My Morning GLORY;)

Hi everyone!

I was away for awhile coz of the exams. Avoiding myself from surfing the net the whole week. 3 papers this time, the last paper was last Wednesday. Susah siot!!! I really hope I pass, malas nak re-seat! If everything goes smoothly, I’ll finish the course by end of this year. InsyaAllah.

Thank you so much for those who wish me Happy Birthday. Be it face to face, sms, or FB. The greeting card always said that it is the thoughts that matter, and it really does. Thank you so much. Tapi Labor Day tahun nie fall on Saturday? tak best kan hehe…

As I was in the middle of exam, I didn’t look forward for any celebration. But hubby did treat me dinner at California Pizza Kitchen @ KLCC. It was one of my favorite places to eat (for both the food and ambience). The waitress gave our boy drawing and crayon to color. At least that gave me a bit of time to enjoy the food:).

The next day my sister threw a party for the family since it was her son, Adeeb a.k.a amchik ‘s birthday as well. Bagus gak birthday time cuti nie ada je sessi makan makan…

You know what, although I’m a Man U fan and hubby is a die hard Kops, we think our boy AE is the Blues fan. Coz sometimes we saw him clapped when Chelsea was playing on the field. Including the last match against Man U! Sabar je okay…

Fine, I know I was the one that introduce him to the Blues. During pregnancy, he had to wake up at later hours to watch the Champs League with me. Masa tu kan final Man U vs Chelsea. Apa pun, walaupun dia kemungkinan penyokong Blues, saya akan berusaha supaya dia join Man U die hard fan hehe…

Btw, sorry cerita macam terkeluar tajuk sket…for my birthday, AE being a very sporting and adorable son he is, he wore Man United football jersey for my birthday gift.  Sangat cute! He really makes my morning and my day!

pretending to be a baby at Toys R Us

So we both wore matching jersey that day. Hubby taknak kalah terus carik baju merah dia! I should hide that jersey earlier. But hubby tak boley nak marah AE pakai Man United jersey coz it was AE’s birthday gift to me:)

like mummy like son? 🙂

Gambar hubby takde sebab baju dia ada perkataan Carlsb*rg huhu…

So now exam is finally over, it’s time for me to claim my birthday present;). This are my birthday wish list. Hubby, silalah pilih mana yang sesuai. Semua pun boley lalala~

1. Holiday treat;
2. KLCC vouchers (is there such a thing?) okay la ISETAN vouchers.
3. KINOKUNIYA vouchers;
4. Complete DVD set of latest CSI NY and MIAMI;
5. Spa treatment;
6. Wallet (preferably with $ inside);
7. 10 hours of free credit hours;

That’s all I can think of now. See, I’m such a considerate wife. Takde mintak expensive handbag or shoes. Vouchers pun dah cukup hehe…

Have a great weekend everyone!!! Can’t wait for it! Cheers.


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