Gol & gincu

We were quite busy lately. Tak sempat nak update sampaikan cerita pun dah jadik basi.

Let me see…we brought Ashman to the Zoo last Wesak day. It was his 2nd time to the zoo. The 1st time was 6 months ago. Walaupun baru 6 bulan, dah jauh beza. For example, this time he did not fancy the elephant or giraffe anymore. Tengok elephant dari jauh muka boring je. Mesti sebab dah pergi Kuala Gandah 2x lagik best almaklum dah siap mandi ngan gajah hehe…

But this time he loved to see the sea lion show. He also loved to see the tiger, hippo, and zebra. Fish sudah semestinya tapi fish kat zoo tak best, lagik best Aquaria or even the Pet Wonderland Shop at GE Mall hehe….

Oh yeah…I’ve passed all three papers for INCEIF yeayy alhamdulilah. So tinggal lagik 3 paper tahun ini juga harus ku habiskan…go go go!

Another joyous occasion happened this month is when me and colleagues won 2nd runner up in the futsal tournament. We were head over heels gumbira tak terkata. Bukan sebab ape, sebab team nie baru jer form 2 months ago. Half of them never kicked a football before…Jangan kata tak pernah masuk pitch, istilah pitch pun tak pernah dengar. huhu…sampaikan at one time I feel like backing out of the tournament. Almaklum bank lain nama sumer power2. Kita kira underdog la huhu…

Tapi berkat semangat berkobar kobar we went through the grouping dan mencecah semi final. That’s what we said the most important is will and spirit. Kalau nak mesti boleh punya laa kan.

our PINKY team:)

So lepas nie aper lagik layan WORLD CUP la..poster dah gantung kat rumah and kat opis…seblm2 nie aku selalu support England (coz I know them best compared to others) and Germany (coz jersey cantik…boley? hahaha). Tapi kali nie taktau laa nak sokong apa. Hubby mmg die-hard Argentina. Layan jer laa all the games.

Okay, we are off to Perhentian this weekend. Very excited! It’s our first time to go there, and first time nak bawak Ashman pergi pulau. I just wanna lay down on the hammock reading novel with the sound of wave…. *angan angan jer laa kan…kalau aku dah duk atas hammock anak aku kat mane pulak? hahaha*

See ya later!


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