Ayam penyet bukan chewing gum okay

Happy Monday! (feeling green today) 🙂

Alhamdulilah, I had a great weekend. After having very busy weekends last month (Penang-Perak-Melaka), this weekend we just stay in KL, enjoying our moments with our darling boy Ashman.

Brought him to Tumbletots class, learn a few new songs. I think our boy is a bit shy. During Tumbletots he usually just observe what the teacher did. Tapi bila time I nyanyi the same song dekat rumah, bkn main lagik dia terlompat lompat + tepuk tangan.

Later we went shopping at KLCC & Wangsa Walk, wanted to spend my bonus money but nothing attracted me (bile takde duit semua benda nak beli…selalu camtu kan?). So I just spent it buying AE’s baby einstein dvds and new story books (for both me and AE). Wangsa Walk has a new great place for kids to play at the top level. Told hubby zaman sekarang punya playground macam nie lah…what to do, for safety sake. But they have to improve the baby room. I saw coackroach there yesterday! eww, geli…

In the evening all three of us spent a great 1 hour playing sand and water at the front lawn. Now that it’s Monday, I certainly miss my baby! So much!

In fact I just sms his babysitter. She told me that AE just had his breakfast:). Remember I told you about Ashman’s daycare close shop a few months ago? I never updated about that. 

What happened was that when the daycare annnounce to close shop, we discussed with one of the teachers whether she would like to continue to take care of our boy. She also like the idea coz her own children goes to the school nearby. The only thing she need was new rented house at that area coz previously she lived in Puchong. The old daycare was a semi-D with a big lawn thus rental is RM2000/month memang dia tak mampu. 

Alhamdulilah, Allah clears her path. She found available house for rent within her budget. Turned out not only us but all the parents with the exception of two still want to send the kids to her. So she hired another teacher (from the old daycare) and now she’s operating her own daycare at this new house.  

At first we were afraid Ashman might not like the place coz it is much much smaller than the old daycare (plus there is no lawn). Yet, now after 3 months switching place I think he likes it better.

Since the first day we leave him there, he has never cry. In fact he will go to the teacher with an open arm. (kalau dulu selalu gak nangis waktu hantar pepagi). My mom also said that he looks happier and healthier.  Alhamdulilah. Nothing is more important to me than the health of our son.

So moral of the story? Tak penting rumah banglo ke ape janji sayang menyayangi … huhu… lesson from a 1 year old.

Mummy cayang Ashman okay…Even though you love to keep your food in the mouth.  (My darling son, ayam penyet bukan chewing gum okay nak kunyah lama lama). Seriously, he likes to keep food in his mouth. Kunyah2 sampai lumat pastu simpan dalam mulut. For hours! Pastu bila time nak minum susu abis disapunya the food leftover at my boo*ies. My mom said just like me masa kecik. (Only the part of keeping food in the mouth, not wiping at boo*ies part coz I fed on formula milk). Why on earth did I do that? and why he has to inherit it?

Sorry mummy had to removed it from your mouth while you sleep and made you cried…It’s not that I want to eat your Ayam Penyet yg dah hilang flavor tu. I just don’t want ants come marching on the bed straight to your mouth…and my boo*ies, too:)

Love you son!


masa nie kepala benjol main kejar2 kat kampung. hero daddy:)

Happy Working! Ciao.



3 responses

  1. Anak i pun sama.. simpan makanan dalam mulut.. tp not for hours la sbb i slalu paksa die telan semunya nya.. but to finish his meal takes almost an hour!.. jenuh tunggu ok.. i have to have the tv on or else he’ll start climbing out of his chair.. tp bila bukak tv pulak.. time iklan aje mulut pun automatic berenti kunyah.. aihh sabar je la.. nasib la diorg ni comel regardless of what akal they’re putting us through… hehehe

  2. hi mon, remember me?
    lompat from nisa’s blog. kelakar pulak baca ur son’s makan habit.
    i’ll link ur blog to mine ok. suka jek baca story bebudak ex-tepeng ni.
    take care now 🙂

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