AE 18m – when both feet leaves the ground

Last week our son reached 18 months. Could not imagine we have raised him that long! It  just felt recently he was cuddling in my arms in the hospital room.
Now at 18M, he knows the art of ‘merajuk’. Whenever I scold him, he quickly make a ‘cry’ sound + shut his eyes but no tears comes out. Sometimes, even when he throw things or hit people, he quickly ‘cry’ before get scolded. Simply manja. Hubby said just like me. Bila pulak aku manja? hahaha…

His adding new vocabularies everyday. Babies learn very fast.  He comprehend whatever I teach him. Now he learning his anatomy – eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hand, feet, tummy. It was funny when he discovered how hubby has ‘janggut’. Terus dia pegang dagu dia, then mine. hehe…

But unlike other kids, the first anatomy he mastered is belly button. Since dulu lagik kalau tanya sure dia selak baju tunjuk. Puncanya…he learned it from Karen Katz’ s book. I bought it when he was 9 months and this has been one of his favorite books:

Cute huh? I’m lucky that I worked in Preschool for 4 years hence I received hints on what books kids love the most, where they will ask you to read it over and over again.

AE also understand now when we asked “jom jalan”, “basuh tangan”, “baca doa”, “tutup tv”, kunci pintu”, “kemas toys”. 

He accomplished one new task recently – JUMPING. Kalau sebelum nie dia try jengket2 je. Now both feet leaves the ground and he is so happy. I’m glad.  When we praise him lagik laa suka dia melompat hehe.

Food wise, he drinks his Enfagrow A+ everyday now. So I only need to pump 7-8 oz per day. That is half of before so I’m relief. Only 6 months to go before completely weaning off. Can’t wait to buy new VS bra! hahahaha sabor jer la mummy…

Makanan: boley dikatakan semua makan. His current favorite are yoghurt, tofu, roti bakar (sebab tu laa masa preggy asik nak makan OBrien je..), nasi ayam (like father like son), grapes, banana and orange. Tapi bila timbang berat tak naik pun. Dah asik melompat jer:)

AE 1 year ago pipi tembam:

AE now:

muka tak puas hati hehe...

our 'comot' boy

We love you Ashmanje!!! We are bringing him to Sunway Lagoon this week. Yeayy!
 *WC trivia: Italy bows out of tournament. They played last night like they don’t want to win it and certainly not at par with the last tournament. Buffon sum it up the best when he said “It is only right that Italy go home. Slovakia and New Zealand are teams to be respected and nothing more. If we don’t beat at least one of them, then we have no place here.”

At the world stage…

I have to postpone the Perhentian entry coz I have not retrieved the picture from Along. A lot of pictures was in his camera. In the meantime, I have to talk about the WC.

I tried to restrain to talk about WC. Coz I know a lot of my female readers don’t favor it. But the world is now watching one of the most entertaining football. Since June 11th, the urge has built up inside me. Continously, I witnessed more and more clever foot skill. How can I not talk about it?

I just have to admit, I am a football junkie. No matter if no one going to read it. I will read it myself in 4 years time:). Let me bore your with my tidbits so far:

  • My favorite player last WC, Lahm return wearing the captain band. I’m so impressed with his moves last WC. Wished I can play like him. But the Deutsch has yet to show their true strength. I hope they do soon.
  • My another favorite player, Cannavaro also wearing the captain band, still. Is he really 36 years old? He looks like 26. Seriously, just google-image his picture!! OMG!!! Well, Italians have yet to show their best. I really hope they are through at least to Quarter.
  • I don’t know if the Italian’s reserve keeper is at par with Buffon or not. Honestly, Buffon is the only Italian keeper I know. But my favorite keeper has to be Saint Iker.
  • After ‘kampung’ session by Switz, finally Spain got his first win. For so long they are the underdogs, and now finally they are the favorite. Their keys are Xavi and Iniesta. Perfect carrousel as my ‘pak menakan’ Alex Ferguson said:).
  • And for Villa to fill up Raul‘s shoes? It is a BIG challenge. Raul was like Spain’s Prince. But Villa is doing well with 2 goals up as at now. [tapi mungkin rupa paras tak dapat menyaingi..sempat lagik tu komen chett…]
  • France all tear up without Zidane. It proves how one man can change a team.  They are talking about quitting the last game against South Africa. What an un-sporty move it is. Someone has to unite the team. Fast. For pride and honor.
  • Portugal without Figo is also not the same. But they manage to tear North Korea last night. Talked about the Asian teams, I’m proud to the fact that they manage to reach the World Cup stage. Just by reaching there proving that they are at par with other European giants. If only Malaysia have that spirit…
  • Park Ji Sung‘s goal – superb! They know they are at disadvantage hence they play smart. Okay fine, I’m being bias. Still, it was a great goal.
  • Messi – his footskill is beyond description. But what I admire the most is his humility (a bit like Kaka). Coz a lot of players are good with foot skill and tactical, but fail the harder psychological test. 
  • Oh yeah about Kaka..he didn’t deserve that RED card. But Brazil has tremendous stock of good players to worry about one RED card player. Imagine if Rooney get it? *Everywhere in England will start getting chaotic. *
  • England? Another dissapointment. I’m glad I did not support them this year. Although people are saying Gerrard and Lampard can finally play together (After how many years??? come one guys…), they are yet to prove their presence in this world stage.
  • Why are people using handball everywhere now? Fabiano with his goal, Vidic with his defense (okay, that’s not on purpose – again, my bias Man-UNITED die hard statement haha…).
  • FINAL PREDICTION: A lot of people love to see Argentina – Brazil. They have shown their best starting early in tournament. But I also love to see Spain or Germany. We’ll wait when we reach quarter before elaborating further.

