Decided not to lay their eggs due to whatever reason).  

Bubble's staff assisting the turtle

the turtle's temporary home

We were so lucky the turtle got to stay with us for the whole day before rescuer came the next day. Pepagi bangun tidur AE dah dapat tengok turtle=). Now AE is into animals in the ocean, so memang lah tersangat excited. To me, turtle’s face look like a wise old man…don’t you think so?

We booked two rooms. The rooms were decent, the shower was open air. Yang penting air cond nyer power. Almaklum kat pulau kan panas. And outside the room ada pili air, so takdelah berpasir dlm bilik…

view from Bubble

In my opinion, the only downside of the place is the food. It’s neither tasty nor tasteless. Tapi sebab lapar makanlah jugak. The price were pricey, and you can’t buy from other place coz Bubble was located at secluded area.

We spent our days snorkerling, playing with the sand, canoeing (makde over-excited canoeing sorang2), beach soccer (nak main bola pun nak soh pakcu tolong tanya), diving (angah sorang je – nate diver), & swimming.

nie waktu hubby suruh angah rendam AE dlm air. Mengamuk laa budak tu

nie waktu angah pujuk AE. Dah seronok balik dah ha:)

At last, I got my wish to relax by the beach on the hammock:). I just love the feeling at the island where time seems to stand still. You just relax, relax, and relax. It’s like you are at a different side of the world, away from noise and worries. Btw, breastfeeding by the beach was so relaxing, AE fall asleep almost  immediately=).

back at the main land. Semua sunburn okeh!

Honestly, I never like sea/beach before coz of the hot weather and the fact that I don’t know how to swim. But after Angah & Huserk manage to convince me to visit Sipadan 2 years ago, I totally love island now!!! (thank you gals).

So lepas nie nak pergi pulau mana pulak? 🙂