kaki wayang no longer

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We spent the extra day off with picnic at Sg Congkak. This was the 3rd time we’ve been there since Ashman is around, macam dah jadik regular pulak hehe… But I love the place. Clean wise – okay, facility wise – good, water current & depth – suitable for kids, location – good, only half an hour from our house.

Other than that, we just spent our weekend playing with our little one. Managed to play hand-painting with him yesterday. But I think I accidentally poured extra corn-starch in my home made paint. As a result the paint turn to be gooey like silly potty instead of normal painting. Nevertheless he still had a great time painting/squashing/throwing the paint=). Daddy had bought a canvas to cover the porch so I’m not too worry of the mess.  

I’ve realised since Ashman is around, we have not able to go to cinema like we used to. If not, we always watch movies during the weekend. Or sometimes we catch a midnite show after work. Tak kisah cerita apa, as long as the timing was right. Biasa lah ala ala dating, layan jer~. The last movie we watched together was Bolt. I was heavily pregnant at that time…hehe…

Leaving our boy with a relative (e.g Angah) for 2-3 hours is a possibility. But that also meant we lose 2-3 hours quality time to spent with him. So I rather sacrifice our ‘kaki wayang’ habit for him, for now. Perhaps when he’s bigger.  

So for the last 14 months… I’ve been missing a lot of movies. Setakat baca reviews saja lah kan. Nak beli dvd pun, rasa macam tak sempat nak tengok. Sometimes I’m jealous that hubby can watch some movies on tv at night time. Usually at that time I’m breasfteeding little one or I’m too sleepy already.

Well, these are some of the movies I wanted to watch for the last 14 months: (buat list nanti bila Ashman dah 3 tahun boley start qada’ hehe…)

1. Marley & Me;
2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button;
3. Inglorious Basterd;
4. Changeling;
5. Avatar;
6. Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince (1st time I missed this series!!!);
7. The Reader;
8. Papadom;
9. Talentime;
11. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs;
12. X Men Origin – Wolverine;
13. Coraline;
14. Bride Wars;
15. The Princess & the Frog;

Any of the above you don’t recommend?

Yet, with Ashman around, I have spent more time reading. Yeah, that’s one of the easiest thing to do while breastfeeding…coz you can’t force yourself to sleep everytime he sleeps, and you can’t really watch movie unless the sound is mute. Sometimes tv without sound is no fun (unless something like CSI I can still tolerate).

Anyway, these are some of the books I read last year:

1. My Sister’s Keeper (Jodi Piccoult) – Love it! I think this is one of her best piece. But I don’t know why they change the ending in the movie coz the ending is actually to me, very meaningful.

2. 19 Minutes (Jodi Piccoult) – Story about high school shooting, macam tengok drama time baca buku nie. Interesting plot.

3. 10 reasons not to fall in love (Linda Green) – normal chick lit.  New challenge, new love.

4. The Nanny (Melissa Nathan) – normal chick lit. New job, new love.

5.  Empress Orchid (Anchee Min) – Something different to me coz it relates to history and culture. But not boring. I like it for a change.  Nanti nak cari other books from the same author.

6. Love, Rosie (Cecilia Ahern) – Funny & romantic! I love it coz it involves two childhood friends that fall in love.  Ada sket2 macam me and hubby’s…hehe….

7. The Lovely Bones (Alice Sebold) – I don’t like the ‘heaven’ part since it is contradict with my religion, but the rest is quite interesting. How a death can play significant role in life of others. 

Going to read the new Kinsella’s – Twenties Girl soon. Any other good books that you recommend? Not something heavy, but entertaining… 

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  1. haha mon..samala kita,i always end up watching the first half of the dvd je..my last movie at the cinema lagila kuno..some jackie chan flick in 2007 kot!!

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