Last but not least, Fabio’s googled-image for my female readers:


hantu bola (entri tiada kaitan dengan WC)

Last night after work hubby went for his company badminton match. I played with my son all kind of toys (qada’ coz dah 4 hari tak main).

During maghrib time, we were playing ball. Suddenly, the ball bounce a bit further into the kitchen hall. Anakku memang kalau dah jauh disuruhnya mummy amik…So I stand up to get it and in a quick second the ball was gone.

Aik…. where was the ball? Just now it was there…memang cam bergolek sket tapi tak mungkin laa pergi jauh.

I looked into the kitchen and the 2 bedrooms behind tapi tak jumpa. Ashman mengekor kat belakang. Sibuk ikut! Suruh pergi amik sendiri tanak:P. Aku tunduk tengok bawah katil, dia pun sama tunduk..hehehe….

But after a while aku jadi confuse…WHERE WAS THE BALL???

Mana boleh disappear begitu sahaja?

Suddenly, minda ku tersentap…*Ke ada hantu sorok?*

Then I remembered this was not the first time my son’s ball went missing. He has lost his colorful bouncy ball and his adidas soccer ball, too. Tetiba aku memang rasa ada hantu suka main bola kat rumah.

Makin lama akal ku mula lah pikir yang macam macam…*Mungkin hantu budak kot suka main bola?*

Anak aku pun dah boring tunduk2 tengok bawah katil dia sambung pergi main toys lain. Aku pun join sama. Kontrol ‘cool’ lah depan anak kan. Dalam hati cakap *ikut suka ngko laa hantu nak main bola jangan ko appear depan aku sudah*.

Tapi dalam hati still tak puas hati sebenarnya… bila time masak dinner pun jiwa kacau sampai tercuah garam hahaha. Seb baik sempat ku basuh ayam tu kalau tidak abisla masin hehe…

Bila hubby balik, aku pun citer kat die….dia pun pergi belakang. Tak lama lepas tu, aku dengar bunyi bola. Yeayy! dah jumpa! Dia kata ada kat bawah katil.


Tapi kenapa aku tak jumpa tadi? Walaupun diriku rabun, takkanlah bola besar warna merah tak nampak ek…

Or memang ada hantu pinjam buat main kejap, pastu pulangkan? Hmmm….:)

I’ll talk about our Perhentian Escapade in the next entry. Below is sneak peek of AE enjoying the beach to the fullest:)


AE enjoying the sand


Gol & gincu

We were quite busy lately. Tak sempat nak update sampaikan cerita pun dah jadik basi.

Let me see…we brought Ashman to the Zoo last Wesak day. It was his 2nd time to the zoo. The 1st time was 6 months ago. Walaupun baru 6 bulan, dah jauh beza. For example, this time he did not fancy the elephant or giraffe anymore. Tengok elephant dari jauh muka boring je. Mesti sebab dah pergi Kuala Gandah 2x lagik best almaklum dah siap mandi ngan gajah hehe…

But this time he loved to see the sea lion show. He also loved to see the tiger, hippo, and zebra. Fish sudah semestinya tapi fish kat zoo tak best, lagik best Aquaria or even the Pet Wonderland Shop at GE Mall hehe….

Oh yeah…I’ve passed all three papers for INCEIF yeayy alhamdulilah. So tinggal lagik 3 paper tahun ini juga harus ku habiskan…go go go!

Another joyous occasion happened this month is when me and colleagues won 2nd runner up in the futsal tournament. We were head over heels gumbira tak terkata. Bukan sebab ape, sebab team nie baru jer form 2 months ago. Half of them never kicked a football before…Jangan kata tak pernah masuk pitch, istilah pitch pun tak pernah dengar. huhu…sampaikan at one time I feel like backing out of the tournament. Almaklum bank lain nama sumer power2. Kita kira underdog la huhu…

Tapi berkat semangat berkobar kobar we went through the grouping dan mencecah semi final. That’s what we said the most important is will and spirit. Kalau nak mesti boleh punya laa kan.

our PINKY team:)

So lepas nie aper lagik layan WORLD CUP la..poster dah gantung kat rumah and kat opis…seblm2 nie aku selalu support England (coz I know them best compared to others) and Germany (coz jersey cantik…boley? hahaha). Tapi kali nie taktau laa nak sokong apa. Hubby mmg die-hard Argentina. Layan jer laa all the games.

Okay, we are off to Perhentian this weekend. Very excited! It’s our first time to go there, and first time nak bawak Ashman pergi pulau. I just wanna lay down on the hammock reading novel with the sound of wave…. *angan angan jer laa kan…kalau aku dah duk atas hammock anak aku kat mane pulak? hahaha*

See ya later!