Hello everybody!!!

Hope eveyone had a refreshing long holidays. It was only 3 days working days this week and now it is TGIF again yeayy!!! Thanks to creative farah who did my header. I like it! Suites my theme and mood=)

Btw by looking at my title, I think you know what I’m going to talk about. Of course not the real crime scene but the CSI TV shows. If you know me, you know I’m addicted to the shows (other than F.R.I.E.N.D.S). I have collection of dvds and will watch re-run over and over again.

 Of course life is not the same now when you are a Mom. It started when Ashman was still in the womb. At that time I was afraid to watch the series (masa tu banyak benda laa takut). The first year having him, I still missed a lot of episodes since by the time it aired at 10pm, I have dozed off…mengantuk due to his every-hour-feeding-time. So now on his 2nd year, his feeding time dah reduce. Barulah boley start tengok balik yeay!

So I managed to watch a few of episodes of CSI Miami and CSI NY (CSI Vegas dah pun abis time tu). I am so frustrated to see CSI Miami’s finale. Very confusing, tak menarik langsung. They tried to put everything in one episode and jadik kelam kabut.

Plus the romance between Calleigh-Eric, it didn’t work at all. At first I like the idea of them flirting coz I used to like both characters. But towards the end alaa boringnya mamat nie…karat sangat. Something like that.

The new season Eric will be gone and replaced by someone else. I think that’s a good idea coz cam dah boring aaa tengok muka dia tu. I still like Calleigh, though. (A lot of my guys friends love her too!). She has a special soft voice with southern accent but also a strict ‘don’t mess with me’ character. Beautiful lady with a gun. I guess it fits with men’s fantasy, that’s why they love her.

On the other hand, I really really love the finale of CSI NY!!! So sad that Flack lost his girlfriend..sob sob…and I love Lindsay’s character. Her love relationship with Danny also kind of okay, takdelah too mushy mushy. But I wonder why in NY they can declare their relationship openly but in Miami it’s like you can’t fall in love with your team member?

The coming season Danny is going to be paralysed (or something like that) due to the shooting. Hope it’s not permanent. I also love the idea that Mac lost his wife during 9/11 attack. I kind of hoping she will return someday. (pepandai jer aku reka script…) They never found her body rite?

Btw, this wednesday (24 Feb) CSI Vegas will return, normal time 10pm. Heard Sara is back for a few episodes. Yeayy I like her! *do you know that she and calleigh (Miami) are close friends in real life?*

Enough about my crime scene. So now the top 24 finalist of American Idol revealed, what do you think? Who are you rooting for???

I only managed to watch a few episodes. So far I like Didi Benami and the mom that plays harmonica, what’s her name, Crystal? My nephews rooting for Andrew Garcia. 

Do you realise that this season’s contestants full with sad/tragic stories. Less drama, though. I kind of miss tatiana or bikini girl haha… 

What about that new tv series Glee? I think it is original and entertaining. But I never manage to watch the whole episode coz kena tidurkan my son, or else kesian dia the next day kena bangun awal pergi babysitter. Ada ke Glee repeat during the weekend yek?

Enough reading my ramblings about tv show. Let’s enjoy the weekend!!!

Quote of the week:
You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree…

Tata for now.


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  1. you are such a couch potato wei. anyway, i really dislike sara of vegas. eww. glee is silly on most part, but very entertaining singing, sue is just the best la. american idol? mana norman gentle???

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