AE 15 months

Hi readers,

Sorry to be away for 2 weeks. We were quite busy coz hubby’s younger brother was getting married. Last 2 week we went to Penang for the akad nikah ceremony + kenduri at the bride’s side, and last week we went back to his hometown to celebrate on the groom’s side. We took 4 days off coz hubby is the only son (excluding the groom lah kan) jadik dia lah yg nak kena buat kerja2 berat kengkononnya.

Alhamdulilah despite the hot weather, the chaos over goody bags, over pak teh’s coffee, etc, etc, all events went well. We also had a great time in Penang visiting one of my BFF, zura. She and her charming 1 year old daughter really made our weekend! Tapi gambar belum sempat nak upload, insyaAllah next entry yeah.

To make things even ‘busier’ for me, my homework was due on the kenduri date. How ‘lucky’ I am?? So punya laa struggle siapkan…seperti biasa kerja last minute padan lah muka diri sendiri 😦

Over the chaos kenduri weeks, our boy Ashman Ehsan reached 15 months. He is such a big boy now, running here and there. Seriously, his favorite game now is ‘kejar kejar’. Dekat kampung main kejar2 with all the cousins sampai jatuh benjol dahi. Daddy kata hero takpe, kena kuat😉.

Dekat rumah we all laa jadik mangsa dipaksa jugak kejar die. Kelakar betul. Entertaining jugak laa bila tengok dia giggle berlari2 sambil tangan kepak2 hehe…

He also learning to utter a few words now. So far I’ve heard him mentioned the following…

1.  ‘bird’ (sambil tunjuk burung kat luar rumah);
2.  ‘ish’ (referring to fish, which is his favorite animal now);
3.  ‘dek’ (referring to picture of duck on his bolster);
4.  ‘uit’ (referring to duit – tunjuk duit dekat auntie sopi);
5. ‘uar‘ (sambil tunjuk pintu nak mintak kuar…).

Despite his enriched vocabularies above, he has yet to say mummy or daddy. Lagi suka duit dari mummy? sabor je…hehe…

He also loves to explore his physical skill now. He is reluctant to hold hands now while walking. Kalau jalan kat supermarket tu okay la kan. Tapi kalau jalan dekat jalan yang ber-tar risau gak aku takut die stumble, dah berparut pulak mukanya yang handsome tu.

He tries to walk backward, walk with wide legs (terkangkang kangkang…kelakar tul), and tried to do split (sape ajar nie? -maybe I should not watch So You Think You Can Dance in front of him…)

He loves to bounce the ball rather than kick (maybe sebab masa preggy asyik tengok OTH?). He knows he needs to wear socks and shoes to go out. Talking about being physical, last month he fall from bed for the first time ever – trying to get his ball. Nasib baik our bed rendah je.

I love you Ashmanje…Mummy doakan AE always in good health, safety, and happiness!!!!

*Btw, I’ve finished transporting all my entries from Diaryland. Yeay, one KPI accomplished for this year!


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