Original Victoria Secret in town!

My friends and I have always love VS. Well, that was an understatement. Let me rephrase. Of course before we arrived United States 10 years ago, we never heard of it. My panties & bra are strictly only in white, black, and nude color. Not because I love those colors, but I don’t have a choice.

When we arrived in U.S and our very-kind Malaysian senoritas teach us the art of shopping there, [what a wonderful memories at West Towne Mall haha!], I quickly fall in love with VS. Not only its design, but also how it is very comfortable to wear throughout the night. The price is reasonable, too! 

Thus when I’m back in KL, I started to search for similar products. I tried La Senza, but it is not the same. Hence, my partner and I decided to open our own online boutique!!! Yes yes yes…you can get VS products now here in KL!

Check it out at our CHEEKY BOUTIQUE. More stocks will come soon!!! Happy shopping:)

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