AE first Penang trip

When hubby’s brother set his wedding date 4 months ago, I immediately booked Firefly tickets to Penang.  It was a bargain deal coz we only paid RM300 for 2 return tickets KL-Penang.

We went there 1 day earlier with the intention to jalan2 penang and hang out with my BFF, Azura. I already promised her since last raya that we are going to visit her one day and finally the day has come, yeayy!!

We knew each other since year 1994.  We were both Ampangites (is there such a term?) but she has moved to Penang a few years ago to follow her husband. Her husband, Rizal is a fencing coach. Such a cool job, isn’t it? 

I told hubby that Azu was the one who called me from the school public phone in year 1994 (oh my God was it 16 years ago?? akak dah tua…) telling me that I got accepted to our then boarding school. She convinced me that I should come (coz she was the 1st intake and I was the 2nd intake) and the rest is history.

In my opinion,  zura has changed for being a spoil KL girl (spoil ke? huhu…) to such an independent yummy mummy. Well, masa kat boarding school dulu, she was one of those with swatch watch and L.A Gear shoes.  She will cry after tele-conversation with her mum on the public phone. We also cried at the Puduraya bus station everytime we say goodbye to our parents. Oh my…such drama queens lar kite nie hehe:).

We usually took a night bus from KL (9pm) and will arrive in Gerik around 3-am (yes, our school is that far!). Due to the darkness we were not sure when we will arrive. Thus Zura was the one who taught me that there will be 4 big hills before the school. 4 big hills! We actually counted it from the window of the bus…can’t believe this. Mesti gelap gelita masa zaman tu ek…

Anyway, back to my Penang story, Zura and her charming daughter was such a lovely hostess. Last raya we already met her daughter, ameera but at that time she was a bit sick so we didn’t see her true color. Now only we discovered the true ameera! 

She is such a carefree and active girl. Boley main lari dan terus terjun kolam:). The first 2 hours Ashman and her asik gaduh berebut toys. Only later baru lah belajar main sama2…

rajinnya boley buat menantu;)

Anyway, Azura and another close friend of us Dira brought us to Balik Pulau to eat laksa. Laksa janggus namanya. Memang best!!! Yummy! Pastu dah abis laksa semangkuk boley order kuew teow th’ng (betul ke eja nie?) lagik. Zura pulak order pisang goreng sepinggan sebagai desert. sabor jer..tapi semua makanan licin beb:)

laksa penuh semangkuk...memang sedap!

At nite we ate seafood with other ex-schoolmates at Hammerbay. I could see babies on other table politely duduk atas high chair. Tapi Ashman ngan Ameera? Melompat lompat atas meja!!! Siap bergaduh atas meja rebut buku…Sampaikan pakcik kedai tu datang hulur 2 high chairs… huhu…

time nie makanan dah licin...

The next morning Azu brought us for breakfast at Taman Sardon. Such a great breakfast place with plenty of choices from many stalls (sori gambar takde).  Sumer ada from nasik lemak, noodles, capati, sandwich, etc, etc. It was such a new ‘Penang’ image to me coz before this kalau Penang je, I thot mestilah sinonim dengan nasi kandaq/kedai mamak. So to see other malay food macam sedikit jakun dah tak tau nak makan yg mana hehe… at night time we went to Teluk Tempoyak for another seafood round, with hubby’s family this time .

The other day we were already busy with the nikah and kenduri so tak sempat nak pergi other places.

tengoklah budak dua orang nie 'busy' jugak...

Zura said we should come for a longer period next time, so that there are plenty of time for mee udang, mee sotong, bla bla…Aik, kata nak bawak AE jalan tapi nie macam mak bapak nyer yang jalan jalan isi perut hahahaTakpe, AE got to ‘date’ with ameera;)

Okay next time we all datang lagik, InsyaAllah…(after Sukma Games coz now Rizal is busy for the Sukma preparation).  Boley tak daddy kita pergi penang lagi? 😉.

Thanx to Zura, Dira, Ameera, Rizal, and the rest of Penangites for making our Penang trip very enjoyable one!

*I’ll upload more pics in FB soon!


AE 15 months

Hi readers,

Sorry to be away for 2 weeks. We were quite busy coz hubby’s younger brother was getting married. Last 2 week we went to Penang for the akad nikah ceremony + kenduri at the bride’s side, and last week we went back to his hometown to celebrate on the groom’s side. We took 4 days off coz hubby is the only son (excluding the groom lah kan) jadik dia lah yg nak kena buat kerja2 berat kengkononnya.

