Welcome 2010

Happy New Year readers!

Have not update for quite some time. Was involved in a lot of family matters lately.

First, hubby was warded a few days at APSH due to kidney stone. Tetiba pagi nak pergi kerja sakit perut tertonggeng tonggeng! So first working day tahun baru saya dah tak masuk ofis! Lucky company ada compassionate leave given if your family members warded.    

Thanx for all who drop by and pay him a visit. It always good to know that someone care about you.

Glad we are Prudential policyholders so everything is well taken care of; including the post-visit to Urologist (betol ke ku eja nie?) until he really cured. The urologist was very expert (mcm kidney tu ada depan mata die bila die cerita) and he communicated to patient really well. (unlike some doctors I met yang lacking communication skills). 

2nd issue, my son’s daycare nak close shop coz the owner nak quit. We are like What???? 

It’s not they are no other daycare around, but at his age (1 year old) it’s not good for him to change daycare.

His age is in between, where he’s not a baby anymore where you can just carry and drop anywhere. But he also not a toddler so he won’t understand reasoning on changing school whatsoever.

Thus can’t imagine leaving him with a total stranger (a new daycare teacher will be a stranger to him). Sure sedey, anxiety etc.

If only I have enough capital (and courage), I take over jer that day-care.  But the timing laa macam tak berapa sesuai.

Tapi alhamdulilah yesterday one of his daycare teacher said she will continue jaga my son at her new rented house, in the same housing area. Yeayy, issued solved!

So esok dengan cerianya saya nak bercuti untuk sibuk2 tolong angah (my oldest niece) for her wedding solemnization. Petang nie nak pergi sibuk buat inai yeayy!!  Hopefully majlis sabtu nie akan berjalan dengan lancar. Abang Arif will be happy to know that his only daughter happily tied the knot, with someone she loves;) 

tata for now!


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