the final four (entri bola 3)

The Argentinian defender, Demichelis can lick back his words. A day before the quarter final, when verbal arguments were heated between the two teams, he said that if he was JT, he will not return to England. He said that Argentina won’t let the score to be 4-1. (It was actually 4-2 considering Lampard’s goal). Well, yeah… in a way it was true. They were worse.  Hahaha…. we won 4-0….4-0….4-0…..lalalalalala 🙂 

We had WC BBQ party that night. Nothing more perfect than having to witness 4 goals while eating yummy BBQ chicken and nasi lemak:). Perfect. As for hubby? tidur luar laa tak sanggup tidur dengan awek pakai jersey germany;).

 What I love the most is how they work very well together in a team. None of them is an over-rated star like C.Ronaldo or Rooney; yet they are able to show good team work will pay off. Schwenteiger in particular was exceptional, he was everywhere. But he does not outshine others. The media is now saying that Ballack’s injury is a blessing in disguise. I suppose that might be true.

Actually all the final four teams has no overrated star. It proves that the best team  does not neccessarily equivalent to best individuals. France itself proved that they have bunch of talented individuals yet one of the worst teams in history.

Now to face the Spanish, I do afraid. Coz unlike Argentina, they are very good in passing game. Possesion are theirs. I’ve seen Iniesta made a lot of smart moves that leading to opportunities. Their midfielders are said to have near-telephatic connection.

Saint Iker? This was his 105th cap if I’m not mistaken. Bagai langit dan bumi kalau nak compare ngan my keeper (aik aku punya keeper ke? hehe…). I mean the Deutsche’s keeper.

It was bad not to have Mueller in the team for the semi due to the yellow card booking. He is just natural with his goal scoring opportunities.  Hopefully it won’t affect the team too much.

I really hope Loew have briliant tactical skill for us to overcome the more experience Spain. Well, I love Spain coz they have good team-work skill as well. But this time I hope Germany demolished them:)

looks like it's mummy vs son in semi. daddy dah out:P

Good luck die mannschaft!!!


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  1. Woohooo, don’t cry for me argentina lah abg jijan. Hahaha. Anyway, they showed significant improvement from game to game. Hoping they will defeat Spain and I’m praying harder this time 🙂

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