Alhamdulilah despite the hot weather, the chaos over goody bags, over pak teh’s coffee, etc, etc, all events went well. We also had a great time in Penang visiting one of my BFF, zura. She and her charming 1 year old daughter really made our weekend! Tapi gambar belum sempat nak upload, insyaAllah next entry yeah.

To make things even ‘busier’ for me, my homework was due on the kenduri date. How ‘lucky’ I am?? So punya laa struggle siapkan…seperti biasa kerja last minute padan lah muka diri sendiri 😦

Over the chaos kenduri weeks, our boy Ashman Ehsan reached 15 months. He is such a big boy now, running here and there. Seriously, his favorite game now is ‘kejar kejar’. Dekat kampung main kejar2 with all the cousins sampai jatuh benjol dahi. Daddy kata hero takpe, kena kuat😉.

Dekat rumah we all laa jadik mangsa dipaksa jugak kejar die. Kelakar betul. Entertaining jugak laa bila tengok dia giggle berlari2 sambil tangan kepak2 hehe…

He also learning to utter a few words now. So far I’ve heard him mentioned the following…

1.  ‘bird’ (sambil tunjuk burung kat luar rumah);
2.  ‘ish’ (referring to fish, which is his favorite animal now);
3.  ‘dek’ (referring to picture of duck on his bolster);
4.  ‘uit’ (referring to duit – tunjuk duit dekat auntie sopi);
5. ‘uar‘ (sambil tunjuk pintu nak mintak kuar…).

Despite his enriched vocabularies above, he has yet to say mummy or daddy. Lagi suka duit dari mummy? sabor je…hehe…

He also loves to explore his physical skill now. He is reluctant to hold hands now while walking. Kalau jalan kat supermarket tu okay la kan. Tapi kalau jalan dekat jalan yang ber-tar risau gak aku takut die stumble, dah berparut pulak mukanya yang handsome tu.

He tries to walk backward, walk with wide legs (terkangkang kangkang…kelakar tul), and tried to do split (sape ajar nie? -maybe I should not watch So You Think You Can Dance in front of him…)

He loves to bounce the ball rather than kick (maybe sebab masa preggy asyik tengok OTH?). He knows he needs to wear socks and shoes to go out. Talking about being physical, last month he fall from bed for the first time ever – trying to get his ball. Nasib baik our bed rendah je.

I love you Ashmanje…Mummy doakan AE always in good health, safety, and happiness!!!!

*Btw, I’ve finished transporting all my entries from Diaryland. Yeay, one KPI accomplished for this year!

roll and roll and roll

Sometimes I wish I have the power of Toad from X-Men (power saja okeh, bukan muka hehehe), or Spiderman.  I wish my hand can stretch far, so I can reach the phone that is ringing while I breastfeeding. Or reach for the mineral water on the side table. Or the remote control to change the suddenly horror pictures on tv….(saya amat tidak suka iklan2 hantu di tv3…).

Although after a few lessons learnt, I tried my best to plan. I will breastfeed with my neccessary stuff around me: 1) handphone, 2) bottle water, 3) novel book.  Yet, most of the time it doesn’t work.

Although I put my baby nicely in the middle of our king size bed between his bolsters, my adorable baby has another plan for me. He will roll and roll towards the other end of the bed, and insist (yes, he can insist now!) that I follow him. 

After a few sips of milk, he will roll and roll again towards the other end for another sip. He shows off his acrobatic skill and giggle happily. It’s like his bedtime game with me. (dalam hati mummy dia – bila laa nak ngantuk budak kecik nie…). Thus by the time he’s all really sleepy (this rolling game can last 1 hour!), my ‘neccesary things’ will be out of my reach. Sometimes even out of my sight – covered by blanket and pillows!

Some people might ask, “Why don’t you just try reach for it?” Well, when there’s a baby latching, making a move/sound is really a risk. He can awake crying and need to go the whole sleeping process one more time. So I rather wait patiently until he’s really in deep sleep. This can take another 1 hour! When finally he un-latch my nipples, it’s like FREEDOM!!! yeay I can move now hehe…

In the process I usually fall asleep as well. Thus when hubby entered the room, sometimes he will find us both diagonally across the bed haha…

Btw, some of the mummies asked about this BF/formula thingy. My experience, after BF exclusively for 1 year, we have started to give ashman formula. He drinks Enfagrow (so far alhamdulilah no allergy reaction) once a day at the daycare. But he still refuse to drink it when I’m around. Thinking to ask his babysitter to increase the formula intake to 2 bottles/day soon. Hopefully by the time he is 2 years old he’s ready to say goodbye to my boobies:).

