APSH tips to preggy mommies

Happy Birthday to my dear BFF who celebrated her birthday yesterday. She’s preggy now so not that much a celebration with the morning sickness wave. Still, she got one of the greatest gift ever in her womb now so no complaints.  

Some of my preggy friends were asking about hospital check-up and gynae. So I’m going to share some of my notes here.

I think about 2 weeks after I discovered the 2 lines in the pee stick, I started searching for gynae. To me, firstly is to choose the hospital. Location is very important. I don’t want to rush thru traffic jam in case of emergency, and it is important that I can drive there on my own. I’m not a very well-verse driver so Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital is certainly ranked number 1 in this case.  Second nearest is Gleneagles but that place more pricey though.

Once I decide the hospital, then we screen the gynae.  There are a few gynaes there. I take note stories about them, basically from words of mouth and from bloggers. It’s easy nowadays. just type nama doctor tu and voila! A lot of stories from true life experiences.  You can also choose based on religion and gender, up to your personal preference.

So after I did 1 hour internet research, I called APSH number and make an appointment with one of them. My plan is to try first with this one doctor and kalau okay, I will continue with her.

The first check-up of course I was so excited + nervous macam nak exam pulak rasanya. Hubby was not there coz he has to go for Friday prayer. But I don’t really care about that. My mind fully on the baby. Is he safe? Is he healthy?

So when the doc scanned me and said everything was okay, I was so thankful.  She said something like this…”nie dah boley nampak kepalanya, badannya. Panjang 1.66cm. Inilah kuasa Allah. To think how something so small can already move like that…mechanical robot ciptaan manusia tak boley buat macam nie”

Her above comments made me feel calm. That’s when I decided to continue her to be my gynae. I do want somebody like her to be the first to hold my baby. Memang tak sia sia pilihanku coz the first thing my baby heard when he arrived into the world 9 months later was the gynae saying “Assalamualaikum”. Lepas tu barulah dengar si kecil menangis sekuat kuatnya memenuhi ruang OT room tu hehehe…

Anyway, I find doctors usually are not talkative type. They won’t voluntary tell you things but if you ask them, they will surely explain. Thus some friends complaint that they usually don’t know what to ask/ forgot what to ask when it’s appointment time.

So what I did, appointment kita kan sebulan sekali…So kalau tetiba ada persoalan I just jot it down first. Then on the day of appointment go thru all the questions list and recap with hubby in the car. Example:- “Ada 3 soklan nak tanya hari nie:-diabetes test,  amniotic fluid, baby breech position”.  So lepas ultra sound check up, terus tanya all these issues sebelum lupa.

Appointment hours
If your hubby don’t have a lot of annual leaves, it’s good to take note on the gynae’s office hours. For me it’s okay coz boley mintak MC kan. All gynaes in APSH are quite famous (plus population kat ampang nie kan ramai), so everyday mesti ramai orang. 

The clinic will usually open at 8.30am, but doctor usually masuk pukul 9.30am or 10am. So pukul 8.30am tu just jumpa kakak tu amik nombor then pergilah breakfast dulu. Nasib baik breakfast kat bawah tu sedap gak.

For my case, selalunya kul 8.45am dah dalam 5 preggy mums berkumpul depan the gynae’s clinic. Ala ala bukak pintu jer terus serbu!!! (perut boyot pun boley serbu beb). Sometimes if you arrive a bit later, let say at 9.30am ke….terus dapat no. giliran ke 14!  So you just take note on the pattern for appointment hours for your own comfort.

The downside at APSH is after you meet the doctor, kena pergi que lagik sekalik dekat pharmacy for payment and medicine. Kekadang kat situ ramai orang, kalau hari sabtu jangan cerita laa penuh yang amat. So do avoid making appointment on saturdays.

Prenatal Classes
APSH provide prenatal classes. It is held every saturday for 1-2 hours, I think it takes 4 saturdays to complete the course.  The price is reasonable (can’t remember exact figure). For virgin-baby like us, the classes memang very helpful. Amongst the thing covered are nutrition, breastfeeding, and of course yang paling kita nak tau at that time are things involve labor and pain management.

