My Top XI for WC

As all analysts talking about their Top XI, I pun sibuk laa nak list down my 4-4-2 line up gak hehe…..bear in mind that my line up will be bias coz I didn’t watch every game and my tactical knowledge is almost equal to zero:)

1. Casillas – 4 years ago it was Buffon’s time, now it is his turn. Despite his young age, he has more than 100 caps already – that was no doubt a fine achievement! This certainly is his prime time, to win the WC as a captain (+with beautiful WAG right by his side). What else could he ask.

Sama cantik sama padan ek?

2 & 3. Puyol & Pique: Tight defences that certainly manage to block any strikers to even come near to the goal post. Also, have to admit Puyol’s goal against Germany was beautiful. How he jumped high in spite of being surrounded with mannschaft’s tall players.

4. Defense: Lahm – my favourite defender coz of his ability to assist in midfield and even going deep. They said that’s what modern defender style should be. Btw, congratulations to captain Lahm on his wedding yesterday (14 July 2010) to Claudia!

philipp & claudia

He looks smaller than the bride, isn’t he?

5. Defender – I’m short of one defender here which proves I didn’t watch that many games. Cannavaro certainly is out of picture [sorry hunky, haha]. Friedrich is okay but I don’t think he is top XI. I admire Vidic, too but it will be too bias to put him here haha… I heard Ryan Nelsen from NZ is very good, thanks to him NZ was the only unbeaten team at the tournament. Unfortunately I did not a chance to see him playing. Perhaps next time.

6 & 7. Xavi & Iniesta – For their extremely high standard passing games that tire opposition. I believe they can even pass the ball in blindfolded (perhaps that’s what they did in practise? huh…)

8. Schweinsteiger – He plays very crucial role, being a playmaker especially when they played against Argentina and Uruguay.

9. Keisuke Honda – I know the qualified analysts will not put him in Top XI, but I just love his courage and high-spirit attitude in leading the team. They fought until the end, very focus and come to think of it – not many free kicks in this WC leads to goal, but his did.

10. Forlan – Have to admit, for Uruguay as an underdog to achieve 4th place was amazing and all thanks to him. Again, another playmaker that manage to energize the team. We could see he gave 100% in the games, some thing a lot of player lacking of.

11. Mueller – my new favorite player. I have to admit I don’t know who is he before the WC. But he certainly shine. He shows the quality of a gifted striker, where they seems to know where is the goal post & the goal keeper without looking at the goal itself.

Okay there you go my Top XI….my last entry for this WC 2010. See you in EURO 2012! 🙂


the end of WC 2010

Germany vs Spain

Well, I have to admit die mannschaft lose to a better team. Honestly speaking, it was the first match that I woke up at 2.30am to watch (the timing was hard coz AE will bf around that time). When AE finally let me go, the game was already started for 15 minutes. The first image I saw was Lahm all sweating like he has been playing forever. Then I realised what’s going on. It was that Iniesta – Xavi carousel game again. According to stats, Spain has total possesion for at least 25 minutes!

Some people will say it was a boring game. But it was also tactical at the same time. And it does proven worthy as they manage to beat Germany, the team who demolished both giant Argentina and England. I was sad, but we will come back for Euro – very sure of that (with the average age of player being 20 years old).

Germany vs Uruguay 
It was a shock to see the players’ list – Lahm, Podolski, Klose all were not there. It was a huge gamble, but surely paid off. Mueller was great (if only he was there when we were against Spain, I’m confident he can score goals).  Well, he deserves the 2 awards – young player & golden boots! very impressive achievement!

I was especially attracted with Mesut Ozil. He is such a smooth yet compose midfielder. I suppose he will be replacing Schweinteiger’s shoes later.

Forlan was exceptional, a great playmaker. I really worried he might bring the game to extra time. He deserved the golden ball award as well.

Spain vs Netherland
Spain prove they are the best team! Congratulations!!! I saluted the team for its humility, commitment and teamwork. Btw, adakah Switzerland team yang paling terer kerana mereka berjaya kalahkan Spain? huhuhu….

It will be interesting to see the coming La Liga with Villa joining Barca as well…. This time for La Liga I’m rooting for Barca coz Real you know…with C.Ronaldo, he brings such an egoistic atmosphere to Madrid.

Anyway, looks like Spain gaining more fan, too. My blog just got hit with keyword like ‘shirtless Iniesta’. hahaha…. Sorry guys, I don’t have it for now. Yet I’m sure there will be a lot of such images on internet now that he’s a rising star;).

Now that WC is over, I present you my choice of WAGs for this WC2010 (not following any ranking whatsoever): 

1) Giselle Tavarelli – married to Santa Cruz of Paraguay. They have two children together. Sama cantik sama padan:)

2) Irina Shayk – Russian model currently dating C.Ronaldo. It was hard to find her image in non-swimsuit wear.

3) Alena Seredova – Buffon’s wife, Alena represented Czech Republic at Miss World in 1998.

4) Salome Khorasanchi -this gorgeous beauty who was from Iran and raised in Belgium, currently dating Oguchi Onyewu (U.S.A).  Honestly, I don’t know who he is but the WAG definitely has unique feature.