It’s not that I don’t like BF him, but I do look forward to move away from this BF routine ( I do feel guilty to have this feeling, though). Pumping milk is the hardest coz it consume your time and energy at office. When you have a course outside, every other ladies clinching their branded handbags but you with your 2 bags. People will wonder what are you carrying, laptop? camera?

Anyway after 15 months carrying my BF bag finally ripped. My icepack also started to leak. I have to buy a whole new set. My nursing bra punyer condition lagik teruk…very heavy duty use hehe…. 

Although it sounds hard, I’m not complaining. I support BF 100%. Do it as long as you can for the sake of your child. I am no superwoman and can do it, so can you!

Tata for now. We are off to penang this weekend:)

kaki wayang no longer

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We spent the extra day off with picnic at Sg Congkak. This was the 3rd time we’ve been there since Ashman is around, macam dah jadik regular pulak hehe… But I love the place. Clean wise – okay, facility wise – good, water current & depth – suitable for kids, location – good, only half an hour from our house.

Other than that, we just spent our weekend playing with our little one. Managed to play hand-painting with him yesterday. But I think I accidentally poured extra corn-starch in my home made paint. As a result the paint turn to be gooey like silly potty instead of normal painting. Nevertheless he still had a great time painting/squashing/throwing the paint=). Daddy had bought a canvas to cover the porch so I’m not too worry of the mess.  

I’ve realised since Ashman is around, we have not able to go to cinema like we used to. If not, we always watch movies during the weekend. Or sometimes we catch a midnite show after work. Tak kisah cerita apa, as long as the timing was right. Biasa lah ala ala dating, layan jer~. The last movie we watched together was Bolt. I was heavily pregnant at that time…hehe…

Leaving our boy with a relative (e.g Angah) for 2-3 hours is a possibility. But that also meant we lose 2-3 hours quality time to spent with him. So I rather sacrifice our ‘kaki wayang’ habit for him, for now. Perhaps when he’s bigger.  

So for the last 14 months… I’ve been missing a lot of movies. Setakat baca reviews saja lah kan. Nak beli dvd pun, rasa macam tak sempat nak tengok. Sometimes I’m jealous that hubby can watch some movies on tv at night time. Usually at that time I’m breasfteeding little one or I’m too sleepy already.

Well, these are some of the movies I wanted to watch for the last 14 months: (buat list nanti bila Ashman dah 3 tahun boley start qada’ hehe…)

1. Marley & Me;
2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button;
3. Inglorious Basterd;
4. Changeling;
5. Avatar;
6. Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince (1st time I missed this series!!!);
7. The Reader;
8. Papadom;
9. Talentime;
11. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs;
12. X Men Origin – Wolverine;
13. Coraline;
14. Bride Wars;
15. The Princess & the Frog;

Any of the above you don’t recommend?

Yet, with Ashman around, I have spent more time reading. Yeah, that’s one of the easiest thing to do while breastfeeding…coz you can’t force yourself to sleep everytime he sleeps, and you can’t really watch movie unless the sound is mute. Sometimes tv without sound is no fun (unless something like CSI I can still tolerate).

Anyway, these are some of the books I read last year:

1. My Sister’s Keeper (Jodi Piccoult) – Love it! I think this is one of her best piece. But I don’t know why they change the ending in the movie coz the ending is actually to me, very meaningful.

2. 19 Minutes (Jodi Piccoult) – Story about high school shooting, macam tengok drama time baca buku nie. Interesting plot.

3. 10 reasons not to fall in love (Linda Green) – normal chick lit.  New challenge, new love.

4. The Nanny (Melissa Nathan) – normal chick lit. New job, new love.

5.  Empress Orchid (Anchee Min) – Something different to me coz it relates to history and culture. But not boring. I like it for a change.  Nanti nak cari other books from the same author.

6. Love, Rosie (Cecilia Ahern) – Funny & romantic! I love it coz it involves two childhood friends that fall in love.  Ada sket2 macam me and hubby’s…hehe….

7. The Lovely Bones (Alice Sebold) – I don’t like the ‘heaven’ part since it is contradict with my religion, but the rest is quite interesting. How a death can play significant role in life of others. 

Going to read the new Kinsella’s – Twenties Girl soon. Any other good books that you recommend? Not something heavy, but entertaining…