This is a perfect time to ask the nurses any of your curiosity. Remember that no question is a stupid question. The other expecting parents are happy to share their anxiety as well. The nurse will also bring you to tour the labor room so that you are familiar with it. I think that’s a good idea coz once you are familiar with things you won’t get too nervous. 

Maternity Ward/Nursery
The maternity ward/nursery staffs were extremely superb with their service. Amongst others they went extra effort to help my baby breastfeeding and personally taught hubby how to bath a newborn. 

Delivery Cost
They have package price for normal delivery, quite reasonable price (can’t remember the figure). If you have to go for c-sect like me, it will definetely cost you at least 10K. (Boley start menabung since the first preggy month). However you can talk to the gynae and she will give you discount. Make formal letter to the finance department and actually they can give you price cut (macam tak percaya jer since it is a private hospital kan). The finance guy really helpful siap datang jumpa kitorang kat bilik.

Same like gynae, paedtrician pun kena que jugak but not as bad as gynae. Check their appointment hours and avoid saturdays. Ask them all questions you have coz they are expert. Sama macam gynae, I take note all relevant questions before making appointment so we feels it is more worth it to pay them.  Kalau setakat nak jab jer nurse kat hospital kerajaan pun boley buat kan…

Hmm..okay, it’s another long weekend this week so hope you have a great weekend. Nanti bulan March + April dah takde public hols tau.

For me, I need to start doing my INCEIF assignment. Oh my, please give me strength to start!!!

Catch ya later!



Hello everybody!!!

Hope eveyone had a refreshing long holidays. It was only 3 days working days this week and now it is TGIF again yeayy!!! Thanks to creative farah who did my header. I like it! Suites my theme and mood=)

Btw by looking at my title, I think you know what I’m going to talk about. Of course not the real crime scene but the CSI TV shows. If you know me, you know I’m addicted to the shows (other than F.R.I.E.N.D.S). I have collection of dvds and will watch re-run over and over again.

 Of course life is not the same now when you are a Mom. It started when Ashman was still in the womb. At that time I was afraid to watch the series (masa tu banyak benda laa takut). The first year having him, I still missed a lot of episodes since by the time it aired at 10pm, I have dozed off…mengantuk due to his every-hour-feeding-time. So now on his 2nd year, his feeding time dah reduce. Barulah boley start tengok balik yeay!

So I managed to watch a few of episodes of CSI Miami and CSI NY (CSI Vegas dah pun abis time tu). I am so frustrated to see CSI Miami’s finale. Very confusing, tak menarik langsung. They tried to put everything in one episode and jadik kelam kabut.

Plus the romance between Calleigh-Eric, it didn’t work at all. At first I like the idea of them flirting coz I used to like both characters. But towards the end alaa boringnya mamat nie…karat sangat. Something like that.

The new season Eric will be gone and replaced by someone else. I think that’s a good idea coz cam dah boring aaa tengok muka dia tu. I still like Calleigh, though. (A lot of my guys friends love her too!). She has a special soft voice with southern accent but also a strict ‘don’t mess with me’ character. Beautiful lady with a gun. I guess it fits with men’s fantasy, that’s why they love her.

On the other hand, I really really love the finale of CSI NY!!! So sad that Flack lost his girlfriend..sob sob…and I love Lindsay’s character. Her love relationship with Danny also kind of okay, takdelah too mushy mushy. But I wonder why in NY they can declare their relationship openly but in Miami it’s like you can’t fall in love with your team member?

The coming season Danny is going to be paralysed (or something like that) due to the shooting. Hope it’s not permanent. I also love the idea that Mac lost his wife during 9/11 attack. I kind of hoping she will return someday. (pepandai jer aku reka script…) They never found her body rite?

Btw, this wednesday (24 Feb) CSI Vegas will return, normal time 10pm. Heard Sara is back for a few episodes. Yeayy I like her! *do you know that she and calleigh (Miami) are close friends in real life?*

Enough about my crime scene. So now the top 24 finalist of American Idol revealed, what do you think? Who are you rooting for???

I only managed to watch a few episodes. So far I like Didi Benami and the mom that plays harmonica, what’s her name, Crystal? My nephews rooting for Andrew Garcia. 

