the not so predictable G16 (entri bola 2)

Top 16 round was finally over. Recap on the recent matches:

Germany vs England – A very entertaining game. Whatever whoever said that if Lampard’s goal was allowed, it might change the whole thing, I did not agree. I think Deutsche will still win. (bias kah aku? hahaha). Come on, it was a 4-1 scores, not 2-1. Plus did you see how Barry tried to keep up with Ozil?  Helpless. England’s defends was so shaky and embarassing.  (Though a few players like Gerrard and Lampard did play very well – too bad).  

England has to realised that they are shortage of young players. Enough with the golden boys; their days are over. Watching this match I realised how combination of experienced and young players are important. When England tried to sub their player, they send Heskey? I was like…OMG….isn’t his days are over? Even in EPL he hardly make any marks, what further in WC.  

Japan vs Paraguay – I have the utmost respect to the Japanese. Very impressed with their commitment. They prove to the world they are at par with Paraguay. They manage to hold on for the whole 120 minutes. Hebat!

What I respect the most are their discpline. Although Paraguay’s players are rough to them (physical built gave Paraguay’s players advantage), they did not complain or try to get referee’s sympathy. Their focus is only into the game.

Poor that guy that missed that penalty. At least it hit the bar. They are many great players that had done it worse – Beckham (tembak gagak), C.Ronaldo (try to cheat P.Cech), JT (time Man U menang Champs League hehe…).

Portugal vs Spain – The game proves that both teams are almost at par in strength. Spain of course shows their best strength: possesion of the ball. Puyol was great, Iniesta was superb, and Villa proves he deserves the no. 7 jersey. Lepas nie die join Barca dasyatt ahhh….satu geng sumer.

C.Ronaldo lacking captain-charisma. He was not functioning well. I’m not sure why. Well, I’m glad Spain go through. Muka they all baik hati & tak berlagak okeh…*kalau aku yg komen mesti mimik muka semua nak citer laa kan…*

Okay buckle your seat belt and get ready for the Quarter today. I’m not a fan of neither Holland or Brazil, but I hope they will give very entertaining football tonight.

Can’t wait for clash of the titans tomorrow. I still remember last 4 years hubby (Argentina) and me (Germany) watching the same clash at kedai makan somewhere in Pandan…it was nervous breaking and we won with the penalty shoot out. Yeayyy….

Will the history repeat?

We’ll see……have a great weekend!


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