Original Victoria Secret in town!

My friends and I have always love VS. Well, that was an understatement. Let me rephrase. Of course before we arrived United States 10 years ago, we never heard of it. My panties & bra are strictly only in white, black, and nude color. Not because I love those colors, but I don’t have a choice.

When we arrived in U.S and our very-kind Malaysian senoritas teach us the art of shopping there, [what a wonderful memories at West Towne Mall haha!], I quickly fall in love with VS. Not only its design, but also how it is very comfortable to wear throughout the night. The price is reasonable, too! 

Thus when I’m back in KL, I started to search for similar products. I tried La Senza, but it is not the same. Hence, my partner and I decided to open our own online boutique!!! Yes yes yes…you can get VS products now here in KL!

Check it out at our CHEEKY BOUTIQUE. More stocks will come soon!!! Happy shopping:)


Allah lagi sayang dia…

Whenever somone died…people will say “Allah lebih menyayangi dia”. I hear such statement since I was young. But the truth is, I never understand such statement. In my mind I was like, “kalau Allah sayang…kenapa dia mati?” Something like that…

But as time goes by, I grow up and I heard myself muttering the same sentence whenever people died. Yet ironically, I still don’t understand what it actually means. Agak bengap laa aku nie…

Until when our beloved brother Dr. Arif Kor died last year. That’s when the exact sentence really meant something. It really hit me what it actually means. Abang Arif being a muallaf, converting to Islam at school age. He was thrown away from his family. He is left ‘sehelai sepinggang’. Sometimes he didn’t eat at school because of no money at all. (now that he died only his teachers/friends tell us all the stories).

He worked hard to earn his doctor degree. He travelled from Kelantan to UKM KL with a motorcycle. Imagine, sakit pinggang weh… and he succeed. He worked for the government hospital for years. He opened the ward every morning and close the ward every night. The ward was his home. 

For those patients who didn’t have money, he will give them some money for bus ride. In return, they gave him fish, rice, vegetables, etc.

When he started practicing in private hospital, he forgot to bill his client. Imagine that… kalau kita nie punyalah materialistic, belum buat kerja lagik dah sibuk nak kira untung:).  At first, he was restless working at private hospital coz there’s less job! Although there were so much more money, that does not satisfy him. To care and treat patients are his first priority.

Hence when he passed away, it really hit me what it actually means Allah lebih menyayangi dia… In this case, it really fits. He has done so many good deeds. To convert to Islam is one thing, then to continue being a kind-heardted selfless doctor is another. Thus it is his time to leave this world…

I still remember at his last month, his daughter Angah asked where was the MPAJ bill, and despite his sickness and tiredness, he politely answered. I even heard he addressed Angah with her manja name, Adik.  No one else call her that anymore. (coz she’s not the youngest for 20 years already). But he did. Until the end…

Actually my entry today is to congratulate Angah coz now officially she is a doctor!!! yeayy! She texted me last Friday (21 May 2010) “Makchu angah passssssssss”  (that was the exact number of letter ‘s’ in the text). A minute later her hubby texted me with the same message. He is equally proud with his beautiful wife (uwekk uweekk).

I know Angah will made it coz she is such a bright girl with big passion in medical world. But since she was busy with her papa and her own wedding in her last year, she was not that confident.

Of course her dad knew about it all along. That’s why when she successfully reached her final year, he gave her a new car as a gift. I still remember his face at that time, beaming proudly telling me that he had ordered the new car. Little that I know at that time he will not be here now to actually witness her only daughter’s success.

Angah’s success is on him. Angah’s passion in medicine is on him. That’s why this entry relates to him. Tak boley lari… 

CONGRATULATIONS ANGAH!!! We all (termasuk Ashmanje) are very proud of you. At first glance, you are such a spoilt manja brat (aik, makchu ni nak puji ke nak kutuk hehe), but actually you are a very hardworking, caring and selfless person. Just like papa.

Your world just started. Continue his legacy. YOU CAN DO IT! GO GO ANGAH 🙂

happy birthday hubby!

Yes it is my hubby’s birthday today!!! 🙂

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Abang chik gugu gaga busyuk
Happy Birthday to you!!!


I love this happy face!

10 years ago I first found out his birthday fall on 18 May. I think I saw his IC number or something at school. *stalker mode*.
At that time I was like…OH MY GOD! He’s older than me… apakah maknanya ini? adakah ini bermakna kita tak mungkin bersama? hahahaha poyo betol:P


The rest is history. Anyway today, I was ready to go for shopping spree to get him new shirt, new shoes, or new wallet, etc etc *shopping mode*.

But no no no..If you know my husband, he won’t like all that. He prefers 2 ekor ayam masak stim!!! So I guess tonite we will be in *melantak mode* 🙂

Today also our son genap 17 months (they share the same date). He is all grown up out of sudden. He recognizes people very well now even though people that he seldom meet. Contoh kalau tanya “mana along?” He will point to his cousin Along yang handsome itu;).

He still in the *ocean mode*. Anything involves fish fascinates him. He also know sea horse, shark, turtle, and his favorite is dolphin.