Do you realise that this season’s contestants full with sad/tragic stories. Less drama, though. I kind of miss tatiana or bikini girl haha… 

What about that new tv series Glee? I think it is original and entertaining. But I never manage to watch the whole episode coz kena tidurkan my son, or else kesian dia the next day kena bangun awal pergi babysitter. Ada ke Glee repeat during the weekend yek?

Enough reading my ramblings about tv show. Let’s enjoy the weekend!!!

Quote of the week:
You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree…

Tata for now.

Discovering Mr. E

We , together with Angah and matde (ala ala Brangelina kay) went to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary during 1 Feb holiday. I first had some hesitation to bring my baby travelling to place like that. But then I read in Stoppard’s book that your baby is never too young to travel, as long as the activities are enjoyed by us. She was right coz our trip was very smooth and all of us really enjoyed it.

We depart from KL around 11am (plan nak gerak kul 10 tapi dapur mishap – tetiba gas habis sewaktu sedang rebus telur).  In the net it said the journey take 2.5 hours but it actually only took us around 1.5 hours. Perhaps because of the Lebuhraya Pantai Timur. You take exit Lanchang and the signboard is everywhere, you won’t get lost.

Sampai2 je terus lunch dulu. Hubby went to take the yellow pass. Entrance is free, but the yellow pass is limited (I think only 120 passes /day).

For lunch, there are a few stalls but limited food choice so if you are going during the weekend make sure you bring extra food. We brought nuggets fried by Angah tapi dekat Genting Sempah dah habis hehe). Services a bit slow but they were friendly. Ntah kenapa masa tu saya terasa seperti di Sabah. Maybe the atmosphere?

The video show started at 1.30. But only hubby watched, we all ter-over excited terus bawak ashman tengok all the elephants. Masa tu dlm pagar. Around 2pm baru all the elephants kuar. yeayyy!!! They roam freely (of course with the feet tied so not to worry). They went for a bath at nearby river, and all elephants were clean and sparkly, it was feeding time!

The young ones were fed nuts (kena beli dalam RM3 kot sepacket), and the old ones were fed fruits (provided). Saya agak geli so tukang tangkap gambar je. Ashman was very fascinated looking at those elephants. It was much better than zoo because they were very close to you.

die sedut ngan belalai, mcm vacum;)

 Then it was riding time!!! Yang nie saya nak join. The last time ride masa darjah 5 dekat zoo negara with my nephew Along. Masa tu Angah pun ada tapi dia tanak naik, instead dia nak naik train. *Angah boring:P* hehe…

Anyway, you can ride with your family or partners. We will not be riding alone coz the workers pun ada, so not to worry. The difference with the zoo is that there won’t be any cover on the elephants ~ they want it to be as nature as it can be. So you can feel it’s bone & skin. Best!!!

Ashman macam tak heran naik I think because the Elephant too big dia tak nampak hehe..Tapi bila dah nak abis tu dia start buat bunyi nak nangis so I started singing eezy weezy spider and he quiet again listening to my soothing voice *poyo*.

One family;)

After riding, it was time for the final session – splashing and bathing with the elephants. I take paycheck for this one since I hate to go through the process of getting wet–>bathing at public bathroom–>changing cloth. So saya jadik photographer saje sambil dukung Ashman. The big elephant will bring you into the river and then fell down. Basah kuyup aa…

Masa they all naik elephant tu Ashman bising nak turun from me and joined them. Kesian dia. So once semua dah turun I passed Ashman to hubby so he got  to bath the elephants. This session only involves the young elephants, some as small as 6 months.

with th 6-months old baby eli

The activities ended around 4.30pm. They all mandi (according to them the bathroom is clean) and then we headed home, sambil makan my egg-sandwich. Ashman terus terlelap dalam kereta.

More pictures I’ve uploaded in FB. I recommended the place for those who intererested with nature and adventure. For people like hubby memang dia suka giler lah, he said 10X better than zoo negara hehe…Staffs were also nice and friendly. Plus it’s free, but you may donate for the place. 

Okie dokie.

Happy New Year. Enjoy the long weekend!!!

