AE first Penang trip

When hubby’s brother set his wedding date 4 months ago, I immediately booked Firefly tickets to Penang.  It was a bargain deal coz we only paid RM300 for 2 return tickets KL-Penang.

We went there 1 day earlier with the intention to jalan2 penang and hang out with my BFF, Azura. I already promised her since last raya that we are going to visit her one day and finally the day has come, yeayy!!

We knew each other since year 1994.  We were both Ampangites (is there such a term?) but she has moved to Penang a few years ago to follow her husband. Her husband, Rizal is a fencing coach. Such a cool job, isn’t it? 

I told hubby that Azu was the one who called me from the school public phone in year 1994 (oh my God was it 16 years ago?? akak dah tua…) telling me that I got accepted to our then boarding school. She convinced me that I should come (coz she was the 1st intake and I was the 2nd intake) and the rest is history.

In my opinion,  zura has changed for being a spoil KL girl (spoil ke? huhu…) to such an independent yummy mummy. Well, masa kat boarding school dulu, she was one of those with swatch watch and L.A Gear shoes.  She will cry after tele-conversation with her mum on the public phone. We also cried at the Puduraya bus station everytime we say goodbye to our parents. Oh my…such drama queens lar kite nie hehe:).

We usually took a night bus from KL (9pm) and will arrive in Gerik around 3-am (yes, our school is that far!). Due to the darkness we were not sure when we will arrive. Thus Zura was the one who taught me that there will be 4 big hills before the school. 4 big hills! We actually counted it from the window of the bus…can’t believe this. Mesti gelap gelita masa zaman tu ek…

Anyway, back to my Penang story, Zura and her charming daughter was such a lovely hostess. Last raya we already met her daughter, ameera but at that time she was a bit sick so we didn’t see her true color. Now only we discovered the true ameera! 

She is such a carefree and active girl. Boley main lari dan terus terjun kolam:). The first 2 hours Ashman and her asik gaduh berebut toys. Only later baru lah belajar main sama2…

rajinnya boley buat menantu;)

Anyway, Azura and another close friend of us Dira brought us to Balik Pulau to eat laksa. Laksa janggus namanya. Memang best!!! Yummy! Pastu dah abis laksa semangkuk boley order kuew teow th’ng (betul ke eja nie?) lagik. Zura pulak order pisang goreng sepinggan sebagai desert. sabor jer..tapi semua makanan licin beb:)

laksa penuh semangkuk...memang sedap!

At nite we ate seafood with other ex-schoolmates at Hammerbay. I could see babies on other table politely duduk atas high chair. Tapi Ashman ngan Ameera? Melompat lompat atas meja!!! Siap bergaduh atas meja rebut buku…Sampaikan pakcik kedai tu datang hulur 2 high chairs… huhu…

time nie makanan dah licin...

The next morning Azu brought us for breakfast at Taman Sardon. Such a great breakfast place with plenty of choices from many stalls (sori gambar takde).  Sumer ada from nasik lemak, noodles, capati, sandwich, etc, etc. It was such a new ‘Penang’ image to me coz before this kalau Penang je, I thot mestilah sinonim dengan nasi kandaq/kedai mamak. So to see other malay food macam sedikit jakun dah tak tau nak makan yg mana hehe… at night time we went to Teluk Tempoyak for another seafood round, with hubby’s family this time .

The other day we were already busy with the nikah and kenduri so tak sempat nak pergi other places.

tengoklah budak dua orang nie 'busy' jugak...

Zura said we should come for a longer period next time, so that there are plenty of time for mee udang, mee sotong, bla bla…Aik, kata nak bawak AE jalan tapi nie macam mak bapak nyer yang jalan jalan isi perut hahahaTakpe, AE got to ‘date’ with ameera;)

Okay next time we all datang lagik, InsyaAllah…(after Sukma Games coz now Rizal is busy for the Sukma preparation).  Boley tak daddy kita pergi penang lagi? 😉.

Thanx to Zura, Dira, Ameera, Rizal, and the rest of Penangites for making our Penang trip very enjoyable one!

*I’ll upload more pics in FB soon!


3 responses

  1. dira: hang tu dah dok dekat takkan nak tunggu aku baru nak pi mkn laksa janggus… korang plan laa cuti cuti malaysia penang hujung thn nie:)

    huserk: tunggu…tak lama lagik dah nak balik yahoo!

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