Positive Energy

Another Monday. Alhamdulilah thanx to Allah we still live to discover the next experience in life.

To me, last week was filled with satisfaction (coz I finished Picoult’s Plain Truth – what a wonderful story), anxiety (coz AE felt sick), gratitude (coz AE recovered), and sweat (coz of the hot weather!!!).

Anyway, one tip in this hot weather:- Do you know that if you clean your air-cond, it will service you better? My mom told me this tip,  I told hubby (of course I won’t know anything about cleaning air cond) and he cleaned it last month. VOILA!!! Our air cond feels like new! Thanks mom! and of course thanks abangku sayang hestar rajin cuci aircond;)

I rarely share what I did at work but this one experience deserved a jot.

 Last Friday we went to see one of our clients. The CEO of this company, also a Datuk Seri pointed out something that I wanted to share here.

He talked about Air Asia, how wonderful it is – cheap and good. How he managed to save money by taking Air Asia and Air Asia X. I’m not flabbergasted to hear middle class people to like Air Asia. But to hear a Datuk Seri CEO (bukan calang calang punya, from publicly listed co) saying something like that I felt genuinely amazed.

He said although there are a few passengers (usually family in group) who were a bit noisy (example: jakun sket nak cuba bukak tingkap plane), he prefer to just accept and join with the flow.

I’m glad in today’s world there still such person who wanted to save company’s money. Coz I’ve heard so many times people say….takpe, duit company. takpe, duit goverment…….etc etc…. It makes me sick sometimes. Duit gomen tu termasuk duit aku okeh aku bayar tax!!! (side track kejap hehe..)

Isn’t it easy to stay positive. He just thought of thousands of money he can saved which can be use to eat Peking Duck  (that was his exact justification), rather than complaining about the noisy passengers.

Next, the CEO then continue saying that Air Asia has upgrade our country as a whole. Coz when people manage to travel (especially those normal people that has no chance before), they see other people’s culture and living. Exposed to other’s life, we manage to improve our perception and knowledge. In total, the whole Malaysian life are improved and it promotes to a better mind and lifestyle.

He said that is also what Astro has been doing – with channel like Travel & Lifestyle and National Geographic.

I truly admire his perception. How he embrace positive energy and see the impact in a macro-way. I never think of Air Asia that way (the improving people’s life part).  No wonder he has a big successful company;).

An optimistic person yet accompanied with humility is scarce nowadays. I’m glad our path crossed. So I could cherish his positive energy and spread it to you:).  

Enjoy this week. Spread the smile! 🙂


3 responses

  1. Tapi mon, 7 jam naik air asia. sakit belakang wooo. if less than 3 hours I agree. :))
    if more than that, id rather not travel . hehe

  2. I had my share of bad experience traveling on Air Asia.. which is why I haven’t been traveling with them in a long long time.. Luckily my company insisted that we travel with MAS on business trips which works out really well cause sometimes we have to cancel or change flights in last minutes. With AirAsia, it is such a hassle (and often penalties are inflicted).
    I find that sometimes if you compare the two, you may find deals where MAS offers an overall cheaper cost, with many added convenience.

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