random weekend post

I have quite a lot of stories to update. But little time to do so. By the time I’m free (like now), I either forgotten the story or it’s already basi. hehe…

Let see, angah and matde are now husband and wife. Everything went smoothly, alhamdulilah. For me, he is such a perfect match for her in many ways. (sape lagik yang rajin nak layan angah tu? haha).  May their life full with joy and meaningful memories.

To the family, matde completes our futsal team :). Or is it basketball team? Macam macam laa diorang nie…semua nak main. Athlete kengkonon.

Alhamdulilah our baby tak cranky during the event. Main2 sampai lah terlentok at my shoulder. I think he weight more than 8 kg now so lenguh gak tangan but I prefer to dukung him so he can sleep for 1 hour rather than put him down on bed and only sleep for 15 minutes. Coz he has this habit to be close to people while napping. Kalau tak senang jer terjaga.

On his development, let see…now he starts eating what we are eating (normal food). He eats rice, chicken, bread, egg, and fruits. Mummy nya suka lah x perlu nak masak porridge whatsoever;).

He loves grapes, bila suap jer siap tepuk tangan. He likes bananas and oranges, too. Then last week I read in the Stoppard’s book this statement:-

“Most children love grapes. They quench thirst as well as satisfying hunger”

Haha. Jelas, nyata dan terang dia tulis. No wonder la dia siap tepuk tangan suka hehe…But in restaurants he still can’t be in baby chair for long. Makan2 sket, ketuk2 sudu, pastu start la nak get out from the chair. Any tips, parents?

He is also good now playing on his own (looking & exploring his toys). I love to give him things to stack (like box), or things that can open and shut as he will spend a good half an hour concentrating on it.

He will do and repeat things that make you laugh. He likes it if hubby makes funny face/shocking face. He also knows that handphone supposed to go to your ear. He’ll put it on his ear and say something like “heeaaaaa” :).

And now he perfected his “peek-a-poo” skill using his hands. Boley tutup both eyes. Tapi kekadang dia tutup both his ears, adorable;)

Since he really loves his Baby Einstein Old McDonald, I bought another 4 baby einstein dvds. Borong terus hehe…He loves it, too especially the nursery counting 1,2,3. The Baby Gallileo not so much.

Last thursday he played sand for the first time in the new sand box hubby bought for him as birthday present. At first he was like “ape benda nie…”, and just stand outside the box. Pastu masuk kaki sebelah, pastu last2 terus masuk. Habis the whole baju kena pasir. But I’m happy to see him enjoying it.

I think he is no more on reverse cycling mode coz he BF less at night now. Kalau dulu almost every hour, now I think only 3 times in between 12 midnite – 6am.

Sometimes I feel tense that I missed out certain events coz I have to take care of him. But when I remember how much I love him that feeling is wiped away. I know I can leave him with some trusted people (like relatives), but since I already leave him during the weekday, I don’t have a heart to leave him during the weekend.    

Okie dokie, I’m going to pray Isya’ and have my precious sleep. Hope you will have a well-spend Sunday. Re-charge the energy ya. Tata.


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  1. yup2..true..even die nak kluar pon, jgn bagi..biar je die dok lama2 plus kat rumah pon teach him highchair n kat rumah i used to put her toys or what ever yg die suker main..so ble kat any restaurant, she’s ok n kasik la die like sudu ke pinggan plastik ( eh tp anak ko laki..takkan men sudu pinggan??haha..)

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