5 things on my list…

I have not finished uploaded the Kuala Gandah pics, so that story has to be postpone. So now to fill up my ‘free’ monday, let just do one of the overdue tag on the 5 things on my list…

5 things I’m thankful at…
Hubby next to us every night;
2. Trustworthy babysitter who has been taking care of my little one since he was 2 months old. Alhamdulilah…
3. Supportive management at my workplace – allowing me to express my milk, giving me study leaves, internet access, etc.
4. Freedom and peace in the country – where we can go wherever we want at whatever time we like
5. Internet – Abundant and quick resources to answer my curiosity in all kind of areas: parenting, child development, healthy issues, financial guides.

5 things I regretted about…
They say we shouldn’t have regrets in life…but I can’t help it to have a few, such as…

1. I didn’t visit Abang Arif when he was in KB Hospital. I knew it was for the best coz the hospital was so crowded plus Ashman is still small and can’t go to government hospital. Still…if only I managed to see him one last time.
2. I should call my dear friend Mariam more often…

*I only have two for now. All related to death and cancer..hmm…

5 Alive Celebrities I wanted to meet….
Do you know that me and my roommates have such list wrote down while studying in U.S? Siap separate list for female and male celebrities tak tahan tul. So funny laa teringat balik. The irony part is we always keep changing the list hehe…okie, my list now will be…

1. Jennifer Aniston;
2. Johnny Depp  (this is new in my list – replacing Mr. Pitt);
3. Ryan Giggs;
4. Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne from CSI Miami);
5. Either Chad Murray or James Lafferty…or both! I can’t decide which one!

5 Places I wanted to go…

1. Old Trafford;
2. Back to State Street, Madison WI
3. Prague;
4. Back to Disneyworld, with my family this time! I can imagine my boys (both of them okie) enjoying all the rides!
5. Back to Sipadan, it is such an amazing place. Bila Ashman boley diving yek?:). Especially now he really likes turtles. Bila gambar turtles je kat tv, he will excitedly point at it.

5 childhood memories

1. I hang out with my neighbor (Misz Karen) and she gave me chewing gum. I was excited coz I hardly allowed to eat chewing gum. Tengah tengah makan baru teringat gua puasa beb…! Karen cina, confirm laa tak puasa…hehe…

2. While I was in standard 5, I and a few friends (Misz Nurul and Misz Kelly)  stay-back after school for hockey practice. Pergi laa gerai burger depan sekolah (memang dah kira adventure laa time tu keluar dari pagar sekolah). Balik dari beli burger, tup tup ada burung berak elok jatuh atas kepala!!!

3. When I was standard 1, there was one time during assembly time, saya sedang sibuk berborak and one prefect pulled me to front..kena rotan ngan cikgu displin! Siot nyer prefect, orang lain pun borak gak tak kena pun..hehe…

4. I was chased by puppies when I was 6 years old. Baru balik Tadika Fatima and the bus driver dropped me jauh sket coz rumahku jalan mati bas tu malas nak pusing. Punyalah laju lari sampai terus terkenc* after that. My mom terus marah bus driver the next day hehe..

5. My primary school gardener Uncle Rajoo (betul ke ntah namanya nie ingat ingat lupe) will sell hari raya card during fasting month, which cost only 10 – 20 cents. He put it in the box maka kelam kabut lah bebudak carik2 korek2 kad yang cantik. Hantar dekat parents, teachers, and to each other…Lepas tu siap tulis pecah kaca pecah gelas…, sweet old time!  (Actually I don’t remember at all this bit of memory, belum tua dah pelupa kan but then my ex-schoolmates highlighted about it in FB..terus teringat balik…).

5 people to continue the tag circle…
 My ex-housemate, suria
2. My besties, suharti
3. My another ex-housemate, Noris
4. My wall-mate (haha), Nisa
5. Whoever readers who have time ok!

Okie, Happy Monday! Quote of the week:
“You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree…”

Tata for now!

