AE 18m – when both feet leaves the ground

Last week our son reached 18 months. Could not imagine we have raised him that long! It  just felt recently he was cuddling in my arms in the hospital room.
Now at 18M, he knows the art of ‘merajuk’. Whenever I scold him, he quickly make a ‘cry’ sound + shut his eyes but no tears comes out. Sometimes, even when he throw things or hit people, he quickly ‘cry’ before get scolded. Simply manja. Hubby said just like me. Bila pulak aku manja? hahaha…

His adding new vocabularies everyday. Babies learn very fast.  He comprehend whatever I teach him. Now he learning his anatomy – eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hand, feet, tummy. It was funny when he discovered how hubby has ‘janggut’. Terus dia pegang dagu dia, then mine. hehe…

But unlike other kids, the first anatomy he mastered is belly button. Since dulu lagik kalau tanya sure dia selak baju tunjuk. Puncanya…he learned it from Karen Katz’ s book. I bought it when he was 9 months and this has been one of his favorite books:

Cute huh? I’m lucky that I worked in Preschool for 4 years hence I received hints on what books kids love the most, where they will ask you to read it over and over again.

AE also understand now when we asked “jom jalan”, “basuh tangan”, “baca doa”, “tutup tv”, kunci pintu”, “kemas toys”. 

He accomplished one new task recently – JUMPING. Kalau sebelum nie dia try jengket2 je. Now both feet leaves the ground and he is so happy. I’m glad.  When we praise him lagik laa suka dia melompat hehe.

Food wise, he drinks his Enfagrow A+ everyday now. So I only need to pump 7-8 oz per day. That is half of before so I’m relief. Only 6 months to go before completely weaning off. Can’t wait to buy new VS bra! hahahaha sabor jer la mummy…

Makanan: boley dikatakan semua makan. His current favorite are yoghurt, tofu, roti bakar (sebab tu laa masa preggy asik nak makan OBrien je..), nasi ayam (like father like son), grapes, banana and orange. Tapi bila timbang berat tak naik pun. Dah asik melompat jer:)

AE 1 year ago pipi tembam:

AE now:

muka tak puas hati hehe...

our 'comot' boy

We love you Ashmanje!!! We are bringing him to Sunway Lagoon this week. Yeayy!
 *WC trivia: Italy bows out of tournament. They played last night like they don’t want to win it and certainly not at par with the last tournament. Buffon sum it up the best when he said “It is only right that Italy go home. Slovakia and New Zealand are teams to be respected and nothing more. If we don’t beat at least one of them, then we have no place here.”

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  1. haha takdelaa sue. I took 15 minutes of my lunch time and 15 minutes after OH time so cukupla 2x /day. If not I takut tak cukup supply for him at night time.

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