After postponing it a few times, we managed to held our boy 1st birthday bash last saturday.

First of all, we really apologized that we did not manage to invite everyone.  When I first read the net about tips on kid’s birthday party, it said the ideal number of guests are the child’s age + 1. So Ashman’s age is 1, plus 1 = 2! We were like…2 only!!! His cousins alone dah 20 orang, how?

But after discussing with hubby and due to limited resources, we decided to limit the invitation only to families of both sides and neighbors.  Itupun dah 50 orang. Perhaps in future if Allah permits we can have a bigger party! *baru habis 1st party dah berangan for the next one..sabor aje.*

Anyway, we decided the party’s theme this year is Animal Safari. Hubby is in charge of decoration. He did the banner below by himself. Two thumbs up!

birthday boy with babysitter of the day. Thanx Angah!

I’m in charge of the food. *Please take note that in charge does not mean cooking the food:)*. Food also meant the birthday cake. When I read about birthday party in the net, they always emphasized the importance of cake thus I’m trying hard to get the best one that suited the theme. *Again it does not mean I bake the cake myself.* I’m very satisfied with the cake, sedap pulak tu! 

the super-delicious and beautifully decorated cake! Thanks Ila!

We outsourced the games part to Mr. Clown. It was actually a surprise gift from hubby. Thanks daddy!

Thanx Mr. Clown for an enjoyable evening!

The kids (mainly Ashman’s cousins) were all very joyful and very excited.

joy and laughter

The adults were happy to see the kids’ creativity, too. I’m glad everyone enjoyed the day.  

 Thanx everyone for the helping hands (and the gifts!). 

Thanx everyone for the wishes!

Although in the middle of the party Ashman was sleepy, he was not cranky whatsoever.  He quietly dozed off on daddy’s and later with Angah. He woke up 1 hour later all re-energize;) 

Mummy loves you very much!

 *Thanx Along for the pictures!

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