I’m a Toys R’ Us kid

“I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R’ Us kid..lalala”

*Korang ingat tak lagu nie?*

When I were about 6 years old, the first ad on Toys R’ Us with the above lyrics came into our Malaysian television. It shows a few kids playing with some exciting toys, like bicycle, softball, etc.  Two of the kids in the ads were my kindie-mate, so I was really fond watching the commercial.  Anyway, at that age, my curiosity mind wondered why the letter R is spelled backward like that..dah besar2 nie teringat balik kelakor pulok benda camtu pun budak pk ek…

Lucky enough, the 1st store was quite nearby (at City Square Jalan Tun Razak) so one lucky day my parents brought us there. I remembered I was so excited (mcm dapat masuk disneyland). The store was so huge!!! We went from aisle to aisle like crazy. I remembered the aisles was arranged based on category, so we observe all the display toys like there was no tomorrow. Sebab dapat pegang toys tu kan happy betul!

Tapi zaman dulu takde pulak kita mintak2 toys tu kat our parents kan. Just dapat tengok pun dah puas hati.   

I still remembered at one of the last aisle there were automated cars. One pinkish car was with Barbies theme I adored so much. It was the first time I saw it so saya amat jakun sekalik. I remembered the price tags were 4 digits at that time rasa macam Woww weee….

Anyway, walaupun kita time tu kecik dah pandai tengok price tag. I only bought a boardgame on spelling related-hangman. I remembered my sister said something like “alaa mainan nie pakai buku pun boley” (you know..where you draw the hangman sampai mati masuk perigi..). But I insisted on that game.

The next time I went to the store were with Abg Arif and Kak Pi (I can’t remember whether their kids were there or not). They asked me to choose one toy and I remembered I chose a jigsaw puzzle game. Skang nie pikir oh alangkah ruginya patut aku pilih mainan lagik mahal/best/power hehe… 

A few years back I went back to Toys R’ Us @ City Square reminiscing the old memories. Ironically the store became small. Is it me that has grown up or really the store has became smaller?

Now since we have this budak kecik comel bernama Ashman Ehsan:), again I begin to visit Toys R’ Us again. Almost every week. Now there have it at a lot of locations, lucky kids nowadays huh. The latest location I believe was Great Eastern Mall, right next to Ashman’s Tumbletots. So confirm2 laa setiap minggu pass by kan. The biggest we’ve been was at One Utama.  

Our boy although has not comprehend the real meaning of toys still love the place. I think because it’s all colorful and full with things to unstack. For instance last Saturday he spent 10 minutes running around the aisle screaming at the top of his lung while holding the pool noodles yg sesungguhnya lagik tinggi dari dia. Sabor je…I think he liked the noodles coz it was colorful.

There will be 2 types of kids’ voices you can hear at the store. One filled with genuine joy ~ enjoying the displayed toys. Another one is crying sounds ~ potraying their frustration if they can’t buy the toys that they are eyeing at. Termasuk lah suara anak terunaku yg marah bila simpan balik the noodles tu hehe…

Anyway now that he’s 13 months, I told hubby I felt like our boy is re-born. Coz sometimes he is like a totally different boy (comparable with the baby I delivered 1 year ago!) since he runs and shouts everywhere now! 🙂

Other than that…his other development includes:

  • Practicing his downward dog yoga pose. Suka ‘pekapoo’ from that pose now;
  • Able to express feeling;
  • Rajin Hi-5 and kiss all of us;
  • Understand when we ask him to get something. For example, when ask to fetch the ball, he’ll do it.
  • Love hooking/ripping things on the wall. Things like magnet on the fridge. We also have been using flash cards and tape it on the wall. Thinking to buy velcro material for him to play with. Where to buy such things yek?
  • To expand his creativity, I start introduced him with paint!!! First body paint with angah and then a few painting sessions with me. Leceh sket nak make the paint (almaklum maknya kan pemalas kalau boley semua nak beli je) but to make sure it’s edible buat jugak lah kan. Then leceh jugak lah daddy nya kena cuci hehe…
  • Suka dengar lagu eezy weezy spider! (sampai yesterday @ Kuala Gandah pun nyanyi lagu tu while on the Mr. Elephant) hehe..

Okie I talk about the Kuala Gandah experience later. Hope you guys had a great weekend and all re-energize for the week ya!