Reality check

Nowadays we have been showered by a lot of reality shows. Without a doubt, even how simple or lame the shows are, people will still watch it. There’s even a show about dogs now, rite?

I was first exposed with such shows when I arrived States 10 years ago. OMG was it 10 years? lama nyer dah… It was an MTV series, entitled Real World. Have you guys watch that? It was such a simple show. Just about a bunch of people were put together in a big house, live with each other for a certain period. No tricks, no game whatsoever.

The next one is the famous Survivor series. At that time a lot of people were really into it. When I said I was from Malaysia, some students there will say, “Isn’t that the place where they shoot Survivor? Such a beautiful Island”. I did not even know where the hell they shoot it hehe…

Now after 10 years the storyline for reality shows has developed and things get trickier, dirtier, funnier, whatsoever so long as it increases rating.

Some shows don’t have competition or strangers pooled together, but people will still watch it. For eg: Kimora, Kardashians, Snoop.  When the Kimora story was first released, I’m like who is this lady? haha…But I still watch it. The truth is people love to watch such shows coz it’s real. Just a pinch of reality for the soul… Remember Jim Carrey’s The Truman Show? yeah…it is like that.

But somehow the malaysian reality shows don’t really work. For example I watched a few of Gugu-Gaga Erra series. Somehow it looks fake. Did you watch the part where suddenly the baby went missing, memang nampak berlakon! 

Anway, last month while I had my exam leaves, I managed to watch some of the shows below. (Memang lah study kan tapi tv terbukak hehe..)

  • The Biggest Loser – Interesting idea coz it gives contestants a chance to change. Many of them would like to change for the sake of their family, I like that idea.  Unlike other reality shows, this one doesn’t bitch about each other (for example in comparable to American Next Top Model? haha) coz many of them have low self-esteem to start with. They co-operate and work together. So something for a change.


  • Running In Heels – Stumbled into the back to back episodes. Very similar with the The Devils Wears Prada novel. I never read Marie Claire before but now that I watch this show, I certainly want to browse the magazine and see what are they talking about haha. ..


  • Giuliana and Bill – When I heard about this show and read that Giuliana has Master in Journalism, I’m hoping the show won’t be like Jessica Simpson’s. I was an avid fan of Apprentice before, so Bill of course is loved by all:). But more than 3 friends have complained that they don’t think Giuliana is not that pretty hence not a perfect match? Jealous lah bebudak nie hehe… What do you think?

So readers..what is your all-time favorite reality shows?

Till then, have a super-great weekend with family and friends. May it feels with the 3Es – Energy, Enthusiasm, Empathy.



6 responses

  1. I watched Giuliana and Bill too!! I ok je tgk Giuliana tuh tapi Jai tak suke, die cakap Giuliana tuh nampak ‘dumb’ and suka joli duit husband die. Tapi I found it weird bila die panggil suami die guna last name, who the hell calls your partner by his last name?

  2. Hi Mon, Lina uska Giulana & Bill show tu. I find them quite real, taklah mcm ngada2 like some other newly-wed couples…it looks to me like they are actually a real couple vs typical Hollywood couple. Or maybe saya mmg suka Giulana tu, hehe

  3. I actually saw running in hills masa dlm flight.. at which channel is the show eh?
    Yeah, i do hope Giuliana and Bill will not end like jess and nick.. but most reality tv couple show, diorg mesti split up after show tu dah habis.. carmen electra.. jess.. blink 182 punye drummer tuh.. mcm dah jinx pulak.. hehhe

  4. farina-you were right, why she called him ransic? pelik gak yek.

    anne-I think running in heels is at channel 711 or 712. haritu I tgk back-to-back episodes for the whole day! haha

    karen-’s a bit demeaning I guess. But it did motivate me to live a healthy life (uweekk!) hehe…

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