After postponing it a few times, we managed to held our boy 1st birthday bash last saturday.

First of all, we really apologized that we did not manage to invite everyone.  When I first read the net about tips on kid’s birthday party, it said the ideal number of guests are the child’s age + 1. So Ashman’s age is 1, plus 1 = 2! We were like…2 only!!! His cousins alone dah 20 orang, how?

But after discussing with hubby and due to limited resources, we decided to limit the invitation only to families of both sides and neighbors.  Itupun dah 50 orang. Perhaps in future if Allah permits we can have a bigger party! *baru habis 1st party dah berangan for the next one..sabor aje.*

Anyway, we decided the party’s theme this year is Animal Safari. Hubby is in charge of decoration. He did the banner below by himself. Two thumbs up!

birthday boy with babysitter of the day. Thanx Angah!

I’m in charge of the food. *Please take note that in charge does not mean cooking the food:)*. Food also meant the birthday cake. When I read about birthday party in the net, they always emphasized the importance of cake thus I’m trying hard to get the best one that suited the theme. *Again it does not mean I bake the cake myself.* I’m very satisfied with the cake, sedap pulak tu! 

the super-delicious and beautifully decorated cake! Thanks Ila!

We outsourced the games part to Mr. Clown. It was actually a surprise gift from hubby. Thanks daddy!

Thanx Mr. Clown for an enjoyable evening!

The kids (mainly Ashman’s cousins) were all very joyful and very excited.

joy and laughter

The adults were happy to see the kids’ creativity, too. I’m glad everyone enjoyed the day.  

 Thanx everyone for the helping hands (and the gifts!). 

Thanx everyone for the wishes!

Although in the middle of the party Ashman was sleepy, he was not cranky whatsoever.  He quietly dozed off on daddy’s and later with Angah. He woke up 1 hour later all re-energize;) 

Mummy loves you very much!

 *Thanx Along for the pictures!

credit hours

I did mention before that sometimes I got frustrated when I was left out of certain activities coz I need to take care of little one. It’s not that I’m not happy taking care of him, but sometimes ‘geram’ coz hubby still got to do his stuff. Although I agree that he can go, when he comes back sometimes I’m all emotional due to tiredness and whatever.

Although we tried to accomodate, the feelings aren’t the same. For example early this month when we went for family futsal game, me and hubby will take turn to be inside the court. Our boy was happy outside the court chasing his football (and his shadow) with me. But when it was my turn to play, he was not that happy. I really can’t concentrate playing while listening to him whining outside (unless if angah was there he was okay).  Thus at last hubby the one who played and I waited outside. Boring and unfair!

Perhaps before our boy was smaller and can sit on the stroller thus the plan works. Now that he is walking/spinning/dancing everywhere, the plan no longer work.

After that incident, I give much thought about this. And suddenly I remembered something my ex-housemate suria wrote. She said for every hour her hubby spent outside, she earns the same hours. Whether she wants to use it or not it’s up to her. Hmm…why don’t I tried that?

I proposed it to hubby and we shakehand on it (we did literally shake hand on the motor ride home for real). Nasib baik tak buat agreement je hehe…We agreed that for any minute either one of us spend doing our interests/hobbies alone (work and classes excluded) , the other partner earns that same minutes. And guess what, it works briliantly!

I no longer sulk whenever he wants to go out for basketball or futsal or whatever… The best part is I’m not even mad when he comes back late. He will usually promise to be back by 7pm but you know larr the basketball court macam panggil2 dia (kengkonon) so terbabas laa jugak…  I hate to ‘membebel’ to him when he is late, and of course he hates it, too.  So now I no longer do, it feels much more harmony at home:).

By the way FYI, the court was not at all similar with the Riverside Court of One Tree Hill okay...hehe… The first week itself, guess how many hours I have accumulated? Jeng jeng jeng….5 hours and 45 minutes!!!

Almost 6 hours! Oh wow…such an ample time for me to spend for shopping, facial, girls day out, etc etc… Dah lama giler tak shopping for long hours sampaikan dah tak ingat what it feels like hehe…

Only yesterday I used some of the credit hours earned. I used 1 hour and 15 minutes to shop at Isetan alone. Really alone. Such serenity. *Isetan penuh giler orang shopping utk CNY boley kata serenity?* haha…woman!

But seriously, it’s not that I don’t love my 2 darlings, but it is such a peace of mind to shop without one darling whining for my attention and the other darling keep on calling asking when I will finish. I wonder why I did not implement such contract much earlier. Imagine how many hours I have accumulated then? haha…

Hubby’s having a volleyball tournament soon. For the first time I’m looking forward for it? hehe…and our nephew finally bought his NERF machine guns yg dah lama diidam idamkan. They plan to have a war soon. Itu pun kira hours la kan? hihi… *kalaulah hours boley diconvert to $ pun best gak kan?*

Okie readers, have a great week ahead! When in doubt, just take the next small step!!!


