Talked about him being diagnosed with cancer last month… and last Sunday he left all of us.

It was an undescribable feeling.  The title above simply describe it best.  

To the family, he was like the shoulder to rely on. A very caring person. Anytime we got sick, he was the first to be there. He was a very generous person. Generous with his time, and his money. When I was a kid, he will give me RM50 or even RM100 for duit raya (quite a big sum at that time). He gave me much bigger sum when I flew to U.S.

I never see him being angry to anyone. He never raised his voice. Such a patience person. Now I realised that he uttered only positive words that will motivate you. I remember when I was 6 years old, I remember he told me that I’m a clever girl and that makes me happy at that time…

He teach his family to share and express their love and care. I saw him hug them everyday, his wife and his kids. Even the big ones (age 20+) which was quite unusual for a Malay family.  He even sleep with them sometimes. He helps his wife cook in the kitchen. His specialty is ‘pisang goreng’ ~ fried banana. We will surely miss that next ramadhan😦

To his patients, he’s more than an ordinary doctor. Imagine, he even gave money to his underprivileged patients for their ticket bus ride. (supposedly doctor should charge the patient but this is the other way around). He visited his patients everyday, even during weekend or public holiday. They are like their second family.  He sacrifice himself for their sake. For their health, for their happiness.

To his employers, he’s like a gift from God. The boss said he never says no for any of their requests. He cope with long working hours with passion and commitment.  He sometimes miss lunches coz he will be in OT room for long hours. He has no complaint.

To our boy Ashman, he was his favorite uncle. Not because he was funny or bought him toys, but simply because he showered him with love. While I was in maternity period, he came almost everyday to see Ashman. He emphasized that all of us must wash our hands before holding Ashman.

When Ashman was 3 months old and got his first fever, he asked us to stay at his house so he and my sister could take care of Ashman. Twice I heard Ashman called him ‘pa’. At first I thought that was coincidence , now I know it was really meant for him to hear it.  

As a  person, I can’t even describe his countless deeds. He teach us to do things right (even in small miscelaneous things e.g filling up forms) and to do the right things. 

He was such a benevolence person.  As a muallaf converting at teen-age, he undergone hard times having no family around. He saved every penny for books, and has no money to eat. Still, he able to achieve his dream to become a doctor.

Although he’s a plastic surgeon specialist (such a high-status occupation by nature), he was a very down to earth person. If you see him you will know why I say that. Coz he looks so normal, with his  ‘kain pelikat’ and normal shirt. When all other specialists doctors driving BMW or Merc, he still drove his Proton.

To sum up, like Along said…papa is legend to us.

Dr. Arif Kor with his family

We missed you!

I never feel he’s my bro-in-law but more like a real brother to me.  Abang Arif, you are simply irreplaceable…


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  1. normally, i do enter this blog with a happy heart mon! but this time, its heavy and fill with sadness. losing a family member is unbearable. but i know, Allah loves him more…he was, indeed a LEGEND.

  2. Assalammualaikum…saya baru sahaja dapat tahu tentang kematian allahyarham semalam dan amat terkejut membaca tentang berita itu…takziah pada keluarga beliau dan diharap tabah menghadapi dugaan allah…..semuga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat…amin.

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