I’m a Toys R’ Us kid

“I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R’ Us kid..lalala”

*Korang ingat tak lagu nie?*

When I were about 6 years old, the first ad on Toys R’ Us with the above lyrics came into our Malaysian television. It shows a few kids playing with some exciting toys, like bicycle, softball, etc.  Two of the kids in the ads were my kindie-mate, so I was really fond watching the commercial.  Anyway, at that age, my curiosity mind wondered why the letter R is spelled backward like that..dah besar2 nie teringat balik kelakor pulok benda camtu pun budak pk ek…

Lucky enough, the 1st store was quite nearby (at City Square Jalan Tun Razak) so one lucky day my parents brought us there. I remembered I was so excited (mcm dapat masuk disneyland). The store was so huge!!! We went from aisle to aisle like crazy. I remembered the aisles was arranged based on category, so we observe all the display toys like there was no tomorrow. Sebab dapat pegang toys tu kan happy betul!

Tapi zaman dulu takde pulak kita mintak2 toys tu kat our parents kan. Just dapat tengok pun dah puas hati.   

I still remembered at one of the last aisle there were automated cars. One pinkish car was with Barbies theme I adored so much. It was the first time I saw it so saya amat jakun sekalik. I remembered the price tags were 4 digits at that time rasa macam Woww weee….

Anyway, walaupun kita time tu kecik dah pandai tengok price tag. I only bought a boardgame on spelling related-hangman. I remembered my sister said something like “alaa mainan nie pakai buku pun boley” (you know..where you draw the hangman sampai mati masuk perigi..). But I insisted on that game.

The next time I went to the store were with Abg Arif and Kak Pi (I can’t remember whether their kids were there or not). They asked me to choose one toy and I remembered I chose a jigsaw puzzle game. Skang nie pikir oh alangkah ruginya patut aku pilih mainan lagik mahal/best/power hehe… 

A few years back I went back to Toys R’ Us @ City Square reminiscing the old memories. Ironically the store became small. Is it me that has grown up or really the store has became smaller?

Now since we have this budak kecik comel bernama Ashman Ehsan:), again I begin to visit Toys R’ Us again. Almost every week. Now there have it at a lot of locations, lucky kids nowadays huh. The latest location I believe was Great Eastern Mall, right next to Ashman’s Tumbletots. So confirm2 laa setiap minggu pass by kan. The biggest we’ve been was at One Utama.  

Our boy although has not comprehend the real meaning of toys still love the place. I think because it’s all colorful and full with things to unstack. For instance last Saturday he spent 10 minutes running around the aisle screaming at the top of his lung while holding the pool noodles yg sesungguhnya lagik tinggi dari dia. Sabor je…I think he liked the noodles coz it was colorful.

There will be 2 types of kids’ voices you can hear at the store. One filled with genuine joy ~ enjoying the displayed toys. Another one is crying sounds ~ potraying their frustration if they can’t buy the toys that they are eyeing at. Termasuk lah suara anak terunaku yg marah bila simpan balik the noodles tu hehe…

Anyway now that he’s 13 months, I told hubby I felt like our boy is re-born. Coz sometimes he is like a totally different boy (comparable with the baby I delivered 1 year ago!) since he runs and shouts everywhere now! 🙂

Other than that…his other development includes:

  • Practicing his downward dog yoga pose. Suka ‘pekapoo’ from that pose now;
  • Able to express feeling;
  • Rajin Hi-5 and kiss all of us;
  • Understand when we ask him to get something. For example, when ask to fetch the ball, he’ll do it.
  • Love hooking/ripping things on the wall. Things like magnet on the fridge. We also have been using flash cards and tape it on the wall. Thinking to buy velcro material for him to play with. Where to buy such things yek?
  • To expand his creativity, I start introduced him with paint!!! First body paint with angah and then a few painting sessions with me. Leceh sket nak make the paint (almaklum maknya kan pemalas kalau boley semua nak beli je) but to make sure it’s edible buat jugak lah kan. Then leceh jugak lah daddy nya kena cuci hehe…
  • Suka dengar lagu eezy weezy spider! (sampai yesterday @ Kuala Gandah pun nyanyi lagu tu while on the Mr. Elephant) hehe..

Okie I talk about the Kuala Gandah experience later. Hope you guys had a great weekend and all re-energize for the week ya!



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  1. Naufal pun suka sangat toys’R’us, bahaya sangat bawa dia kat situ skrg ni sbb dia nak everything!!!! Haha.. Anyway, naufal pun suka lagu spider tu, kalau tgk YouTube Ada video siap ngan hand movement… Best tgk derang sing with the actions

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