Busy January

A bit occupied this week. Busy with work. Btw, do you know that you can’t highlight fonts in the latest power point version? Why is that?
I thought my pc yg takde button tu, rupanya baru tau memang dah takde. Sabar sabar…

Also busy preparing our lovely AE’s birthday party this weekend (It was postponed since my brother passed away). We have finalise almost everything. Only need to re-confirm here and there. Oh yeah..need to wrap the presents for the kids… and yeah, need to glue the decoration. Oi banyak lagik nak buat nie…

Also, I’m preparing a surprise birthday gift for him. Tapi belum siap lagik bendanya. Pressure jugak nie hehe… Gatal lagik nak buat hadiah sendiri, beli kat kedai kan senang…

Meanwhile our little hero also is keeping himself busy this month. He recently learned how to turn his body. So asik pusing pusing pusing sampailah dizzy and tergolek jatuh. Seb baik tak nangis, gelak je pastu pusing lagik. Sungguh adorable!

Yesterday ajak mummy main ring-around-rosie (he learned at Tumbletots) berpuluh kali sampai mummy pun dizzy. Tapi layan jer la coz I really like to see him happy. I just found out the song lyrics between UK and US are a bit different. No wonder cikgu tumbletots tu nyanyi lain dengan apa yang saya belajar kat Preschool dulu. But I think UK’s version lagik best kot ada macam bunyi bersin tu? 🙂

Lepas tu our boy dah pandai tickle mummy. He put his mouth at my tummy area and blow. Ntah sape ajar tapi memang geli. Bila suruh buat kat daddy takmo pulak. Daddy bau tak cukup wangi ke? ahaks.

Unlike before, now he also know that we need to wear shoes to go outside so he patiently wait for me to put on his shoe. Bila dah pakaikan satu kasut, dia akan hulurkan kaki sebelah lagik. Good boy.

Here are some pictures of him being ‘busy’:

busy practising squash

busy kemas our relative's kitchen

busy with his sandbox

busy main air:)

Very energetic. All in all, I’m happy to see him healthy + safe + happy.

Okie dokie, let’s get ready for the parrrrrtttyyyyyyyy! tata.


5 responses

  1. mon, ashman tak ‘makan’ ke sand tu? arif confirm tak boleh bagi main everything goes straight into his mouth!
    oh ya dari aritu nak tanya kau psl tumbletot…it’s once a wk? and we can choose either sat or sunday?

  2. zaini, lama2 hilanglah ‘mouthing’ tu. Tapi kunci ashman still suka gigit, ntahlah apa yg sedapnya. Haah tumbletots once a week. Kalau miss saturday, boley pergi yg sunday. Cuba pergi the nearest franchise and tanya schedule.

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