happy birthday hubby!

Yes it is my hubby’s birthday today!!! 🙂

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Abang chik gugu gaga busyuk
Happy Birthday to you!!!


I love this happy face!

10 years ago I first found out his birthday fall on 18 May. I think I saw his IC number or something at school. *stalker mode*.
At that time I was like…OH MY GOD! He’s older than me… apakah maknanya ini? adakah ini bermakna kita tak mungkin bersama? hahahaha poyo betol:P


The rest is history. Anyway today, I was ready to go for shopping spree to get him new shirt, new shoes, or new wallet, etc etc *shopping mode*.

But no no no..If you know my husband, he won’t like all that. He prefers 2 ekor ayam masak stim!!! So I guess tonite we will be in *melantak mode* 🙂

Today also our son genap 17 months (they share the same date). He is all grown up out of sudden. He recognizes people very well now even though people that he seldom meet. Contoh kalau tanya “mana along?” He will point to his cousin Along yang handsome itu;).

He still in the *ocean mode*. Anything involves fish fascinates him. He also know sea horse, shark, turtle, and his favorite is dolphin.

Also, now he starts to point at lorry and car. (kalau sebelum nie buat tak heran je). Yang paling dia excited bila masuk tol/bayar parking/ masuk tunnel. Kelam kabut berdiri nak tengok…I guess to a 1 year old it is weird that you have to pay to enter the road?
Seperti mummynya, he likes money:).  (kalau bagi duit taknak lepas beb!). At the store kalau dah sampai cash register, dia sibuk take out my card in the wallet to pay the cashier. Ada sekalik tu mummy nya beli rojak pun dia nak bayar pakai credit card! 🙂


Happy Birthday both of you my darlings! So malam nie mummy cuba pergi tangkap beberapa ekor ayam untuk dipanggang/stim/gril whatever:) 


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