Discovering Mr. E

We , together with Angah and matde (ala ala Brangelina kay) went to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary during 1 Feb holiday. I first had some hesitation to bring my baby travelling to place like that. But then I read in Stoppard’s book that your baby is never too young to travel, as long as the activities are enjoyed by us. She was right coz our trip was very smooth and all of us really enjoyed it.

We depart from KL around 11am (plan nak gerak kul 10 tapi dapur mishap – tetiba gas habis sewaktu sedang rebus telur).  In the net it said the journey take 2.5 hours but it actually only took us around 1.5 hours. Perhaps because of the Lebuhraya Pantai Timur. You take exit Lanchang and the signboard is everywhere, you won’t get lost.

Sampai2 je terus lunch dulu. Hubby went to take the yellow pass. Entrance is free, but the yellow pass is limited (I think only 120 passes /day).

For lunch, there are a few stalls but limited food choice so if you are going during the weekend make sure you bring extra food. We brought nuggets fried by Angah tapi dekat Genting Sempah dah habis hehe). Services a bit slow but they were friendly. Ntah kenapa masa tu saya terasa seperti di Sabah. Maybe the atmosphere?

The video show started at 1.30. But only hubby watched, we all ter-over excited terus bawak ashman tengok all the elephants. Masa tu dlm pagar. Around 2pm baru all the elephants kuar. yeayyy!!! They roam freely (of course with the feet tied so not to worry). They went for a bath at nearby river, and all elephants were clean and sparkly, it was feeding time!

The young ones were fed nuts (kena beli dalam RM3 kot sepacket), and the old ones were fed fruits (provided). Saya agak geli so tukang tangkap gambar je. Ashman was very fascinated looking at those elephants. It was much better than zoo because they were very close to you.

die sedut ngan belalai, mcm vacum;)

 Then it was riding time!!! Yang nie saya nak join. The last time ride masa darjah 5 dekat zoo negara with my nephew Along. Masa tu Angah pun ada tapi dia tanak naik, instead dia nak naik train. *Angah boring:P* hehe…

Anyway, you can ride with your family or partners. We will not be riding alone coz the workers pun ada, so not to worry. The difference with the zoo is that there won’t be any cover on the elephants ~ they want it to be as nature as it can be. So you can feel it’s bone & skin. Best!!!

Ashman macam tak heran naik I think because the Elephant too big dia tak nampak hehe..Tapi bila dah nak abis tu dia start buat bunyi nak nangis so I started singing eezy weezy spider and he quiet again listening to my soothing voice *poyo*.

One family;)

After riding, it was time for the final session – splashing and bathing with the elephants. I take paycheck for this one since I hate to go through the process of getting wet–>bathing at public bathroom–>changing cloth. So saya jadik photographer saje sambil dukung Ashman. The big elephant will bring you into the river and then fell down. Basah kuyup aa…

Masa they all naik elephant tu Ashman bising nak turun from me and joined them. Kesian dia. So once semua dah turun I passed Ashman to hubby so he got  to bath the elephants. This session only involves the young elephants, some as small as 6 months.

with th 6-months old baby eli

The activities ended around 4.30pm. They all mandi (according to them the bathroom is clean) and then we headed home, sambil makan my egg-sandwich. Ashman terus terlelap dalam kereta.

More pictures I’ve uploaded in FB. I recommended the place for those who intererested with nature and adventure. For people like hubby memang dia suka giler lah, he said 10X better than zoo negara hehe…Staffs were also nice and friendly. Plus it’s free, but you may donate for the place. 

Okie dokie.

Happy New Year. Enjoy the long weekend!!!


5 responses

  1. haha..semua org comment fun but scarynya mon naik gajah macamtu!!and the thought of having to mandi with an elephant..***pengsan!haha…glad you enjoyed it,mmg adventurous 🙂

  2. haha sue..I pun bukannya adventurous sangat. That’s why tak berapa nak mandi ngan gajah tu;). But the others are, including Ashman – inherit from his daddy I suppose. So ikut jer la kan. Lagikpun KL nie takde banyak tempat nak jalan la..lainlaa East Coast, got sandy beaches. Jeles!

  3. hehe.. yup! kuala gandah mmg best.. the elephies or Mr E adalah sangat kool n sporting..

    masa i gi dulu, office i nyer CSR nye outing.. ada satu baby elephy ni, dia sgt cute n manja.. 😀 i definately wanna bring my kids there too someday, tunggu Aqilah besar sket..

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