5 things on my list…

I have not finished uploaded the Kuala Gandah pics, so that story has to be postpone. So now to fill up my ‘free’ monday, let just do one of the overdue tag on the 5 things on my list…

5 things I’m thankful at…
Hubby next to us every night;
2. Trustworthy babysitter who has been taking care of my little one since he was 2 months old. Alhamdulilah…
3. Supportive management at my workplace – allowing me to express my milk, giving me study leaves, internet access, etc.
4. Freedom and peace in the country – where we can go wherever we want at whatever time we like
5. Internet – Abundant and quick resources to answer my curiosity in all kind of areas: parenting, child development, healthy issues, financial guides.

5 things I regretted about…
They say we shouldn’t have regrets in life…but I can’t help it to have a few, such as…

1. I didn’t visit Abang Arif when he was in KB Hospital. I knew it was for the best coz the hospital was so crowded plus Ashman is still small and can’t go to government hospital. Still…if only I managed to see him one last time.
2. I should call my dear friend Mariam more often…

*I only have two for now. All related to death and cancer..hmm…

5 Alive Celebrities I wanted to meet….
Do you know that me and my roommates have such list wrote down while studying in U.S? Siap separate list for female and male celebrities tak tahan tul. So funny laa teringat balik. The irony part is we always keep changing the list hehe…okie, my list now will be…

1. Jennifer Aniston;
2. Johnny Depp  (this is new in my list – replacing Mr. Pitt);
3. Ryan Giggs;
4. Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne from CSI Miami);
5. Either Chad Murray or James Lafferty…or both! I can’t decide which one!

5 Places I wanted to go…

1. Old Trafford;
2. Back to State Street, Madison WI
3. Prague;
4. Back to Disneyworld, with my family this time! I can imagine my boys (both of them okie) enjoying all the rides!
5. Back to Sipadan, it is such an amazing place. Bila Ashman boley diving yek?:). Especially now he really likes turtles. Bila gambar turtles je kat tv, he will excitedly point at it.

5 childhood memories

1. I hang out with my neighbor (Misz Karen) and she gave me chewing gum. I was excited coz I hardly allowed to eat chewing gum. Tengah tengah makan baru teringat gua puasa beb…! Karen cina, confirm laa tak puasa…hehe…

2. While I was in standard 5, I and a few friends (Misz Nurul and Misz Kelly)  stay-back after school for hockey practice. Pergi laa gerai burger depan sekolah (memang dah kira adventure laa time tu keluar dari pagar sekolah). Balik dari beli burger, tup tup ada burung berak elok jatuh atas kepala!!!

3. When I was standard 1, there was one time during assembly time, saya sedang sibuk berborak and one prefect pulled me to front..kena rotan ngan cikgu displin! Siot nyer prefect, orang lain pun borak gak tak kena pun..hehe…

4. I was chased by puppies when I was 6 years old. Baru balik Tadika Fatima and the bus driver dropped me jauh sket coz rumahku jalan mati bas tu malas nak pusing. Punyalah laju lari sampai terus terkenc* after that. My mom terus marah bus driver the next day hehe..

5. My primary school gardener Uncle Rajoo (betul ke ntah namanya nie ingat ingat lupe) will sell hari raya card during fasting month, which cost only 10 – 20 cents. He put it in the box maka kelam kabut lah bebudak carik2 korek2 kad yang cantik. Hantar dekat parents, teachers, and to each other…Lepas tu siap tulis pecah kaca pecah gelas…, sweet old time!  (Actually I don’t remember at all this bit of memory, belum tua dah pelupa kan but then my ex-schoolmates highlighted about it in FB..terus teringat balik…).

5 people to continue the tag circle…
 My ex-housemate, suria
2. My besties, suharti
3. My another ex-housemate, Noris
4. My wall-mate (haha), Nisa
5. Whoever readers who have time ok!

Okie, Happy Monday! Quote of the week:
“You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree…”

Tata for now!


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