roll and roll and roll

Sometimes I wish I have the power of Toad from X-Men (power saja okeh, bukan muka hehehe), or Spiderman.  I wish my hand can stretch far, so I can reach the phone that is ringing while I breastfeeding. Or reach for the mineral water on the side table. Or the remote control to change the suddenly horror pictures on tv….(saya amat tidak suka iklan2 hantu di tv3…).

Although after a few lessons learnt, I tried my best to plan. I will breastfeed with my neccessary stuff around me: 1) handphone, 2) bottle water, 3) novel book.  Yet, most of the time it doesn’t work.

Although I put my baby nicely in the middle of our king size bed between his bolsters, my adorable baby has another plan for me. He will roll and roll towards the other end of the bed, and insist (yes, he can insist now!) that I follow him. 

After a few sips of milk, he will roll and roll again towards the other end for another sip. He shows off his acrobatic skill and giggle happily. It’s like his bedtime game with me. (dalam hati mummy dia – bila laa nak ngantuk budak kecik nie…). Thus by the time he’s all really sleepy (this rolling game can last 1 hour!), my ‘neccesary things’ will be out of my reach. Sometimes even out of my sight – covered by blanket and pillows!

Some people might ask, “Why don’t you just try reach for it?” Well, when there’s a baby latching, making a move/sound is really a risk. He can awake crying and need to go the whole sleeping process one more time. So I rather wait patiently until he’s really in deep sleep. This can take another 1 hour! When finally he un-latch my nipples, it’s like FREEDOM!!! yeay I can move now hehe…

In the process I usually fall asleep as well. Thus when hubby entered the room, sometimes he will find us both diagonally across the bed haha…

Btw, some of the mummies asked about this BF/formula thingy. My experience, after BF exclusively for 1 year, we have started to give ashman formula. He drinks Enfagrow (so far alhamdulilah no allergy reaction) once a day at the daycare. But he still refuse to drink it when I’m around. Thinking to ask his babysitter to increase the formula intake to 2 bottles/day soon. Hopefully by the time he is 2 years old he’s ready to say goodbye to my boobies:).

It’s not that I don’t like BF him, but I do look forward to move away from this BF routine ( I do feel guilty to have this feeling, though). Pumping milk is the hardest coz it consume your time and energy at office. When you have a course outside, every other ladies clinching their branded handbags but you with your 2 bags. People will wonder what are you carrying, laptop? camera?

Anyway after 15 months carrying my BF bag finally ripped. My icepack also started to leak. I have to buy a whole new set. My nursing bra punyer condition lagik teruk…very heavy duty use hehe…. 

Although it sounds hard, I’m not complaining. I support BF 100%. Do it as long as you can for the sake of your child. I am no superwoman and can do it, so can you!

Tata for now. We are off to penang this weekend:)


4 responses

  1. hey you. i was blog hopping from anne’s and landed to your blog. and when i read ur entry, i couldnt help but smile bcoz the same thing is happening to me!

    the only way to make aydein (my baby) sleep is to breastfeed him at night. and like ur son, this time is like a play time to him, where he would nyotnyot a bit, then let go, then roll over to the other side. then merengek back again, then the same process go on and on until he’s real sleepy!

    and like u said, even the slightest sound can make his sleepy eyes flew open and well, sometimes, it does make me think “bila laa nak ngantuk budak kecik ni!” like u too! haha. funny how our babies are kan. 🙂

  2. diagonal??? huh sometimes both of u are making ‘T’ letter. aper punyer pesen breastfeeding daaa..

    and lastly letter ‘H’ pun appear… biler turn bapak budak plak nak tdo kat sebelah…hohoho

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