credit hours

I did mention before that sometimes I got frustrated when I was left out of certain activities coz I need to take care of little one. It’s not that I’m not happy taking care of him, but sometimes ‘geram’ coz hubby still got to do his stuff. Although I agree that he can go, when he comes back sometimes I’m all emotional due to tiredness and whatever.

Although we tried to accomodate, the feelings aren’t the same. For example early this month when we went for family futsal game, me and hubby will take turn to be inside the court. Our boy was happy outside the court chasing his football (and his shadow) with me. But when it was my turn to play, he was not that happy. I really can’t concentrate playing while listening to him whining outside (unless if angah was there he was okay).  Thus at last hubby the one who played and I waited outside. Boring and unfair!

Perhaps before our boy was smaller and can sit on the stroller thus the plan works. Now that he is walking/spinning/dancing everywhere, the plan no longer work.

After that incident, I give much thought about this. And suddenly I remembered something my ex-housemate suria wrote. She said for every hour her hubby spent outside, she earns the same hours. Whether she wants to use it or not it’s up to her. Hmm…why don’t I tried that?

I proposed it to hubby and we shakehand on it (we did literally shake hand on the motor ride home for real). Nasib baik tak buat agreement je hehe…We agreed that for any minute either one of us spend doing our interests/hobbies alone (work and classes excluded) , the other partner earns that same minutes. And guess what, it works briliantly!

I no longer sulk whenever he wants to go out for basketball or futsal or whatever… The best part is I’m not even mad when he comes back late. He will usually promise to be back by 7pm but you know larr the basketball court macam panggil2 dia (kengkonon) so terbabas laa jugak…  I hate to ‘membebel’ to him when he is late, and of course he hates it, too.  So now I no longer do, it feels much more harmony at home:).

By the way FYI, the court was not at all similar with the Riverside Court of One Tree Hill okay...hehe… The first week itself, guess how many hours I have accumulated? Jeng jeng jeng….5 hours and 45 minutes!!!

Almost 6 hours! Oh wow…such an ample time for me to spend for shopping, facial, girls day out, etc etc… Dah lama giler tak shopping for long hours sampaikan dah tak ingat what it feels like hehe…

Only yesterday I used some of the credit hours earned. I used 1 hour and 15 minutes to shop at Isetan alone. Really alone. Such serenity. *Isetan penuh giler orang shopping utk CNY boley kata serenity?* haha…woman!

But seriously, it’s not that I don’t love my 2 darlings, but it is such a peace of mind to shop without one darling whining for my attention and the other darling keep on calling asking when I will finish. I wonder why I did not implement such contract much earlier. Imagine how many hours I have accumulated then? haha…

Hubby’s having a volleyball tournament soon. For the first time I’m looking forward for it? hehe…and our nephew finally bought his NERF machine guns yg dah lama diidam idamkan. They plan to have a war soon. Itu pun kira hours la kan? hihi… *kalaulah hours boley diconvert to $ pun best gak kan?*

Okie readers, have a great week ahead! When in doubt, just take the next small step!!!



5 responses

  1. ok 1st the volleyball tournament..tu maner kira sbb to company call. kena main..mcm pegi offshore/outstation. kena pegi kalau tak potong gaji..hahahaha

    and 2nd, about nerf things… tu tak kira gak sbb melibatkan family gathering.. i mean ‘war’ things. tu tak kira gak kan? kan? lagipun war field tu kat rumah kosong sblh rumah kiter tu jer..tak aci laaa

  2. If the credit hours apply to every hour my husband kerja outside KL.. mmg kaya credit hours i ok!
    But i do agree with you that sometimes bila my son main dgn i he’s happy, but when my husband jaga die jd cranky.. in the end the take turns thing mmg don’t work out well sbb i will always have to tkae my turn after 5-10mins pass kat hubb sbb kesian tgk my son.. hehehe

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