5) Sara CarboneroOne of the hottest sports broadcasters hooked up with the Spanish captain Iker Casillas. She’s covering the WC from South Africa, which some people said a conflict of interest that can affect Sans Iker’s performance haha…

6) Zaira Nara Argentinian model currently dating player of the tournament, Forlan.  Ada muka macam Adriana Lima ek?

7) Caroline Celico  Kaka’s wife. Brazilian with wonderful voice. Ada muka macam Kaka kan? orang kata kalau sama ada jodoh:)

8 ) Sarah Brandner  Schweinsteiger’s girlfriend, whom one of the WAGs that did body-paint for Sports Illustrated issue this year

So, which one you love the most? 🙂

the final four (entri bola 3)

The Argentinian defender, Demichelis can lick back his words. A day before the quarter final, when verbal arguments were heated between the two teams, he said that if he was JT, he will not return to England. He said that Argentina won’t let the score to be 4-1. (It was actually 4-2 considering Lampard’s goal). Well, yeah… in a way it was true. They were worse.  Hahaha…. we won 4-0….4-0….4-0…..lalalalalala 🙂 

We had WC BBQ party that night. Nothing more perfect than having to witness 4 goals while eating yummy BBQ chicken and nasi lemak:). Perfect. As for hubby? tidur luar laa tak sanggup tidur dengan awek pakai jersey germany;).

 What I love the most is how they work very well together in a team. None of them is an over-rated star like C.Ronaldo or Rooney; yet they are able to show good team work will pay off. Schwenteiger in particular was exceptional, he was everywhere. But he does not outshine others. The media is now saying that Ballack’s injury is a blessing in disguise. I suppose that might be true.

Actually all the final four teams has no overrated star. It proves that the best team  does not neccessarily equivalent to best individuals. France itself proved that they have bunch of talented individuals yet one of the worst teams in history.

Now to face the Spanish, I do afraid. Coz unlike Argentina, they are very good in passing game. Possesion are theirs. I’ve seen Iniesta made a lot of smart moves that leading to opportunities. Their midfielders are said to have near-telephatic connection.

Saint Iker? This was his 105th cap if I’m not mistaken. Bagai langit dan bumi kalau nak compare ngan my keeper (aik aku punya keeper ke? hehe…). I mean the Deutsche’s keeper.

It was bad not to have Mueller in the team for the semi due to the yellow card booking. He is just natural with his goal scoring opportunities.  Hopefully it won’t affect the team too much.

I really hope Loew have briliant tactical skill for us to overcome the more experience Spain. Well, I love Spain coz they have good team-work skill as well. But this time I hope Germany demolished them:)

looks like it's mummy vs son in semi. daddy dah out:P

Good luck die mannschaft!!!

the not so predictable G16 (entri bola 2)

Top 16 round was finally over. Recap on the recent matches:

Germany vs England – A very entertaining game. Whatever whoever said that if Lampard’s goal was allowed, it might change the whole thing, I did not agree. I think Deutsche will still win. (bias kah aku? hahaha). Come on, it was a 4-1 scores, not 2-1. Plus did you see how Barry tried to keep up with Ozil?  Helpless. England’s defends was so shaky and embarassing.  (Though a few players like Gerrard and Lampard did play very well – too bad).  

England has to realised that they are shortage of young players. Enough with the golden boys; their days are over. Watching this match I realised how combination of experienced and young players are important. When England tried to sub their player, they send Heskey? I was like…OMG….isn’t his days are over? Even in EPL he hardly make any marks, what further in WC.  

Japan vs Paraguay – I have the utmost respect to the Japanese. Very impressed with their commitment. They prove to the world they are at par with Paraguay. They manage to hold on for the whole 120 minutes. Hebat!

What I respect the most are their discpline. Although Paraguay’s players are rough to them (physical built gave Paraguay’s players advantage), they did not complain or try to get referee’s sympathy. Their focus is only into the game.

Poor that guy that missed that penalty. At least it hit the bar. They are many great players that had done it worse – Beckham (tembak gagak), C.Ronaldo (try to cheat P.Cech), JT (time Man U menang Champs League hehe…).

Portugal vs Spain – The game proves that both teams are almost at par in strength. Spain of course shows their best strength: possesion of the ball. Puyol was great, Iniesta was superb, and Villa proves he deserves the no. 7 jersey. Lepas nie die join Barca dasyatt ahhh….satu geng sumer.

C.Ronaldo lacking captain-charisma. He was not functioning well. I’m not sure why. Well, I’m glad Spain go through. Muka they all baik hati & tak berlagak okeh…*kalau aku yg komen mesti mimik muka semua nak citer laa kan…*

Okay buckle your seat belt and get ready for the Quarter today. I’m not a fan of neither Holland or Brazil, but I hope they will give very entertaining football tonight.

Can’t wait for clash of the titans tomorrow. I still remember last 4 years hubby (Argentina) and me (Germany) watching the same clash at kedai makan somewhere in Pandan…it was nervous breaking and we won with the penalty shoot out. Yeayyy….

Will the history repeat?

We’ll see……have a great weekend!