Allah lagi sayang dia…

Whenever somone died…people will say “Allah lebih menyayangi dia”. I hear such statement since I was young. But the truth is, I never understand such statement. In my mind I was like, “kalau Allah sayang…kenapa dia mati?” Something like that…

But as time goes by, I grow up and I heard myself muttering the same sentence whenever people died. Yet ironically, I still don’t understand what it actually means. Agak bengap laa aku nie…

Until when our beloved brother Dr. Arif Kor died last year. That’s when the exact sentence really meant something. It really hit me what it actually means. Abang Arif being a muallaf, converting to Islam at school age. He was thrown away from his family. He is left ‘sehelai sepinggang’. Sometimes he didn’t eat at school because of no money at all. (now that he died only his teachers/friends tell us all the stories).

He worked hard to earn his doctor degree. He travelled from Kelantan to UKM KL with a motorcycle. Imagine, sakit pinggang weh… and he succeed. He worked for the government hospital for years. He opened the ward every morning and close the ward every night. The ward was his home. 

For those patients who didn’t have money, he will give them some money for bus ride. In return, they gave him fish, rice, vegetables, etc.

When he started practicing in private hospital, he forgot to bill his client. Imagine that… kalau kita nie punyalah materialistic, belum buat kerja lagik dah sibuk nak kira untung:).  At first, he was restless working at private hospital coz there’s less job! Although there were so much more money, that does not satisfy him. To care and treat patients are his first priority.

Hence when he passed away, it really hit me what it actually means Allah lebih menyayangi dia… In this case, it really fits. He has done so many good deeds. To convert to Islam is one thing, then to continue being a kind-heardted selfless doctor is another. Thus it is his time to leave this world…

I still remember at his last month, his daughter Angah asked where was the MPAJ bill, and despite his sickness and tiredness, he politely answered. I even heard he addressed Angah with her manja name, Adik.  No one else call her that anymore. (coz she’s not the youngest for 20 years already). But he did. Until the end…

Actually my entry today is to congratulate Angah coz now officially she is a doctor!!! yeayy! She texted me last Friday (21 May 2010) “Makchu angah passssssssss”  (that was the exact number of letter ‘s’ in the text). A minute later her hubby texted me with the same message. He is equally proud with his beautiful wife (uwekk uweekk).

I know Angah will made it coz she is such a bright girl with big passion in medical world. But since she was busy with her papa and her own wedding in her last year, she was not that confident.

Of course her dad knew about it all along. That’s why when she successfully reached her final year, he gave her a new car as a gift. I still remember his face at that time, beaming proudly telling me that he had ordered the new car. Little that I know at that time he will not be here now to actually witness her only daughter’s success.

Angah’s success is on him. Angah’s passion in medicine is on him. That’s why this entry relates to him. Tak boley lari… 

CONGRATULATIONS ANGAH!!! We all (termasuk Ashmanje) are very proud of you. At first glance, you are such a spoilt manja brat (aik, makchu ni nak puji ke nak kutuk hehe), but actually you are a very hardworking, caring and selfless person. Just like papa.

Your world just started. Continue his legacy. YOU CAN DO IT! GO GO ANGAH 🙂


4 responses

  1. Entry nih sedih + gembira. Mula2 rasa nak nangis pastuh tibe paragraph last2, tak jadi nangis. Hehehe. Anyway, congrats Angah! He must be smiling right now in heaven 🙂

  2. hehe smpt lg kutuk cis.. 😛 THANKS MAKCHU, pakchu n ashmanje! eventhough papa takde, tp sume org ade pon utk angah. ala papa pon tau. :)) sedih la nnt time convo. kalau dia ade mesti dia excited sgt kan nk tgk.. cam tak caye jgk dia takde kan. tp semua org ok. Alhamdulillah dh pass. gilo laaaa 😛

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