Busy January

A bit occupied this week. Busy with work. Btw, do you know that you can’t highlight fonts in the latest power point version? Why is that?
I thought my pc yg takde button tu, rupanya baru tau memang dah takde. Sabar sabar…

Also busy preparing our lovely AE’s birthday party this weekend (It was postponed since my brother passed away). We have finalise almost everything. Only need to re-confirm here and there. Oh yeah..need to wrap the presents for the kids… and yeah, need to glue the decoration. Oi banyak lagik nak buat nie…

Also, I’m preparing a surprise birthday gift for him. Tapi belum siap lagik bendanya. Pressure jugak nie hehe… Gatal lagik nak buat hadiah sendiri, beli kat kedai kan senang…

Meanwhile our little hero also is keeping himself busy this month. He recently learned how to turn his body. So asik pusing pusing pusing sampailah dizzy and tergolek jatuh. Seb baik tak nangis, gelak je pastu pusing lagik. Sungguh adorable!

Yesterday ajak mummy main ring-around-rosie (he learned at Tumbletots) berpuluh kali sampai mummy pun dizzy. Tapi layan jer la coz I really like to see him happy. I just found out the song lyrics between UK and US are a bit different. No wonder cikgu tumbletots tu nyanyi lain dengan apa yang saya belajar kat Preschool dulu. But I think UK’s version lagik best kot ada macam bunyi bersin tu? 🙂

Lepas tu our boy dah pandai tickle mummy. He put his mouth at my tummy area and blow. Ntah sape ajar tapi memang geli. Bila suruh buat kat daddy takmo pulak. Daddy bau tak cukup wangi ke? ahaks.

Unlike before, now he also know that we need to wear shoes to go outside so he patiently wait for me to put on his shoe. Bila dah pakaikan satu kasut, dia akan hulurkan kaki sebelah lagik. Good boy.

Here are some pictures of him being ‘busy’:

busy practising squash

busy kemas our relative's kitchen

busy with his sandbox

busy main air:)

Very energetic. All in all, I’m happy to see him healthy + safe + happy.

Okie dokie, let’s get ready for the parrrrrtttyyyyyyyy! tata.

Reality check

Nowadays we have been showered by a lot of reality shows. Without a doubt, even how simple or lame the shows are, people will still watch it. There’s even a show about dogs now, rite?

I was first exposed with such shows when I arrived States 10 years ago. OMG was it 10 years? lama nyer dah… It was an MTV series, entitled Real World. Have you guys watch that? It was such a simple show. Just about a bunch of people were put together in a big house, live with each other for a certain period. No tricks, no game whatsoever.

The next one is the famous Survivor series. At that time a lot of people were really into it. When I said I was from Malaysia, some students there will say, “Isn’t that the place where they shoot Survivor? Such a beautiful Island”. I did not even know where the hell they shoot it hehe…

Now after 10 years the storyline for reality shows has developed and things get trickier, dirtier, funnier, whatsoever so long as it increases rating.

Some shows don’t have competition or strangers pooled together, but people will still watch it. For eg: Kimora, Kardashians, Snoop.  When the Kimora story was first released, I’m like who is this lady? haha…But I still watch it. The truth is people love to watch such shows coz it’s real. Just a pinch of reality for the soul… Remember Jim Carrey’s The Truman Show? yeah…it is like that.

But somehow the malaysian reality shows don’t really work. For example I watched a few of Gugu-Gaga Erra series. Somehow it looks fake. Did you watch the part where suddenly the baby went missing, memang nampak berlakon! 

Anway, last month while I had my exam leaves, I managed to watch some of the shows below. (Memang lah study kan tapi tv terbukak hehe..)

  • The Biggest Loser – Interesting idea coz it gives contestants a chance to change. Many of them would like to change for the sake of their family, I like that idea.  Unlike other reality shows, this one doesn’t bitch about each other (for example in comparable to American Next Top Model? haha) coz many of them have low self-esteem to start with. They co-operate and work together. So something for a change.


  • Running In Heels – Stumbled into the back to back episodes. Very similar with the The Devils Wears Prada novel. I never read Marie Claire before but now that I watch this show, I certainly want to browse the magazine and see what are they talking about haha. ..


  • Giuliana and Bill – When I heard about this show and read that Giuliana has Master in Journalism, I’m hoping the show won’t be like Jessica Simpson’s. I was an avid fan of Apprentice before, so Bill of course is loved by all:). But more than 3 friends have complained that they don’t think Giuliana is not that pretty hence not a perfect match? Jealous lah bebudak nie hehe… What do you think?

So readers..what is your all-time favorite reality shows?