Also, now he starts to point at lorry and car. (kalau sebelum nie buat tak heran je). Yang paling dia excited bila masuk tol/bayar parking/ masuk tunnel. Kelam kabut berdiri nak tengok…I guess to a 1 year old it is weird that you have to pay to enter the road?
Seperti mummynya, he likes money:).  (kalau bagi duit taknak lepas beb!). At the store kalau dah sampai cash register, dia sibuk take out my card in the wallet to pay the cashier. Ada sekalik tu mummy nya beli rojak pun dia nak bayar pakai credit card! 🙂


Happy Birthday both of you my darlings! So malam nie mummy cuba pergi tangkap beberapa ekor ayam untuk dipanggang/stim/gril whatever:) 

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Yup, it was our 5th anniversary last Wednesday. Five years ago…on 5/5/05:

Yes I do...

Can’t believe it has been 5 years…I’ve once read in an article that in today’s world (where divorce rate is high), it is a great accomplisment if you reach 5 years, 10 years, 15, years, 20 years..etc etc. It’s like you complete a hurdle.

We completed the first hurdle, yeay! Alhamdulilah, I thanked Allah for this blessed relationship. Of course there were fights, too. Marriage is not complete without fights.

There were some cute fights where you end up hugging each other (like the one in PS I Love You movie). There were also a few heated fights ended up with things like banging doors. You then off your handphone. But later you on it back to see if there is any miss call? :).

Although we have known each other for 10 years before getting married, living with each other gives a whole different meaning. As a person, I admit that I am a selfish being. Thus to live with another person and lasted for 5 years? I guess that’s when LOVE plays a big role.

Thank you so much hubby for being a great companion throughout this journey. I am lucky to meet and fall in love with my best friend.

There have been so many joyful memories. Too much to list here. Thanks for the 5 wonderful years abang chik;)



Honeymoon at Bali

mood pegantin baru:)

At our first rented house. Many memories here!

dating kat bus stop;)



jalan jalan Melaka

Discovering the Mysterious Angkor Wat

2007 ~ PASSION & FAITH…   



in your arms, whenever we go...

made for each other



at the tip of Borneo

at the mountain high

peace & serenity

additional member of the family coming soon!



our last year's anniversary. Keciknya ashman time nie:)


Our first Eid with Ashman


AE's first birthday

our family:)

My dear,
 I am sorry that I am far from being a perfect wife. But I love you, more than you know. If I can turn back time, I will not change a thing. There’s no one I rather spend my life with other than you…Happy 5th Anniversary!

P/S – Hubby ku sayang,  if you need ideas for anniversary gift, please refer to the previous post;). 

My Morning GLORY;)

Hi everyone!

I was away for awhile coz of the exams. Avoiding myself from surfing the net the whole week. 3 papers this time, the last paper was last Wednesday. Susah siot!!! I really hope I pass, malas nak re-seat! If everything goes smoothly, I’ll finish the course by end of this year. InsyaAllah.

Thank you so much for those who wish me Happy Birthday. Be it face to face, sms, or FB. The greeting card always said that it is the thoughts that matter, and it really does. Thank you so much. Tapi Labor Day tahun nie fall on Saturday? tak best kan hehe…

As I was in the middle of exam, I didn’t look forward for any celebration. But hubby did treat me dinner at California Pizza Kitchen @ KLCC. It was one of my favorite places to eat (for both the food and ambience). The waitress gave our boy drawing and crayon to color. At least that gave me a bit of time to enjoy the food:).

The next day my sister threw a party for the family since it was her son, Adeeb a.k.a amchik ‘s birthday as well. Bagus gak birthday time cuti nie ada je sessi makan makan…

You know what, although I’m a Man U fan and hubby is a die hard Kops, we think our boy AE is the Blues fan. Coz sometimes we saw him clapped when Chelsea was playing on the field. Including the last match against Man U! Sabar je okay…

Fine, I know I was the one that introduce him to the Blues. During pregnancy, he had to wake up at later hours to watch the Champs League with me. Masa tu kan final Man U vs Chelsea. Apa pun, walaupun dia kemungkinan penyokong Blues, saya akan berusaha supaya dia join Man U die hard fan hehe…

Btw, sorry cerita macam terkeluar tajuk sket…for my birthday, AE being a very sporting and adorable son he is, he wore Man United football jersey for my birthday gift.  Sangat cute! He really makes my morning and my day!

pretending to be a baby at Toys R Us

So we both wore matching jersey that day. Hubby taknak kalah terus carik baju merah dia! I should hide that jersey earlier. But hubby tak boley nak marah AE pakai Man United jersey coz it was AE’s birthday gift to me:)

like mummy like son? 🙂

Gambar hubby takde sebab baju dia ada perkataan Carlsb*rg huhu…

So now exam is finally over, it’s time for me to claim my birthday present;). This are my birthday wish list. Hubby, silalah pilih mana yang sesuai. Semua pun boley lalala~

1. Holiday treat;
2. KLCC vouchers (is there such a thing?) okay la ISETAN vouchers.
3. KINOKUNIYA vouchers;
4. Complete DVD set of latest CSI NY and MIAMI;
5. Spa treatment;
6. Wallet (preferably with $ inside);
7. 10 hours of free credit hours;

That’s all I can think of now. See, I’m such a considerate wife. Takde mintak expensive handbag or shoes. Vouchers pun dah cukup hehe…

Have a great weekend everyone!!! Can’t wait for it! Cheers.