Till then, have a super-great weekend with family and friends. May it feels with the 3Es – Energy, Enthusiasm, Empathy.


random weekend post

I have quite a lot of stories to update. But little time to do so. By the time I’m free (like now), I either forgotten the story or it’s already basi. hehe…

Let see, angah and matde are now husband and wife. Everything went smoothly, alhamdulilah. For me, he is such a perfect match for her in many ways. (sape lagik yang rajin nak layan angah tu? haha).  May their life full with joy and meaningful memories.

To the family, matde completes our futsal team :). Or is it basketball team? Macam macam laa diorang nie…semua nak main. Athlete kengkonon.

Alhamdulilah our baby tak cranky during the event. Main2 sampai lah terlentok at my shoulder. I think he weight more than 8 kg now so lenguh gak tangan but I prefer to dukung him so he can sleep for 1 hour rather than put him down on bed and only sleep for 15 minutes. Coz he has this habit to be close to people while napping. Kalau tak senang jer terjaga.

On his development, let see…now he starts eating what we are eating (normal food). He eats rice, chicken, bread, egg, and fruits. Mummy nya suka lah x perlu nak masak porridge whatsoever;).

He loves grapes, bila suap jer siap tepuk tangan. He likes bananas and oranges, too. Then last week I read in the Stoppard’s book this statement:-

“Most children love grapes. They quench thirst as well as satisfying hunger”

Haha. Jelas, nyata dan terang dia tulis. No wonder la dia siap tepuk tangan suka hehe…But in restaurants he still can’t be in baby chair for long. Makan2 sket, ketuk2 sudu, pastu start la nak get out from the chair. Any tips, parents?

He is also good now playing on his own (looking & exploring his toys). I love to give him things to stack (like box), or things that can open and shut as he will spend a good half an hour concentrating on it.

He will do and repeat things that make you laugh. He likes it if hubby makes funny face/shocking face. He also knows that handphone supposed to go to your ear. He’ll put it on his ear and say something like “heeaaaaa” :).

And now he perfected his “peek-a-poo” skill using his hands. Boley tutup both eyes. Tapi kekadang dia tutup both his ears, adorable;)

Since he really loves his Baby Einstein Old McDonald, I bought another 4 baby einstein dvds. Borong terus hehe…He loves it, too especially the nursery counting 1,2,3. The Baby Gallileo not so much.

Last thursday he played sand for the first time in the new sand box hubby bought for him as birthday present. At first he was like “ape benda nie…”, and just stand outside the box. Pastu masuk kaki sebelah, pastu last2 terus masuk. Habis the whole baju kena pasir. But I’m happy to see him enjoying it.

I think he is no more on reverse cycling mode coz he BF less at night now. Kalau dulu almost every hour, now I think only 3 times in between 12 midnite – 6am.

Sometimes I feel tense that I missed out certain events coz I have to take care of him. But when I remember how much I love him that feeling is wiped away. I know I can leave him with some trusted people (like relatives), but since I already leave him during the weekday, I don’t have a heart to leave him during the weekend.    

Okie dokie, I’m going to pray Isya’ and have my precious sleep. Hope you will have a well-spend Sunday. Re-charge the energy ya. Tata.

Welcome 2010

Happy New Year readers!

Have not update for quite some time. Was involved in a lot of family matters lately.

First, hubby was warded a few days at APSH due to kidney stone. Tetiba pagi nak pergi kerja sakit perut tertonggeng tonggeng! So first working day tahun baru saya dah tak masuk ofis! Lucky company ada compassionate leave given if your family members warded.    

Thanx for all who drop by and pay him a visit. It always good to know that someone care about you.

Glad we are Prudential policyholders so everything is well taken care of; including the post-visit to Urologist (betol ke ku eja nie?) until he really cured. The urologist was very expert (mcm kidney tu ada depan mata die bila die cerita) and he communicated to patient really well. (unlike some doctors I met yang lacking communication skills). 

2nd issue, my son’s daycare nak close shop coz the owner nak quit. We are like What???? 

It’s not they are no other daycare around, but at his age (1 year old) it’s not good for him to change daycare.

His age is in between, where he’s not a baby anymore where you can just carry and drop anywhere. But he also not a toddler so he won’t understand reasoning on changing school whatsoever.

Thus can’t imagine leaving him with a total stranger (a new daycare teacher will be a stranger to him). Sure sedey, anxiety etc.

If only I have enough capital (and courage), I take over jer that day-care.  But the timing laa macam tak berapa sesuai.

Tapi alhamdulilah yesterday one of his daycare teacher said she will continue jaga my son at her new rented house, in the same housing area. Yeayy, issued solved!

So esok dengan cerianya saya nak bercuti untuk sibuk2 tolong angah (my oldest niece) for her wedding solemnization. Petang nie nak pergi sibuk buat inai yeayy!!  Hopefully majlis sabtu nie akan berjalan dengan lancar. Abang Arif will be happy to know that his only daughter happily tied the knot, with someone she loves;) 

tata for now!